Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers | 2022

Bowling balls for straight bowlers offer negligible hook or flare potential and travel straight on the lane surface. It means that the balls do not curve, hook, or spin before or after striking the lane. Bowling balls mostly with Polyester or Pearlized urethane cover stocks often do not offer any reaction with the surface and thus move straight.

These balls are good for the kids and for recreational purposes. Additionally, they are ideal for beginners who initially want to learn the basics of the game. A ball with a high hook will move uncontrollably and distract them from learning basic bowling skills.

In addition to the beginners, the straight bowling balls are also used as spare balls by the advance bowlers to dislodge deck pins requiring straight shot.

We have shortlisted here the best bowling balls for straight bowlers; you can select the best one as per your preference and style to perfect your basic skills or improve your scores in the bowling alley.

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls For Straight Bowlers Reviewed

  1. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball
  2. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball
  3. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball
  4. DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball with Free Shoulder Sack
  5. Motiv Hyper Sniper Bowling Ball
  6. Storm Ice Storm Blue/White
  7. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball
  8. Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball
  9. Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball
  10. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow

#1. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Polyester
  • Finish: Polished
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is a wonderful straight bowling ball for bowlers with varying skill levels. With almost negligible hook and flare potential, this bowling ball moves absolutely straight on the lane and completely destructs the deck on the far end.

Beginners are fond of the Pyramid Path bowling ball for its absolute disciplined movement and highly affordable price range. However, if you are a professional bowler you will not be any less impressed with its superb performance on the dry lane and even in the medium oil lane conditions.

The Polyester cover stock is highly durable. Additionally, it offers great control over the dry lane surface. Moreover, the Pancake core adds to its predictability in the alley.

The bowling ball has a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. It comes in nine different sizes catering to different age groups and genders. Additionally, it comes in eleven captivating design & color combinations. So, whatever be your age, gender, color, or design preference, you will definitely find the bowling ball that suits your taste.

Wide variety of colors and designs
Not available in pre-drilled version
Suitable for all skill levels
Nine size variants
Highly affordable

#2. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Polyester/Plastic
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is an ideal choice for the straight ball bowlers. The affordable bowling ball makes a wonderful ball option for the beginners. The ball features almost everything that you want to have in a bowling ball as a beginner.

Thanks to the Polyester cover stock, the ball offers very high durability and will provide you company until you transcend to the next level. And the bowling ball will still remain with you as a spare ball option to be used on dry lanes.

The bullet core is the key factor in defining the high discipline and control of the ball. The polyester cover stock takes it to a different level by offering it a very low hook potential. As a newbie, you will be required to get used to the weight of the bowling ball. At 16.8lbs it will test your strength in the alley. However, once you get attuned with it, you will release some nasty shots to dislodge the deck pins.

The bowling ball has an absolutely stunning design that is fully supported by a wide range of colors.

Superb design and multiple color optionsPretty heavy
Excellent control
Ideal for dry lanes

#3. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: U1S Urethane
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Storm Mix Bowling ball is one of the best straight bowling balls. On one side, as a beginner after practicing for enough time with the Plastic balls, it allows you to have a smooth transition to the Urethane bowling bowl. On the other side, it is a wonderful bowling ball for the professional for the high dry lane conditions.

The Storm Mix bowling ball with its U1S Urethane cover stock has high durability. Additionally, the traditional 3-core weight block coupled with the low reactive cover stock provides it an absolute control on any lane surfaces.

If you are a straight player, this bowling ball will help you in quickly improving your scores in the alley in any type of competition. The only care you need to take before any important league is to properly clean the bowling ball and keep it league-ready.

If you particularly want to have colorful options to a straight bowling ball, the Storm Mix allows choosing your favorite color from a wide range of color options.

Highly disciplined lane movementNot quite suitable for medium-oil lanes
Great spare ball for the pros
Ideal for the beginners
Multiple color options

#4. DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball with Free Shoulder Sack


  • Color: Black
  • Coverstock: Polyester
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball is a fantastic straight bowling ball for high dry lane conditions. The bowling ball not only attracts you with its unique designing features on the shelf but also pulls your attraction with its perfect straight shots in the alley.

