Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Kids | 2022 Reviews (Hammer)

Why should adults have all the fun? When it comes to games, kids are much more proactive than adults but they cannot use the normal bowling balls because these balls can be very strong. When choosing an appropriate ball for kids, numerous factors come into play. Perfect balls do not exist because bowling balls for kids are subject to personal comfort and customization. The bodyweight of the kid, experience in bowling, and above everything, the personal choice of the child will influence the choice of a correct bowling ball. 

In today’s world, one out of every 5 kids is interested in this sport and wants to indulge in it deeply. The very first idea is to get your kid a ball that they are comfortable with. Since children are not accustomed to the tricks, and master strokes of the game, they need to learn the basics first. If the first ball goes wrong, it might create a lack of confidence and even stop the child from bowling for a lifetime. 

For the whole lot of people who are searching for the best bowling balls for kids, here is your ultimate guide.

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Kids Reviewed

If you are looking for a perfect bowling ball for kids, check out this list:-

  1. – Best Overall
  2. – Best Budget Pick
  3. – Best Premium

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Kids in Review

#1. – Best Overall



  • Dimensions: – 9.02 x 7.99 x 7.99 inches
  • Weight:- 6 pounds

Brunswick is an established brand and is renowned as a manufacturer of bowling balls. Out of 10 bowlers at least 5 had started on their bowling journey with Brunswick. This particular model of Brunswick ball is designed for beginners who aren’t yet accustomed to the details of the game. This does not come with finger holes and you have to get the holes drilled for customized usage. The high gloss finish of the ball is superb. It offers a hook potential of 25 on a low scale.

The shiny, glittery polyester surface of the ball is easy to handle and looks amazingThere is a tendency to get cracked while drilling in the finger holes
Kids are often comfortable with straight throw balls and this is the apt type
Multiple color options that attract kids

#2 – Best Budget Pick


  • Dimensions:- 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight:- 8 pounds

All the kids do not have the same flat requirement. Some children have previous experience in bowling whereas others don’t. If you want to explore a wide range of bowling balls with an array of choices in weight and colors, Pyramid is the best brand for you. The pyramid is another internationally acclaimed global forerunner in the world of bowling balls and it does not disappoint the young users. It is an undrilled ball and you have to get the finger holes drilled before use. It comes in 16 different colors. The central weight block is the pancake core type.

Polyester coverstock makes the straight throw and handling easierThough the ball is strong, on prolonged and careless use it gets cracked very easily
Available in multiple color shades attractive for kids
Value for money in terms of strength and durability

#3  – Best Premium


  • Dimensions:- 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight:- 15 pounds

It is a good choice for beginners. There are generally three color options available – black, green, and blue. Pro players usually use this ball as their spare one but it is perfect for novices. Ebonite is a reputed brand that manufactures durable and trustworthy products. It comes without any drills and predrilling is a requisite. The Ebonite Maxim Ball for kids has a standard straight core so nothing fancy about it. It is a good one for the kids to learn the basics of bowling and practice hard. The curves of the ball help in easy adjustment for the kids.

The fluorescent northern lights colors are a special attraction for kidsNot many color options are available
The core and coverstock materials are perfect for amateurs
There are various weight options (9)



  • Dimensions:- 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight:- 5.35 pounds

The perfect rubber ball for your kids. This ball complies very well with the intense practice sessions of your young ones. In this list, this one is the rare pre-drilled balls so it is ready for use. Perfect for home practice and the young stars would not even get hurt while using this ball. It is a great bowling ball that nullifies any binding effect. It is quite bouncy yet heavy. The smooth release can be an issue at times because kids are not pro at this skill. 

The predrilled holes make the ball ready to use and a real convenience for youngstersThis is not well suited for the traditional alleys of bowling because rubber does not suit this purpose
The built material is rubber hence the probability of crack or split is less
The ball is not at all flimsy and feels like a real-time bowling ball



  • Dimensions:- 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight:- 6 pounds

If your kid loves the sensational visual effects in their belongings, this ball is quite perfect reflecting a correct blend of functionality and visual brilliance. With a stunning visual appeal, Brunswick lizard eye glow viz-a-ball is quite a correct choice for savvy kids. This is also one of those balls that helps a novice player to master the art of straight throw and this type of ball is quite rare for kids. The lizard eye visual effects add a stylish edge and glow to the ball which is a mesmerizing illustration for any kid. The high-quality polyester coverstock is exclusive for beginners. It is mostly available in blue, green, and white colors. 

