Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Hook | 2022 Reviews

When a bowling ball strikes the surface and starts sliding, the friction between the ball and the lane resists the motion of the ball. This resistance causes the bowling ball to hook. The greater the friction between the surfaces, the more the hook potential will be. A hook bowling ball hits the pin with much more force compared to the straight ball. Additionally, it also produces better pin-carry.

There are many bowling balls that offer impressive hook potential, however, we will only suggest the best ones among them. We are reviewing the top 12 best bowling balls for hook. You can shortlist a few of them that broadly suit your specific requirements. You can further refer to our buyer’s guide to select the best ones for different lane conditions.

Top 12 Best Bowling Balls for Hook Reviewed

  1. Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball
  2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball
  3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball
  4. Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball
  5. Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball- Navy/Electric/Orange
  6. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball
  7. Hammer Rip’d Solid Bowling Ball- Blue/Black/Orange
  8. Motiv Forge Bowling Ball
  9. Ebonite Choice Bowling Ball
  10. DV8 Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball
  11. Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball, 14-Pound
  12. Track Alias Bowling Ball- Smoke/Purple/Orange

#1. Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball


  • Coverstock: ECA-XR Factory
  • Core: Quantum Mushroom High RG Asym
  • Finish: 1000 Siaair

The Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias is one of the most attractive bowling balls available today. However, being attractive is not the only feature that the bowling ball possesses. The ball also has a highly impressive performance feature for the heavy oil lane conditions.

The ball is made with ECA-XR Factory cover stock that offers a strong hook potential. The special white pigment used in making the cover stock is responsible for the strong hook as well as the highly attractive appearance of the bowling ball.

In addition to that, the cover stock of the bowling ball is 3.5 times more than the other bowling balls. This increases its hitting power quite significantly. The increased volume of the cover stock also gives high durability to the ball. The 1000 Siaair polish further enhances the performance on the lanes.

Additionally, the first asymmetrical ball from Brunswick with its high RG Quantum core gives very impressively flare potential to the ball.

Increased hitting power with 3.5 times more volume of cover stock
A shade pricey
Special white pigment cover stock
Exceptional hook potential
Very high flare potential

#2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Reactive Pearl
  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetric Core
  • Finish: 1500-Grit/Polished

The pyramid is a well-known brand in the high-performance affordable bowling ball category. Pyramid Path Rising continues the trend by offering a reasonably priced ball without compromising on the performance. The Pyramid Path Rising is a versatile bowling ball and can be used on different bowling lanes.

The ball is excellent on the dry lanes and also highly impressive on other lane surfaces. Moreover, the bowling ball offers equal effectiveness to the two-handed bowlers and the strokers. Furthermore, it is equally suitable for the bowlers who prefer high-speed low revolution style as well as for those who release the ball in the low-speed high revolution style

The Reactive cover stock offers strong hook potential to the ball while New Era 139 Symmetrical core gives it the needed balance to control on different lanes. The 1500 Grit polish, in addition, offers a strong back-end reaction while having a clean front lane movement. As the bowling ball does not come pre-drilled, you have the option to choose the pin layout as per your preferred style.

Suitability to a wide range of bowlers and lane conditionsA little tricky to adjust for the beginners
Superb control on the lane
Quick back-end reaction
Highly affordable

#3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: R-16 reactive coverstock
  • Core: Light Bulb
  • Finish: 500-grit stair pad

It is easier to find a bowling ball that has strong hook potential for a particular lane condition. However, to find a ball that offers a decent hook for varying lane conditions is rather difficult. The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball gives you precisely the same.

The R-16 reactive core cover stock provides impressive hook potential while the Light Bulb Symmetrical core gives effective control and balance to the ball in multiple lane conditions.

The Low RG and differential provides a smoother hook and makes the ball to hook sooner on the surface.

With its low flare potential, the bowling ball does not show a very aggressive reaction. The light bulb core also gives high pin carry and action thus allows you to score more consistently in different conditions.

The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) approved bowling ball meets all the required specifications to use in any league or competition organized through the congress. The ball is available in the weight range of 10 to 16lbs. It, therefore, suits perfectly well to the adult men and women bowlers.

Moderate hook potentialLacks durability
Very good pin action
USBC approved
Superb control

#4. Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball


  • Cover stock: Aggression Hybrid
  • Core: Gas Mask
  • Finish: Factory Finish

The Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball is a dominating ball for oily surfaces. The Aggression Hybrid cover stock provides the bowling ball a pretty impressive hook potential. The Gas Mask core offered by Hammer is made of unique carbon fiber material.