The bowling ball with Polyester cover stock moves straight with every release and is highly predictable in any lane condition. This feature makes it a highly sought after bowling ball to the entry-level bowlers. Moreover, if you are a professional bowler you will love to keep it as a spare ball when you have to dislodge the remaining pins on the deck through a straight shot on dry lake surfaces.

The high gloss polish gives it a very smooth and shining appearance and reduces friction with the lane surface. The ball comes in a wide range of weights ranging from 6lbs to 16lbs thus making it ideal for bowlers of all age groups and genders.

You can use this bowling ball to practice and perfect your lifting, gripping, and releasing straight shots without getting distracted by the movement of the bowling ball on the surface.

Free shoulder sack with the ball
Not pre-drilled
Perfect spare ball for pros
Ideal for kids and newbies
Extremely high durability

#5. Motiv Hyper Sniper Bowling Ball


  • Color: Lime Pearl/Orange Pearl
  • Coverstock: Urethane
  • Finish: 500 grip LSP finish
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The Motive Hyper is one of the most impressive urethane straight bowling balls presently available in the stores. The most innovative TruShot Polythane technology offers a unique blend of the straight shot performance of the Polyester with very high durability of Urethane.

The new cover stock is wrapped over the hollow core to offer superb control and balance in any lane conditions. The bowling ball with RG of 2.68 and differential of 0.010 offers a low hook and flare potential. As a beginner, you will love to release your shots during the practice sessions while you learn the basics of the bowling game in different lane conditions. The bowling ball, however, offers its best performance in the dry lane conditions as a spare bowling ball for the professional straight ball bowlers.

You will love the predictability and repeatability of the ball that allows you to plan your game to attain high scores while combining it with other strike bowling balls in your stock.

It is a highly attractive & colorful bowling ball. The 5500 grip lsp finish gives it a super shiny appearance and makes it even more attractive.

A unique blend of performance and durabilitySuitable only for dry lanes
High predictability and repeatability
Colorful, shiny and attractive
Ideal for pros as a spare ball

#6. Storm Ice Storm Blue/White 


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Pearlized Polyester
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Storm Ice Storm Blue/ White bowling ball is a stunning bowling ball for the straight bowlers. The bowling ball has all elements to make it a star performer straight bowling ball. For instance, the Pearlized cover stock will guide the bowling ball to travel in an absolutely straight line to wreak havoc on the other end. Additionally, the traditional 3-piece core silently and discreetly follow the simple guidelines of the cover stock of moving straight and offering its full support in accomplishing the task of dislodging the deck pins down the lane.

The finishing of 3500 grit is again in alignment with the planned target of reaching the deck end with high consistency. The finish allows it to get the maximum length on the lane to get the work done as planned during the release.

The bowling ball offers you ultimate entertainment if you are playing just for fun. Moreover, it can get you on the top of the score line, if you are playing with the ball in a major competition.

Ideal spare ball for advanced bowlers
A shade expensive
Suitable for all lane conditions
High predictability

#7. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball


  • Color: Purple/Royal/Silver
  • Coverstock: Plastic/Polyester
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Dry

If you love the bowling game and want to enjoy your weekends or during your holidays, get the Ebonite Maxim and walk the alley with confidence. The bowling ball will not disappoint you and give you absolute entertainment on the lane surface. You just have to hold the ball in your hand, give it a decent grip and glide it on the lane surface; the Ebonite Maxim will do the rest.

The bowling ball has strong loyalty towards the bowler. It will follow the path taken after the release and go straight attaining the maximum length and will cause an absolute disaster at the far end.

Now, if you are a beginner, learn the basics of the bowling game with this ball. You won’t need to worry about its direction while you perfect your skills of holding, gripping, and releasing the bowling ball.

However, if you are a professional bowler, you can keep it as your spare ball for the dry lanes and this ball will give you the same quality of service as it gives to the beginners.

