10 Best Bowling Balls for Strokers | 2022 Reviews (Storm)

Crankers play the most entertaining shots in the bowling alley. The power, the aggression, and super-strong hooks smashing the entire deck in one go offer ultimate fun and excitement. However, the traditional game of bowling is all about consistency, accuracy, and finesse. And a stroker is the perfect representative of the classical bowling game.

If you are a stroker, you will release the ball at a rev rate of less than 300 rpm. This will help you in getting a smooth motion down the lane. Your technique of releasing the bowling ball and the type of ball determines the rev that you will get on the lane.

Your coach will teach you the appropriate technique to release the bowling ball to get that rev. And we will share with you the top 10 best bowling balls that you should buy as a stroker to hit all the deck pins in style while having perfect control over the ball movements.

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Strokers Reviewed

  1. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball
  2. Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball
  3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball
  4. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball
  5. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball
  6. Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball
  7. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball
  8. Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball
  9. Roto Grip MVP Pearl Bowling Ball
  10. Storm !Q Tour Bowling Ball

#1. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Reactive Pearl
  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetric Core
  • Finish: 1500-Grit/Polished

The Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball is one of the most versatile balls in the bowling circuit.

There are many different lane conditions from dry to heavy oil surfaces. Many bowling styles require low/high rev and high/low speed. Then there are strokers and two-handed bowlers playing the classical or the modern style of bowling games.

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling balls is one of those rare rolling spheres that suit almost all these different types of bowlers, bowling styles, and lane conditions. Well, the balls are not perfectly suitable for the dry lanes but also perform superbly on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

The Reactive Pearl Cover Stock with 1500 Grit offers just the perfect traction to allow strokers to play their most natural classic shots in the alley. The New Era 139 Symmetrical core provides excellent control to the bowling ball making it ideal for bowlers with different skill levels.

Impressive smooth hook
A bit difficult to adjust for beginners
Decent flare potential
Affordable cost
Highly versatile

#2. Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Hex ion SE Pearl
  • Core: Predator V3
  • Finish: 4000 Grit LSS

You can’t ask for a better combination of cover stock and core as the Motiv Golden Jackal provides in its high-performance bowling ball. The Pearl cover Stock with Predator V3 offers the best characteristics to the bowling ball for a stroker.

The ball is agile yet has a classical elegance. It has a high back-end reaction and has the smoothness of a stroker, as well. The high differential and moderate RG does the trick for the classical bowler to play their smoothest of shots with very high consistency.

Smooth and controlled hookA shade expensive
Superb mid-lane read
Impressive looks
Low rev

#3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball, Black/Purple/Gold


  • Cover stock: Polyester/Plastic
  • Core: 3 Piece Core
  • Finish: Factory Finish Polish

The Ebonite Maxim Bowling ball is great if you want your ball to follow your directions on the lane in perfect order. The Polyester bowling ball doesn’t deviate much from the path once taken after the release. And for this reason, it is an ideal bowling ball for the beginners who want to grow as the classical bowlers.

The traditional 3-Piece core also allows them to concentrate on learning the basic traits required to be a great stroker. The bowling ball is also a perfect spare bowling ball the professional bowlers.

The Black/Purple/Gold colors give an attractive appearance to the bowling ball. You cannot ignore the ball as you find it on the store shelf, nor can you turn your eyes when it is rolling on the lanes.

Controlled straight-line motionCover stock is not so sturdy
Very impressive pin-action
Ideal for pros as spare ball
Tradition 3-piece core

#4. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: GPS Navigational Solid
  • Core: New Era 149 Symmetric
  • Finish: 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Finish Polish

The Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball is your perfect companion in the changing oil conditions in medium-heavy oil lane surfaces. The ball with GPS Navigational Solid cover stock offers a smoother motion with moderate hook potential. The New Era 149 symmetrical weight block provides excellent control and balance to the bowling ball.

The bowling ball does not have the high aggression to impress a cranker; however, it offers superb features to attract the best of strokers to play their most classical shots.

Straight-line motion with moderate hook potentialNot perfect for dry lane surfaces
Great balance and control
Smoother on the lane
Highly consistent

#5. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Control Solid Urethane
  • Core: Capacitor
  • Finish: 1000-Grit Pad Factory Finish

The length and a little angularity of the Storm Pitch Black make it an ideal bowling ball for the strokers. The Solid Urethane cover stock coupled with Capacitor core imparts this superior bowling ball great discipline on multiple bowling lanes.

The high RG and low differential core also allow for low revolutions thus offering a highly consistent performance to the classical bowler. As a beginner, you can use this ball to learn the art of regulating the flare potential while perfecting the traits of a stroker.

Perfect for dry lane conditions
Not suitable for oily lanes
Impressive hitting power
Straight movement
Ideal for strokers

#6. Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Aggression solid CFI
  • Core: Modified Contrusion
  • Finish: 500/2000 Abalone

The highly durable bowling ball from Hammer, the Sauce offers the same durability as all the other Carbon Fiber Infused cover stocks of the Hammer. The USBC approved bowling ball offers a superb alternative to the strokers.