The combination is a killer on the oily lanes. It goes a good length on the lane while showing impressive aggressiveness at the far-end to dislodge most of the solid pins in the deck.

The bowling ball not only has impressive performance features but additionally has wonderful design features. The spider image on the bowling ball looks like the real beast. Additionally, the highly attractive color combination of Gold and Yellow is captivating. You simply can’t turn off your eyes from the ball while rolling on the lane. So, the ball has the perfect mix of attractive design and performance features.

Special carbon fiber infused material for the coreBalls not available with the pre-drilled option
High-performance on heavy oil
Good control and balance
Sharp back-end reaction

#5. Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball- Navy/Electric/Orange


  • Coverstock: GI-17 Solid Reactive
  • Core: RAD-X
  • Finish: 2000 Grit Abralon

The Sure Lock is yet another masterpiece from the house of Storm. The bowling ball with GI-17 Solid Reactive cover stock is made using a unique chemical formula that performs superbly on the heavy lanes. The RAD-X is an extraordinary weight block that together with the special cover stock offers a fantastic combination of a strong hook and backend reaction. The 2000 Grit Abralon gives the ball just the right traction to deflect towards the deck for the final travel in style.

The core not only gives a clean front lane motion to the ball but also provides a highly impressive flare potential of half a foot from the original position. With the deadly combination of strong hook and flare potential, you simply can’t ignore the bowling ball in the alley.

The ball is available in a highly attractive Navy/ Electric/Orange color.

Suitable for heavy oil lanes
Impressive flare potential
Strong hook potential
Attractive appearance

#6. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Coercion High Friction Solid
  • Core: Predator V2 weight block  Asymmetric
  • Finish: 3000 Grit LSS finish

The MOTIV Jackal Ghost is one of the best performing hook balls for heavy oil lanes. The Predator V2 Asymmetric core is a rare combination of low RG, high differential. You can have a high revolution on the bowling ball. Additionally, it will also offer a very good track flare on the lane.

The Coercion High Friction Solid (HFS) wrapped over the unique core gives the bowling ball extremely high aggression. The 3000 Grit LSS finish adds to the already marvelous hook potential of the bowling ball and imparts accurate mid-lane perception and superb continuity until the far end.

The bowling ball is not only a high performing ball but also an attractive rolling sphere. The imprint of Jackal with purple and darker shade background is highly appealing. The bowling ball allows you to drill in the finger holes in your favorite pin layout.

Strong hook as well continuationNot suitable for the beginners
Ideal for advanced bowlers
Excellent heavy oil option
Very consistent

#7. Hammer Rip’d Solid Bowling Ball- Blue/Black/Orange


  • Coverstock: Aggression Solid CFI
  • Core: RIP’D with Flex-Resin
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon

If you have the Aggressions Solid CFI cover stock, you simply do not need to worry about the hook potential. And the Hammer Rip’d Solid has the same cover stock with the finish of 500/1000/2000 Abralon. The bowling ball offers high friction on the mid-lane with continuous motion until the far end. The Rip’D core offers impressive flare potential to the bowling ball. And with the superior blend of the cover stock and core, the bowling ball offers superb performance in the heavy lane conditions. The strong hook potential and equally impressive flare allow you to score consistently on the heavy oil lane conditions.

The Carbon Fiber Infused material used in designing the bowling ball makes it extraordinarily strong and provides it with very high durability. Showcasing its confidence in the quality of the ball, the Hammer offers a 3-year warranty to the bowling ball.

Multiple weight options
Not impressive on dry lanes
Ideal for heavy lanes
Highly durable
Strong hook

#8. Motiv Forge Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Coercion HFS
  • Core: Detonator
  • Finish: 3000 Grit LSS

The Coercion HFS cover stock coupled with Detonator weight block provides controlled aggression to the Motiv Forge Bowling Ball. The ball has extremely strong hook potential and at the same time has a tremendous balance on the lane. The bowling ball has an elegant movement on the lane coupled with extreme power and continuation. The 3000 Grit LSS further enhances the controlled motion on the lane.

The bowling ball is perfect for medium-heavy oil lane conditions. However, it performs great on the heavy oil lanes also by creating enough traction to get an impressive hook.