And what makes the Ebonite Maxim one of the most loyal spheres of the lane surface? Well, what it has in its core and what it wears over it. Yes, a traditional 3-piece weight block wrapped over by the polyester cover stock makes it a highly disciplined soldier of the bowling ball army.

Suitable for casual bowlers
Not quite suitable for the pros
Perfect for beginners
Multiple size variants
Attractive design

#8. Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Plastic/Polyester
  • Finish: 4000 Abralon polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball is perfect for the newbies. The bowling ball offers an elegant straight-line movement on the lane surface. While you release shots after shots, as a beginner, you perfect the art of lifting, getting the right posture & leg position, and the intricate movements of finger and thumb in and out of the finger holes. During this entire process of your learning the basic traits, the bowling ball only facilitates you by traveling straight on every release.

The pros love to keep this bowling ball as the spare ball to displace the remaining pins with a straight shot. The ball offers superb repeatability in any lane conditions.

The Columbia bowling balls are famous for producing high durability balls and the Columbia 300 White Dot Lava is no exception to it. The high-quality polyester cover stock and the pancake weight block offers ultimate durability to the ball while maintaining the consistency of your straight shots.

The bowling ball is available in nine different sizes making it suitable for all age groups.

Attractive appearance
Not quite good on dry lanes
High consistency
Very high durability

#9. Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Plastic/Polyester
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Globe Viz-A ball is a superbly design bowling ball that kids will love to possess and beginners will feel proud to play with it on any bowling lane. The pros will find it a handy alternative as a spare bowling ball.

The bowling ball has superb graphics that glow under the black-light. The Solar System design depicting the Globe presents a fascinating design option that attracts everyone in the bowling alley.

The bowling ball features a polyester cover stock and makes it an ideal ball for the straight bowlers. For this reason, it offers a great opportunity for beginners. If you want to perfect your shots, the ball allows you to focus on your style and posture without worrying about the bowling ball traveling direction.

Very attractive design graphics
No pre-drilled version
Perfect control & balance
Ideal for kids & novices
High repeatability

#10. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow


  • Color: Many
  • Coverstock: Plastic/Polyester
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

Brunswick has some bowling balls with eye-catching graphic designs; The Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow is one such bowling ball displaying the image of a real lizard eye covering the entire 360o of the bowling surface. The bowling ball glows in dark, giving it a magnificent appearance.

On the performance front, it is a wonderful ball for the beginners. If you are practicing with a bowling ball that does a lot of actions on the lane surface, you find it difficult to focus on the basics of the game. The Brunswick Lizard is one such bowling ball that travels straight on the lane thus does not cause any distraction while you work towards building and strengthening your foundations of the bowling game.

The ball has a polyester cover stock that not only imparts high durability to the bowling ball but also allows for such fabulous graphic design to impregnate over the ball surface. Additionally, it also offers superb control and balance to the bowling ball to make it one of the most sought after spare balls for the pros.

Most of the Polyester balls are suitable in the dry lane conditions only. However, the Lizard performs well in all lane conditions. The bowling ball is available in seven size variants. It signifies that there is a bowling ball for all age groups and genders.

Suitable for all lane surfaces
A bit expensive
Extraordinary appearance
Glows in the black light
Seven size variants

Key Features to Look For in the Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers

Bowling ball for straight bowlers has some specific features. For this reason, it is extremely important to know these features and select your bowling ball accordingly. The following are some of those important factors to look for when buying bowling ball for straight bowlers.

Cover Stock

The basic requirement from the bowling balls for straight bowlers is that they should not have any sideways movements on the lane surface. The cover stock of the bowling ball is the biggest contributing factor in deciding their curves and hooks. The cover stocks made with Plastic/Polyester have very little friction with the lane surface. Therefore, the bowling balls do not hook with the surface and move straight to the far end.

