Top 11 Best Bowling Balls for Two Finger Bowlers | 2021 Reviews

Different players adopt different techniques or styles for throwing a ball. The best thing about bowling is the simplicity of the game. you can easily master the technique of throwing the ball in bowling. For example, there are two popular techniques for throwing the ball in bowling. These techniques are two-finger bowling and three-finger bowling.

Top 11 Best Bowling Balls for Two Finger Bowlers Reviewed

  1. Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball– Best Overall
  2. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball 
  3. Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball 
  4. Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball 
  5. Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball 
  6. Ebonite Futura Bowling Ball 
  7. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball 
  8. DV8 Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball 
  9. Radical Reax V2 Bowling Ball 
  10. Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball 
  11. Rack Attack Bowling Ball 

#1. Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball – Best Overall

Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball 


  • Core: Asymmetrical Centrum
  • Coverstock: MicroTrax-S18

An incredible pink color will fetch your attention to this ball. The overall design or appearance of the ball is worthy of praise. This is another bowling ball for the oily lanes. On dry surfaces, performance would not be satisfactory. Apart from being a ball for oily lanes, the product is also suitable for two-finger bowlers. There is no thumb hole, and that is why it is a perfect ball for the two-finger bowling technique. In the following section, you can find more features of the product.

  • This is the first-ever product to introduce the MicroTrax-S18 formulation. Such formulation makes the ball durable.
  • On heavy oily conditions, the ball can provide top-notch gripping and spinning controls for the two-finger bowlers.
  • The super-strong asymmetrical core of the ball is another major highlight. It makes the ball flawless in performance.
  • It provides the strongest traction cover shock. Hence, two-finger bowlers can create versatile curves with the ball.
The radical shape in the core helps to create versatile rotationsPerformance on a dry surface is below average
The ball comes with supreme power to destroy the pin alignmentsNot the best product for the new hookers
An incredible back hook is a unique advantage of the ball

#2. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball – Best Reviewed

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball 


  • Core: Gear
  • Coverstock: Turmoil MFS

The design of the ball draws inspiration from its name. You will find an engraved snake on the ball. On the oily or slippery lanes, this ball will spin perfectly. It can also get accustomed to different other types of lanes. One of the major highlighting factors of the ball is durability. Buyers can expect smooth performance from this ball for a long time. If you are a two-finger bowler, you will love the ball.

  • Motiv Venom Shock Ball comes at an amazingly affordable price.
  • Low price and high durability are the best features of the product.
  • It helps to produce smooth angular movement. Two-finger bowlers can create an excellent curve with this ball.
  • The color is another attractive part of the product. It produces a shocking color effect under indoor lights.
Gives a perfect angular backendOn the dry lanes, it may not provide satisfactory performance
Works well on the new and slippery lanesNot suitable for the straight line bowlers
Vibrant color is attention-grabbing

#3. Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball 

Radical Conspiracy Bowling Ball 


  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Core: Asymmetrical
  • Coverstock: Forged 2

Two-finger bowlers look forward to playing aggressively. This bowling ball will suit the aggressive bowlers perfectly. The ball stands for powerful performance. It slides easily on different kinds of lanes. On oily lanes, the performance is highly satisfactory. However, the performance is equally good on the dry lanes. If you want better control on the spinning, the ball will work amazingly. You will get versatile performance from this bowling ball. Below, you can find some of the notable features of the product.

  • The ball comes with the 3000 stair micro pad for seamless performance on oily and dry bowling lanes.
  • It is recommended for heavy oil lanes. However, it also works perfectly on the dry lanes.
  • There are two forged solid Coverstocks. You can obtain heavy-duty performance from this bowling ball.
Bowlers can find versatile spinning with different wrist positionsLittle smaller in size and not suitable for everyone
Excellent built quality fetches high durability for the productBowlers need to adjust the grip to avoid early hooking
It gives more control to the spinning and curving


#4. Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball 

Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball 


  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Core: Strike King Symmetrical
  • Coverstock: SK13 Reactive

If you are a beginner in two-finger bowling, you will love to have this ball. It comes in a shiny black color, which is conventional yet attractive. New two-finger bowlers may find the risk of injuring their fingers and wrists. With this ball, you can have a perfect grip. Hence, it minimizes the risk of injuring the wrist and fingers. Using this ball will give you a smooth control on bowling.

  • The core type of the ball is strike king symmetrical. Hence, it gives wonderful control over the spinning and curving.
  • It comes with a micro pad and rough buff for durable performance. The shine of the ball remains for a long time.
  • The attractive shiny black appearance of the ball will simply draw your attention. It looks beautiful under the indoor lights.
With a finished gloss, the ball comes with a beautiful designIt may chip off when the start is not good
Beginners can easily learn to throw the ball due to its firm gripNot a highly recommended product or the streamlined bowlers
It reduces the chance of finger and wrist injuries for the beginners

#5. Ebonite Futura Bowling Ball 

Ebonite Futura 15lb 


  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Core: Futura HD
  • Coverstock: GSV 1

Bowling is an easy game to learn, though your skill will improve in this game with various factors. Apart from practicing hard to gain better skills for throwing the ball, you need to choose the right bowling ball. This ball is designed to suit the requirement of the two-finger bowlers. If you want to improve your control over the house ball with the two-finger technique, you should spend time with this ball. Predictability on the bowling lanes makes the product ideal for two-finger bowlers.