The core of the ball has low RG with high differential. Thus, you get a high revolution and a very impressive flare at the same time. The Motive has used Reverb to make its outer core that imparts excessive hitting power to the bowling ball.

Impressive control and balance
Not suitable for beginners
Ideal for advanced bowlers
Strong hook potential
Huge hitting power

#9. Ebonite Choice Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: GSV-1 Hybrid (Reactive Hybrid)
  • Core: Mod-1 (Asymmetrical)
  • Finish: 500 / 1000 / 2000 Abralon

One of the most interesting features in Ebonite’s Choice Bowling Ball is its smart modification of the Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias core into the asymmetrical Mod-1 Core with lower differential.

The Mod-1 Core travels easily through the front lane and, in turn, offers perfect continuation and the desired hook potential towards the pin side.

In addition, the GSV-1 reactive hybrid coverstock creates sufficient friction with the lane to provide high hook potential and angularity. With its optimal design, Choice also becomes a great option for the budding hook bowlers.

Additionally, in moderate to heavy oil conditions the ball offers ideal traction and in turn better control.

The 500, 1000, and 2000 Abralon finish, offer the exact angularity at the back end of the lane while being catchy and attractive on grounds of aesthetics.

The comparatively high predictability of the ball offers more scoring opportunities to the hook beginners while being perfectly suitable for the pros.

Durable and ideally designed coverstock
Takes time to control
High hook potential towards the far end
Perfect for hook beginners
Attractive Aesthetics

#10. DV8 Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Composite fang max
  • Core: Asymmetric Pitbull
  • Finish: 1000 grit pad

With the unique Composite fang max coverstock, the DV8 Pitbull Bark is one of the most suitable Bowling Balls for the heavy oil conditions. It has a 1000 grit pad finish that provides sufficient traction for such slippery conditions and provides high hook potential.

The Asymmetrical Pitubull core of the ball with lower RG and high differential offers a predictable and smooth hook trajectory of the ball even at the backward end of the lane.

Moreover, the 1500-grit SiaAir micro coupled with the ideal design of the ball gives it one of the highest hook potentials among its other rivals. This makes the ball a perfect choice especially for the professionals who can control such a highly curved trajectory of the ball with more efficiency.

The ball with its sturdy coverstock and smart structural advancements is durable and robust. It is aesthetically good looking and is available in 5 size variants for more convenience.

Perfect for heavy oil lanes
A bit tough to control
Very high hook potential
5 ideal size variants

#11. Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball, 14-Pound


  • Coverstock: R2S Solid Reactive
  • Core: Inverted Fe² Technology
  • Finish:1500 Grit Polished

Among the most impressive and highly featured bowling balls for hook comes the Storm Hy Road. It is a smartly engineered ball with a Hybrid coverstock of R2S Solid Reactive Resin that makes bowling in moderate to heavy oil lanes a piece of cake.

The ball has brilliant on-lane performance and is ideal for all skill levels. Moreover, this bowling ball boasts a sturdy Inverted Fe² Technology Core that pairs amazingly well with the R2S solid offering superior control over the trajectory of the ball.

The ball, unlike its predecessors, focuses mainly over its mid-lane predictability that displays its superior performance over the medium-heavy oiled lanes

With the ideal design of the coverstock as well as the weight block, the ball offers the perfect hook potential and angularity and makes bowling for hook beginners much easier than expectations.

The ball, in addition, having high hook potential also helps in score enhancement for professionals.

Perfect for moderate-heavy oil conditions
Lower consistency
Exceptional mid-lane traction
Strong hook potential
Durable & Strong

#12. Track Alias Bowling Ball- Smoke/Purple/Orange


  • Coverstock: Prime Hybrid
  • Core: Alias
  • Finish: 500/2000 Grit Abralon pad

With its unique Alias Core, the Track Alias Bowling ball is certainly among the most versatile hook bowling balls. It is a smartly designed ball that can be drilled suitably for almost any given bowling styles and preferences.

You can use it specifically for bowling confidently for high angular movement, sturdy mid lane trajectory, and even for straight and smooth motion on different oil conditions.

The ball is wrapped around by the impressive Prime Hybrid coverstock that comes with 500/2000 Abralon pad finish which proves its dominance against any other hook bowling ball over heavy oil conditions.

Overall, the ball can have sufficiently high hook potential if drilled specifically and will be suitable for bowlers with varying experience levels.