Most of the Urethane and Reactive resin cover stocks, on the other hand, offer high hook potential to the bowling ball. However, Pearlized Urethane cover stocks offer very low to no hook potential thus offer excellent balls for the straight bowlers. So, if you want to buy a ball for the straight bowler, select bowling ball with Plastic or Urethane (Pearlized) coverstock.

Finish or Polish

As mentioned above, it is the friction between the bowling ball surface and the lane that decides the hook potential. Bowling ball with high finish offers less friction and therefore is good for the straight bowlers. So, to get a ball for the straight bowler go with a finish of 2000 or higher.


As a rule of thumb, the weight of any bowling ball should be one-tenth of the bowler’s weight. The same is true for the balls for the straight bowlers. Too heavy a ball will be difficult to control and also can lead to early fatigue. On the other hand, too light a ball can drift and lose direction on the lane.

If you are using both a strike-ball and a straight ball ensure that all of them have the same weight. Balls with different weights can significantly affect your timing,


This is a very subjective factor. Some individuals give it very high importance while others do not pay any attention to it. However, those who have a specific preference for the style, design, and color of the bowling ball should definitely select the ball of their choice. It will give you a psychological advantage. For beginners, this can be an important factor to get the initial pull towards the bowling game.


The good news with the balls for the straight bowlers is that they are usually more affordable than the others. Additionally, the plastic cover stock offers high durability to the bowling ball. So, overall these balls are pretty cost-effective.

Top pick – Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Finally, after considering all of these factors in a systematic manner we selected Pyramid Path Bowling Ball as our top pick for the straight bowlers. This ball, with its ability to cater to the needs of bowlers with varying skill levels and perfect suitability for straight bowling, left no stone unturned to win our hearts.

It is an ideally designed ball with negligible hook and flare potential. It moves smoothly and straight over the lanes and causes complete destruction on the other side.

Being in the affordable price range and offering a very simple and disciplined movement, this ball perfectly suits the budding bowlers. And for professionals, it would prove to be a jaw-dropping spare ball choice for dry to medium oil conditions.

In addition, the ball has a sturdy and durable polyester coverstock. It also has a Pancake core with higher predictability that adds on to its straight-line movement.

In terms of variety, you can choose between nine sizes and eleven alluring patterns with elegant colors. Thus the bowling ball offers balls for all age groups & genders having different color choices.


Bowling balls for the straight bowlers have some specific requirements. There are certain design features that endure their straight-line movement on different lane conditions.

We reviewed here the best bowling balls for the straight bowlers along with the features to be considered when buying them to meet your specific demands. Hopefully, the reviews helped you in identifying the right bowling balls for your purpose and will help you in buying the best one to suit your requirement.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the most suitable ball for straight bowling?

A: The major factor that governs the quality of straight bowling balls is its coverstock. Plastic/Polyester coverstocks are the best suitable covers as far as straight bowling is concerned. However, nowadays Urethane is also a popular material for the purpose.

Q: How to aim while bowling a straight ball?

A: The focus point while using straight bowling balls depends on the dominant hand of the bowler. Right-handed bowlers must aim at the second arrow staring from the right whereas the left-handers should go for the second arrow from the left. It is better to avoid focusing on the pins as the major oiled regions of the lane lie in its center. Thus, a sideway throw will offer the ball more traction and provide higher precision & better movement.

Q: How to be a good straight Bowler?

A: In order to improve your straight bowling abilities:

  • Ensure that you keep the wrist straight while throwing and place your palm exactly below the ball.
  • Smoothly swing your dominating arm back and forth to gain inertia.
  • While swinging in the outward (forward) direction release the ball exactly at the instance when the ball reaches the level of your ankle.
  • Face your palm up throughout the process and keep the hand straight upright.

Q: What are the demerits of Bowling Straight? 

A: With straight bowling, it is a bit tricky to dislodge more pins. For instance, if you focus on the lead pins, due to high inertia of the ball, the pins might fly off leaving the rest standing untouched. Many times, you can be left with central pins standing lone even with the high accuracy of the throw. Predicting the pin dislodging gets very difficult with straight balls.

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