  • GSV-1 Hybrid cover is one of the most notable features of this bowling ball. It makes the ball durable.
  • The performance of the ball is equally good on the oily and dry bowling lanes. However, it is mainly designed for the oily lanes.
  • Futura HD core is stable. Hence, bowlers can find a decent grip on the ball. You can spin the ball in different ways with your wrist twists.
The cover stock is redesigned to provide perfect movement and grip to the bowlersPerformance is average on the medium oily surfaces
The material of the ball gives support to stable vertical movementFriction-readability is not preferred by all two-finger bowlers
Maximum power transmission is assured for hitting the pins hard

#6. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball 

Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball 


  • Core: Symmetric
  • Coverstock: GPS Navigation

Two-finger bowlers have to choose the ball with precision. Choosing the incorrect ball will fetch disappointing performance. Moreover, it can affect your shoulder and wrist. If you want to avoid injury during bowling, you should opt for the right ball for nourishing your two-finger technique. This ball is designed to provide convenience to the two-finger bowlers. It comes with a firm grip so that you can avoid wrist and finger injuries at the time of releasing the ball. It does not slide easily from the two-finger hook. As a result, it gives you more control over spinning and speed monitoring.

  • The symmetric core is the major highlight of the product. Due to the high-quality core, the ball spins perfectly.
  • On the oily surfaces, the ball works brilliantly. It gives a satisfactory performance on the medium to heavy oily lanes.
  • The solid coverstock makes the product highly durable. Despite using for a long time, it will not lose the gloss.
A sizable symmetric core makes the ball stable on the oily lanesDue to its heavy core, it can leave the pocket in splits
Medium flare potential gives the right curve on the bowling lanesNot a great option for the seasoned two-finger bowlers
A sufficient hook will help you to avoid injuries

#7. DV8 Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball 

DV8 Pitbull Bark  Bowling Ball 


  • Weight: 17 Pounds
  • Core: DynamiCore
  • Coverstock: Fang Max

For the two-finger bowlers, a perfect hook is non-negotiable. You can get a perfect hook with this bowling ball. It gives two important things to the bowlers. They are power and control. When you have these two things, you will learn to bowl faster. Nevertheless, your performance in bowling will be remarkable. The product has been crafted to provide satisfactory performance on the oily lanes. However, it can also be used on the dry lanes. Using the ball on dry lanes frequently can lead to reduced durability of the product. 

  • The bowling ball comes in an undrilled manner. You can customize the holes by drilling at your convenience. Two-finger bowlers can omit to drill the thumb hole.
  • A high asymmetric pitbull core is one of the notable features of the product. Due to its strong core, it gives an effortless performance.
  • 1000 grit pad has been used for covering the outer layer of the ball. Due to the outer layer, it gives durable performance.
  • On heavy oily lanes, it works well. You can have a maximum hook on the ball with a Pitbull bark.
The long-lasting fang max cover is the major highlight of the productThe ball requires maintenance for long-lasting performance
1000 grit pad ensures smooth sliding on the bowling lanesIt is not the best choice for the seasoned two-finger bowlers
Free rotation of the ball is assured with the dynamic core

#8. Radical Reax V2 Bowling Ball 

Radical Reax V2 Bowling Ball 


  • Core: Asymmetric Offset 
  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive

For a brilliant backend reaction, two-finger bowlers can use this ball. It gives a unique finger scoop provision. Hence, it creates an incredible backend. The vivid appearance of the ball will attract buyers easily. It comes with an asymmetric core with offset technology. Another major highlight of the product is the 500 Siaair micro-pad. The durability and performance of the ball are satisfactory.

The asymmetric core is poised with offset technologyTwo-finger bowlers do not admire the product to a large extent
On long bowling lanes, it works effortlessly
It comes with a brilliant backend reaction

#9. Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball 

Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball 


  • Core: Camber Core
  • Coverstock: Reactor Hybrid Reactive

This ball comes with a stunning pearl finish. It looks elegant. Nevertheless, the built quality is strong too. In the middle lane, it gives stable rolling. Two-finger bowlers may like the product for this reason. Smooth power transition is another major highlight of the product. Since it generates pace and transit power neatly, it breaks maximum pins on a single attempt. A dual logo is another notable feature of the product.

The asymmetric core is poised Smooth transition through the middle of the lanewith offset technologyLeft-handed bowlers do not admire the product
It operates smoothly without making noiseIt does not work well on frictional surfaces
Excellent backend response

#10. Rack Attack Bowling Ball 

Rack Attack Bowling Ball 


  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Core: Symmetric

This bowling ball is suitable for dull surfaces. Two-finger bowlers want a good grip on the dull surfaces. This ball will serve your purpose neatly. You can obtain remarkable service from this ball on heavy and medium oily surfaces. During the front roll, it works smoothly. It also features an excellent backend.