Suitable for most oil conditions
Quite expensive
Exceptionally versatile
High hook potential
Smart design

Top Pick – Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias Bowling Ball

The Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias Bowling Ball is our top pick for the hook ball for its highly impressive features. First and foremost is the ECA-XR cover stock of the bowling ball. The unique cover stock is made using white pigment. It not only offers the bowling ball strong hook potential but also adds to its aesthetics. Additionally, the cover stock is 3.5 times more than other bowling balls thus offer high hitting power to the bowling ball. It also enhances the durability of the ball. Moreover, the asymmetrical Quantum core provides an impressive flare potential to the ball. Overall, the bowling ball is a great combination of high-performance and impressive design features.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Bowling Ball for Hook

There are multiple factors that affect the hook of a bowling ball. Factors like lane conditions are not in your control; however, you can definitely select the appropriate bowling ball for varying lane conditions. So, have a look at the factors that you should consider while selecting the best bowling ball for the hook.

Coverstock Material

The material of the cover stock plays a vital role in deciding the hook potential of a bowling ball. Plastic/polyester balls do not offer any hook potential. However, Urethane and Reactive Resin cover stocks offer impressive hook potential. Urethane cover stock offers a gentler hook with less deflection compared to the reactive resin ball while the reactive resin has higher hook potential.


The friction of the ball varies with the finish of the cover stock. A glossy finish ball offers less friction and hooks later as compared to the ball with a dull finish. Balls with dull finish offer smoother and arc-shaped hooks while the shiny finish gives a skid or flip type of hook.


There are three major parameters of the core of the bowling ball that determine its hook potential; (Radius of Gyration) RG, Differential and Pin layout. Bowling ball with low RG, differential, and pin down layout hooks sooner and smoother as compared to the ball with high RG/differential and pin-up layout. The symmetrical core has low RG and differential while the Asymmetrical core has higher values of both these parameters.

Finger Holes

Many bowling ball manufacturers do not give pre-drilled balls. In these balls, you have the option of drilling finger holes as per your hand measurement and style. So, undoubtedly custom holes allow you more control over the bowling ball as compared to the pre-drilled bowling balls. Moreover, by customizing the finger holes you can also select the pin layout as per your preference to get high or low hook potential.


Aesthetics of the bowling ball is a very subjective matter. Some bowlers consider it a very important factor as it affects their confidence level in the alley. However, some people do not give any importance to the appearance of the bowling ball. So, you can select as per your preference for the looks and appearance of the bowling ball. Many bowling balls given in the reviews offer very unique designs or color combinations coupled with high-performance features. If you consider this factor important you can choose the ball with your favorite color or design.


It is an important criterion to select the bowling ball for the hook as you may need different bowling balls for different lane conditions. There is a wide range of balls available in the different price ranges. If you are on a budget, try to stick on the core functionality of the ball avoiding features that do not add value to your performance. However, just to save on money you should not compromise with the essential performance features of the bowling ball.


The hook of a bowling ball depends on multiple factors including the lane conditions, the style of releasing the ball, and also on the type of the bowling ball. Selecting the right bowling ball for a hook is, therefore, an essential factor to consider getting the right kind of hook on the lane.

We hope that the bowling ball reviewed here will help you in identifying the best balls for hook and will be helpful in selecting the balls most suitable for your style and different lane conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to hook a straight bowling ball?

A: No. It is the basic difference in a straight and a hook bowling ball. A straight ball is designed in such a way that it does not offer required friction to the lane surface to hook and thus goes straight to dislodge pins. A hook bowling ball is designed in a way to offer traction with the lane surface and therefore hooks as per the lane condition and your style of release.

Q: How can I roll a hook shot?

Rotate your hand in the counter clock-wise direction while lifting the bowling ball. Release the ball on the lane in the same fashion. And this will allow you to roll a hook shot. It is not too difficult, however, requires a lot of practice. You can start to practice it with a smaller ball first like a tennis ball for instance.

Q: How to Hook a Bowling Ball?

Imagine the angular line you wish to take on the lane surface. For that take the aim to strike the ball between the pins 1 and 3, if you are a right-hand bowler and between 1 and 2 if you are a lefty. Stand four to five steps behind the foul line on your heals. Keep your hand stable while swinging the ball. When releasing the ball, bring down your hand while ensuring it to keep straight all the way through the release stroke. This way the ball will remain on the lane and hook as desired. You will need a lot of practice to perfect the hook shot.

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