The extensive visual effects make it a rare and unique piece to be treasured.The surface becomes flaky especially after a prolonged use
Allows straight throw that is great for beginners
Offers smooth role on all types of lanes



  • Dimensions:- 9.5 x 8.9 x 8.4 inches
  • Weight:- 10 pounds

This Is the ball for some real game in action. The amazing hooking potential of this ball and the reactive resin coverstock is superb for practice sessions of your kids. The ball is not typically for beginners but works well for kids who are already into playing and are on the way to transition from amateurs to seasoned players. The ball features a light bulb core. Elevated pin action paves the way for greater strikes and increased scores.

The reactive resin coverstock helps for easy rolling on light to medium oiled lanesChips away very frequently which puts a big question on the durability of the product
Substantial hook potential that allows children to elevate up to the higher level
Light bulb core offers a super advantage to the smooth movement of the ball



  • Dimensions:- 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight:- 8.8 pounds

This is exactly perfect for beginners. For kids who haven’t yet stepped into the bowling world, this can be the ideal first ball. The ball comes undrilled so you can get the holes drilled according to the finger size of your kids. The multiple color variants are a treat for the kids. The pyramid is widely recognized for its good quality products. This particular ball is designed to suit a wide variety of lane conditions. Novice bowlers appreciate this ball a lot for the hard hook and strong roll potential. The pyramid features the high-end technology of grit polish in this ball. It offers an RG of 2.54

It comes with a polished coverstock which is visually very alluring for the kidsThe brightness of the colors does not stand out in reality.
The ball features a symmetric core perfect for use by beginners
The ball is perfect for use on dry to medium lanes



  • Dimensions:- 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight:- 1 pound

This is a plastic ball with a rubberized texture and effect. This is a good ball for novice players especially for children who have just started to explore the game. The ball is lightweight hence easy to handle. With this easy handling of the ball, the kid can learn many new techniques and become a pro at bowling. The bright fluorescent color is a special attraction for children. The ball is made using the modern roto-molding technique that ensures the longevity of the ball and provides the right texture for the ball.

The texture of the ball resembling rubber is very easy to handle and throwThis rubberized plastic ball is not suitable for universal bowling alleys and hence has limited usage.
It comes with 3 pre-drilled holes and hence is ready to use
The standard ball size is perfect for any kid to grip



  • Dimensions:- 8.98 x 8.74 x 8.58 inches
  • Weight:- 6 pounds

The ideal entry-level ball for kids who are new to the game. It has all the features of a good quality beginner’s ball. The color of the ball is unique and is a perfect blend of three hues. The polyester coverstock is suitable for use by kids. This is not a very hardy ball but beginners can use it for their practice sessions. This is good for use on dry lanes

An affordable option for those who find resin balls expensiveProne to cracking
Beautiful and catchy color and designs that will attract kids
Good for kids who want to practice straight throw



  • Dimensions:- 9x9x9 inches
  • Weight:- 12 pounds

There is practically no bowler who is not accustomed to Hammer bowls. Hammer is a highly acknowledged professional bowling accessories brand and manufactures some amazing pieces for people across the globe. This ball from the house of Hammer is a super choice for kids. The built material is amazing. Angular Semtex Pearl Coverstock is easy to handle and facilitates hassle-free bowling. Kids are going to love the backend oil motion and mesmerizing performance of the ball. The internal portion is featured with infused carbon fiber. Hence this ball is a perfect mix of strength, style, and durability 

The strength and speed can be well manipulated that helps children to learn about bowling controlsNot many color options are available which may be a little disheartening for young people
Works perfectly fine for the highly oiled shots
A great option for practicing straight rolls

Top Pick- Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball 

Out of all the balls listed here, the Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball is the top pick as a bowling ball for kids. It is perfect for both beginners and kids who are already into the game. Brunswick is a trustworthy brand and its products are a reflection of value for money. The unique color and ensign of this ball is very attractive for kids and they would love to show off their new possession in front of their friends. The surface of the ball is made of polyester that increases the performance and durability of the ball. Kids are often comfortable with the straight ball throw patterns especially in their initial years and this one is a perfect choice to satisfy the need. The ball does not come with pre-drilled holes and tends to crack when holes are being drilled on the surface. 

Best Brands


The exclusive aim of this brand is to instill excellence in the world of bowling products. Pyramid offers premium quality bowling essentials to the users. The brand took both back in the year 2011 and has been serving its customers with the same unmatched dedication for all these years. The versatility of the brand draws the special attention of the users and critics alike. The perfect intertwining of affordability and best performance is the USP of the Pyramid. The products from this brand have been evolving constantly to meet the changing needs of the bowlers yet keeping the central ethics and core performance of the products the same.