Smooth start and remarkable backendOn rough surfaces, the performance is average
The products are suitable for the entry-level bowlersAdvanced bowlers tend to avoid the ball
It features a light bulb core

Top Pick

After reviewing different kinds of bowling balls for the two-finger bowlers, we have concluded that the Roto-Grip Halo Ball is one of the best products. It works brilliantly on oily surfaces. It also comes with a beautiful design. The product is suitable for both beginners and pro-level bowlers.

Best Bowling Balls for Two Finger Bowlers

Best Brands


Motiv is a leading American brand for producing top-quality bowling balls. The company has a production outlet situated in Muskegon, Michigan. Being a manufacturer of bowling balls for more than 25 years, the company offers different kinds of balls for suiting the requirements of different bowlers. The company focuses on developing innovative products at an affordable cost.

Roto-Grip by Strom Products

Strom Products offers innovative ranges of bowling accessories and balls. Roto-Grip is a sub-brand of Storm Products. This American company takes pride in manufacturing 500,000 balls every year. It ships products to 70 countries (approximately). Bill and Barbara Chrisman are the founders of this company. Initially, it used to be a company for producing chemicals for bowling ball cleaning. In 1991, it started manufacturing bowling balls.

Ebonite International

Ebonite International is a Kentucky-based company for manufacturing bowling balls. In 2002, Ebonite had acquired the Hammer brand. It has introduced many bowling balls under the Hammer brand name. In 2019, Ebonite International was acquired by Brunswick. However, Brunswick continues to introduce various bowling balls under the Ebonite brand name.

Buyer’s Guide for Two-Finger Bowling Balls

Pick a Branded Product

If you want to purchase a bowling ball, you need to find a branded product. In the marketplace, you will come across many products from different manufacturers. Passionate bowlers should go for the branded items. Branded balls will provide satisfactory performance and durable service.

Bowling Lane Surface

Buyers should purchase a ball according to the bowling lane surface. There are different types of bowling lane surfaces. You will find dry surfaces. Some dry surfaces are rough. Hence, you need a ball that is compatible with such a surface. Otherwise, your performance will not improve. Moreover, incompatible balls for rough surfaces will not provide durability. In most cases, oily surfaces are found. For an oily surface, you need to use balls that are suitable for such surfaces.

Depending Upon bowling techniques

A large number of beginners find two-finger bowling more appropriate. Such a bowling style is easy to learn. Two-finger hooking has many advantages. This technique helps you to create a curve with the ball before hitting the pins. Due to the massive curve, the chance of hitting all the pins at the first attempt gets enhanced. Two-finger bowlers should purchase the balls that are suitable for such technique of throwing the ball.

Protect from Injury

Not only shoulder injury, but two-finger bowling can fetch the risk of a wrist injury. Since a lot of people twist their wrists a little while releasing the ball, they may end up injuring their wrists. Getting control over the wrist movement is important. Moreover, perfect wrist movement will give you a perfect spin on the bowling ball. When wrist movement is inappropriate, the ball will spin abruptly. You need to find a ball that suits your bowling technique. It will reduce your chance of facing finger and shoulder injuries.

Final Thoughts

For a bowler, it is essential to choose the right ball. You need to pick a ball according to your throwing technique. For example, three-finger bowlers should use a house ball with a thumb hole. For two-finger bowlers, a thumb hole is not essential. Choosing the right ball will help you to gain control over the spin and curve at the time of releasing the ball. Some of the best products are reviewed above. Buyers can pick a product as per their budget and requirement from those reviewed products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do you require customized balls in a two-finger bowling technique?

For the two-finger bowling technique, you do not need to have customized balls for bowling. In many house balls, you will find a hole for inserting the thumb. If you are a three-finger bowler, you need to have the house balls with thumb inserting holes.

Q. What are the risks with the two-finger bowling technique?

Along with arrays of benefits, there are some drawbacks of the two-finger bowling technique. The major problem is that the technique enhances the chance of facing injuries. Since you are forced to use a jerky shoulder movement, you enhance the chance of soldier injury. However, it happens for professional bowling experts. If you are interested in bowling for recreational purposes, you do not have to worry about the injury.

Q. What is the best ball for two-finger bowlers?

There are many choices for bowling balls for the two-finger bowlers. We recommend the buyers go for the branded items. Choosing branded products will help you in many ways. It will help you to find a perfect bowling ball. It reduces the chance of injury. Moreover, the product will be durable.

Q. Is it better to use a lightweight ball for two-finger bowling?

For two-finger bowling, a lightweight ball is not recommended. The ball should be heavy, though you must be comfortable in throwing the ball. If you feel discomfort in throwing, you need to switch to a ball with a lesser weight.

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