The Aggression Solid CFI covers stock dominates the heavy oil lane surface. With the Modified Contrusion symmetrical weight block, the bowling ball offers impressive control on the trickiest of lanes. The bowling ball has got all the essential features you will look for as a stroker.

High differential/low RG offering low rev
 Not quite suitable for dry lanes
Superb control and balance
Three-year warranty
Ideal on heavy lanes

#7. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: Polyester
  • Core: Pancake
  • Finish: Factory Finish Polish

Pyramid bowling balls offer some of the most amazing bowling balls for the strokers and the Pyramid Path is a perfect representative of those gems. Well known for the unique blend of performance and affordability, the Pyramid Path too doesn’t deviate a bit from the basic philosophy of the brand.

The Polyester coverstock provides you with an affordable option to play the most classical shots on any lane conditions. With the factory finish polish perfectly supporting the highly disciplined cover stock, the Pancake core loyally performs its duty with ultimate precision and consistency.

The bowling ball, apart from being a great option for the stroker on the dry lanes, is an ideal companion for the beginners. Additionally, if you are a pro bowler it also offers you to use it as a perfect spare ball to dislodge the remaining pins on the deck.

Ideal for beginners to learn stroker’s skillsNot suitable for oily lanes
Amazing performance on dry lanes
Wide weight options
Highly Affordable

#8. Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball

Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: GSV-1 Pearl
  • Core: Justice
  • Finish: 1000 Grit Abralon

If you want a superlative performance beginning from the front of the lane to the finishing at the far end, do not look beyond the Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball. The GSV-1 pearl cover stock and Justice Core do not leave the mid-lane unattended and offers superb reaction in that part of the lane, as well.

The bowling ball is an excellent stroker ball option for medium to heavy oil lane surfaces. It also has enough elements even for the Tweeners. Both types of the bowlers can use their individual styles to create their favorite shots in the alley.

Perfect for medium to heavy oil lanesNot ideal for deeper oil patterns
Excellent performance features
Attractive appearance
Highly versatile

#9. Roto Grip MVP Pearl Bowling Ball


  • Cover stock: VTC-H19 Hybrid Reactive
  • Core: Neutron NXT
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished

The Roto Grip MVP Pearl is a perfect stroker bowling ball. And it offers extraordinary performance during the transitions of lane conditions. Even the best of strokers may tend to lose their consistency when the oil lanes change their characters.

The lane can change their characters from heavy to medium and then to dry but the ever-green MVP Pearl from Roto Grip never deviates a bit from its high benchmark of performance levels. The bowling ball with its hybrid Reactive cover stock and Neutron NXT weight block also makes it a perfect stroker bowling ball option for the dry lanes.

Ideal for changing lane conditionsNot ideal for beginners
Smooth back-end reaction
Strong and Sturdy
Highly consistent

#10. Storm !Q Tour Bowling Ball


  • Cover stock: R2S Solid Reactive
  • Core: C³ centripetal control
  • Finish: 4000-grit Abralon

The Storm has always been known for its innovations in producing different bowling ball necessities. The Storm !Q Tour Bowling ball is a perfect example of the creativity used in designing the unique combo of R2S Solid Reactive Cover Stock with a C³ centripetal control weight block.

The superior blend provides the bowling ball just the right aggression that a stroker desires. The bowling ball has the traction that supports the very style of a stroker. Additionally, it has fantastic control. It is the most basic characteristic that a classical player will love to see when the ball is rolling smoothly towards the far end to finish the task with elegance.

Smooth gliding in the front part of the laneNot so suitable for beginners
Extremely high-performing cover stock
Rugged and durable

Top Pick- Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball bowling ball is our top pick for the best bowling ball for a stroker. Thanks to the wonderful combination of Reactive Pearl Cover Stock and New Era 139 Symmetrical core, the bowling ball offers an extremely smooth motion on the lane. A pro- stroker also relishes the classical finesse with which the ball causes irreparable damages at the far end.

Additionally, the bowling ball has high versatility. You can use this ball in multiple-lane conditions. Moreover, apart from the stroker, the two-handed bowlers too find the ball as their perfect companion. To add to this, the bowling ball supports bowlers preferring high rev/ low speed as well as low rev/ high rev equally well.

Overall, the bowling ball is ideal for a stroker while also offers multiple features for bowlers of different styles in different lane conditions.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Bowling Balls for Stroker

These were the top 10 bowling balls for the strokers. Each one of these balls was shortlisted considering certain factors vital for this special bowling ball. We will recommend you consider these factors when shopping for the best bowling ball for a stroker.


Weight is one of the most important criteria to select the best stroker bowling ball. The right weight of the bowling ball allows you to have proper control over the bowling ball. Additionally, it also prevents you from early fatigue in your hand and wrist areas. Moreover, they will also have enough hitting power to smash the deck pins at the far end.