Hammer is a sister brand of the famous Ebonite International Brand. Ebonite is a brand dedicated to satisfactory performance and brilliant results in bowling. This brand can be the ideal first ball brand for your child. The design and specifications emerging from this brand are premium and noteworthy. They manufacture balls that are dedicated to high-end performance. The brand has a wide array of collections both for pro and amateur players. Ebonite International is a great brand for bowling essentials. 

Other noteworthy brands to choose your kid’s bowling balls from are:-

  • Brunswick
  • Roto Grip
  • Champion

Buying Guide – Features to Look for While Buying Best Bowling Balls for Kids 


The biggest and perhaps the most profound question is what could be the ideal weight of a bowling ball for a child. There is no specific answer to this question. The weight of the ball will vary according to the age of the kid. Usually, the weight of any bowling ball for a child should vary from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. The age and level of expertise of the kid will determine the exact ideal weight. For example, children in the age group of 5-7 should use a 6lbs ball. This is the basal limit. The general rule is to increase the 1 pound weight of the ball for every 10 pounds increase in the kid’s body weight. 


Comfort is the biggest factor when it comes to bowling for kids. Hence design plays the most gigantic role here. The extent of excitement in your kid to learn bowling will solely depend on how good and convenient the design of their bowling ball is. If you give your child a very colorful, stylish, and easy-to-handle ball, he or she will naturally be much more excited to learn bowling. Fun patterns and attractive colors draw the kids to particular balls since they don’t know much about performance. But as guardians, one should make sure that colors do not become the sole priority because the kids got to learn some skills as well. 


The coverstock material is so very confusing as a determinant. Parents do not realize which coverstock will be a good choice for their kids. Well, your kid will love anything that he or she can control and that is very primary. The plastic coverstock is often the first preference of many kids because these balls roll smoothly with less friction and hence are easy to control. The polyester coverstock is also a good choice. As beginners, you can also give your kids a rubber ball for indulging in intensive practice sessions. 


Whether your child will be interested in practicing bowling in the future depends a lot on the experience of the initial years. So, it is very important to make the right choice for the balls. Bowling is not a mere physical activity, there are so many sublime virtues associated with it that can shape your child’s personality. If your kid has a natural interest in bowling, make sure to equip him or her with the right accessories to nurture the interest even more. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the probable benefits my child will derive if she practices bowling?

A: Well, bowling is not just spinning the ball into the air. It is practically so much more. Bowling is one of the most crucial skills a child can acquire and it is neatly fabricated with multiple other skills. Here are some of the amazing benefits your child can draw if she learns bowling

Confidence:- If your child can learn how to bowl properly, she can feel a sense of confidence in herself that hard work and efforts lead to amazing results. This will induce her to walk on the same path for everything else in her life

Patience:- As your kid throws the ball into the air, she won’t get instant results, she shall have to wait to see her efforts bring color. This shall teach her how to wait for enjoying the results of her actions

Calculations:- Bowling teaches a child how to be calculative and take every step by measuring the pros and cons which is a great lesson for life.

Q. Are there any physical benefits of bowling?

A: Bowling as a sport greatly enhances the muscular coordination of your child. Set a similar time, it is perfect for developing the coordination between hands and eyes. The direct involvement of hands teaches the child well-balanced hand motion tricks and is helpful for the kid. 

Q. Is bowling a good spot for making my child more social?

A: Bowling is considered one of the most effective sports for improving the social skills of a child. Interacting with people is one of the best lessons your child can get. Along with interaction, the kid also learns how practice can make him or her perfect, they can observe the bowling patterns of others, learn to appreciate skills, and develop a true spirit of sportsmanship that is undoubtedly worthy.

Q. Should I get a pre-drilled ball as my kid’s first ball?

A: Usually, it is better to get an undrilled ball as your kid’s first ball because you can customize the holes in that case. Getting the holes drilled exactly as per the requirements of the child helps the kid to have better grip and control over the ball which will ultimately boat both the performance and confidence of the child. 

Q. Are Rubber balls good for practicing?

A: Yes. Definitely rubber balls are very good for practicing. Rubber balls are usually lighter and kids can handle them easily. Moreover, the kids don’t get easily fatigued when using a rubber ball because of the light weightedness. These are excellent as practice balls.

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