The Ultimate Bowling Guide – Rules and Regulation

The Ultimate Bowling Guide for Beginners

Whether you’re just new to bowling, looking to change or improve your game, or maybe bowl once or twice a year, this bowling guide the right place to start. Here you’ll be getting everything you need to know to get started. Rules, Scoring, etiquette, and more general information to start with a strong base of … Read more

Is Bowling A Sport? What do You Think?

Is Bowling A Sport

Is Bowling A Sport? What do you Say? Do you Think it Should Be? The very question has been asked over and over again throughout the years. I think now is the time it should come to an end. After years of arguing that it had to be one or the other, it was apparent … Read more

Bowling Oil Patterns Explained (2022 Complete Guide)

Bowling Oil Patterns

Many people think bowling is as simple as throwing a ball down the lane targeting the pins. And once a bowler got a high score say 210 or more, he’ll be like ” I got 210 once, I can compete and beat a pro bowler or maybe become a PBA member.” I know it sounds … Read more

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a PBA Member

PBA Member

As a bowler, it’s a dream to be bowling in the PBA, more important, is to be a PBA Member. Luckily, it is possible and you can do it! PBA Member Qualifications: You have three different options to qualify for membership in the PBA: Average 200 or better with 36 games. Average 190 or better … Read more

Top 8 Best Beginner Bowling Balls | 2022 Reviews

best beginner bowling balls

Bowling looks like a very simple game but in reality, it is a game that requires a lot of skill to play. There are many techniques that you need to perfect before you can score consistently high in the competition. And this perfection comes with practice and experience. So, if you are beginning to play … Read more

Top 9 Best Bowling Wrist Braces for Support | 2022

best bowling wrist braces for support

Gripping the bowling ball and throwing it repeatedly can put a lot of strain on your hands. It can lead to serious injuries if you continue to play without wearing any protective gear around them. There are different protective braces for different parts of the hand like bowling wrist braces that offer great protection to … Read more

Top 9 Best Bowling Bags | 2022 Reviews (Pyramid, BSI)

best bowling bags

The bowling ball is the most essential tool for the bowling game. Therefore taking care of this most vital article is of utmost importance. All bowlers, whether professional or amateur know it pretty well and hence they do not hesitate in investing in the protection of their bowling balls from damage. Keeping your favorite bowling … Read more

Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners | 2022 (Pyramid)

best bowling ball cleaners

There are certain items that coolly perform their intended task without making any noise about it. The bowling ball cleaner is one of those items. Unfortunately, many bowlers tend to ignore its utility until the time they realize that their favorite throws do not move in the intended direction- and it is the dirty ball … Read more

10 Best Bowling Balls for Left Handers | 2022 (Storm)

best bowling balls for left handers

Bowling is a different ball game for the left-handers. Whether the bowling ball or the bowling shoes, everything is a little different for them. And the reason for this difference lies in the fact that most of the lanes are primarily designed for the right-handers. This specific situation offers distinct challenges to the lefties while … Read more