The guiding rule to know the most appropriate weight of the bowling ball for you is to divide your body weight with ten. So, if you weigh around 120lbs, a bowling ball with 12lbs weight will be perfect for you.

Now, after you calculate the guide weight of your bowling ball, you should take a few trials in the alley and finalize the weight that offers you maximum comfort.


Coverstock of a ball is vital in selecting the bowling ball for a stroker.  There are four different types of coverstocks viz. Plastic/Polyester, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Proactive/ Particle.

As a stroker, you will want your ball to offer high traction with the lane to get moderate hook potential. A Reactive Resin or Particle coverstock is therefore highly suitable for these balls, particularly on medium to heavy oil lanes.

However, if you are a beginner and want to grow as a stroker, you should begin with a plastic bowling ball that moves straight on the lane and allows you to sharpen your basic skills. Additionally, plastic balls also prove to be the ideal strokers in dry lane conditions.


Pancake, Symmetrical, and Asymmetrical- these are the three types of cores wrapped inside the coverstock of a bowling ball.

Pancake weight blocks are the easiest to control due to their unique shape and uniform weight distribution. They ride straight on any lane surface with no hooking. These cores are mostly used in the plastic balls. And this combination is ideal for a beginner to hone the skills of a stroker.

Symmetrical cores do not carry a lot of weight in the center and that helps these cores to offer impressive flare potential to the bowling ball. Additionally, these cores provide the smoother movement of the bowling ball with decent hook potential.  Therefore, these core types are perfect for the intermediate to advanced strokers.

Asymmetrical cores have non-uniform weight distribution and therefore impart very high aggression to the bowling ball. The violent movement of the bowling balls with these weight blocks makes them extremely difficult to control. Therefore, these core types are perfect for the crackers but not recommended if you are a stroker.

Finger Holes

Advanced bowlers do not prefer pre-drilled bowling balls. They get them drilled as per their style and hand measurement through a pro-shop. There are two different types of finger holes or grips viz. Conventional Grip and Fingertip Grip.

In a conventional grip, the finger holes are drilled so that you can insert your middle and ring fingers up to the second knuckles while the thumb going fully inside the hole. In the fingertip grip, on the other side, you can insert your fingers up to the first knuckles.

Fingertip grip offers better control to a stroker in playing a smooth shot, offering controlled spin to the bowling ball.


A versatile bowling ball offers great value for your money. If a ball can perform equally well on different lane conditions you do not need to invest in multiple bowling balls for different lanes.


The game of bowling is associated with glamour, glitter, and style. Therefore, the importance of looks and appearances becomes quite significant. In fact, most of the reputed brands pay a lot of attention on the designing features of the bowling balls to make them look unique and more attractive in the alley.

So, whether you give it high importance or not, most high-performance bowling balls will invariably have impressive aesthetics. You can select a bowling ball as per your choice of color, pattern, and design that boosts your confidence in the alley.


Bowling balls for strokers come in a wide price range. Depending on the coverstock and core, they can be extremely affordable to highly expensive. You can select as per your skill level and budget. If you have any budgetary constraint you must go for the core features of the bowling ball fulfilling your performance requirement only. However, you should never compromise with the essential features of the ball just to buy a cheap bowling ball.


A stroker bowling ball has specific requirements to get the smooth and elegant classical bowling shot consistently. So, for a stroker, the ball with high predictability is preferable over a sphere rolling aggressively with uncertainty.

All the bowling balls reviewed above have the required elements of a stroker bowling ball. You can select any one of them considering your specific needs and other important factors shared in the buyer’s guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a stroker in bowling?

A: A stroker is a classical bowler who prefers smoothness and finesses over aggression and power in dislodging the deck pins. A stroker releases the ball at a low revolution rate of under 300 rpm while having full control over the bowling ball’s smooth motion. While playing the shot, a stroker usually releases the ball from slightly right off the lane center and targets the pocket at the backside of the headpin.

Q: What Is the Difference Between the Stroker and the Cranker Bowling Style?

A: The two styles have entirely different approaches. While a stroker has the skills of delivering smooth and elegant shots, the crankers use sheer power to smash the deck pins. Watching a cranker is a lot more entertaining compared to a stroker. However, those who love the classical form of the game relish the finesse of a stroker more than the high aggression of a cranker.

Q: What Is a Power Stroker?

A: As the name suggests, a power stroker is a stroker who throws precisely and consistently while also utilizing the hook potential of the ball to get more advantage of the lane conditions. However, a power stroker is not as aggressive as a cranker and is more similar to a Tweener. It is a rather difficult style to master as it calls for a perfect balance of accuracy and power.

Q: Can Crankers use Stroker’s bowling balls?

A: Bowling balls designed for strokers will not offer good performance for the crankers. The balls will inherently provide low revolution and less hook potential and aggression. These properties are contrary to the requirement of a cranker. However, tweeners can definitely use these balls as they deploy techniques of both the crankers and the strokes.

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