Top 8 Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers | 2022

There are different techniques of throwing a best bowling ball. Among those techniques, two-handed bowling is one of the most popular. And with so many bowling balls out there, only a few are suitable for two-handed bowlers. Keep reading on to find out the best ones!

Top 8 Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

  1. [amazon link=”B071WMMG47″ title = “Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Ball”/]
  2. [amazon link=”B00WCA2NVK” title = “Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball”/]
  3. [amazon link=”B018LIR2Q2″ title = “Brunswick Tzone Ball”/] 
  4. [amazon link=”B00LA57R1Y” title = “Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball”/] 
  5. [amazon link=”B01CVSHAN8″ title = “Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball”/] 
  6. [amazon link=”B07H8LS5JQ” title = “Strom Physix Bowling Ball”/]
  7. [amazon link=”B00MIJ8FNK” title = “Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball”/]
  8. [amazon link=”B07CS15HMW” title = “Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball”/]

#1. [amazon link=” B071WMMG47″ title = ” Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B071WMMG47″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Hammer Vibe Cherry Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Core: Symmetric
  • Coverstock: Peal reactive

Hammer is one of the well-known companies for manufacturing bowling balls. They manufacture different types of balls to suit different bowling techniques. The Hammer Vibe Cherry Ball is recommended for Best Bowling Balls for two-handed bowlers.

The ball comes with medium flare potential. Nevertheless, it works smoothly on the medium to light oily lanes. The symmetric core gives the angular backend. When you bowl with two hands, the maximum average release speed of the ball will be 18 to 20 Lbs.

Attractive polished surfaceA little expensive product
Top-notch built qualityRelease speed is below average
Good backend reaction

#2. [amazon link=” B00WCA2NVK” title = ” Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B00WCA2NVK” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Core: Atomic
  •  Coverstock: NRG hybrid reactive

The Strom Tropical Breeze comes with a hybrid pearl coverstock and is designed to work smoothly on the medium-dry lanes. It has a 1500 grit polished surface that provides the perfect traction. You will get better control in spinning the ball due to its higher hook and lightweight asymmetrical core.

Two-handed bowlers will find amazing convenience in handling this ball. If you happen to be a straight bowler, this product will also suit your technique of bowling. The solid black color gives a classic look. On the other hand, cheery red offers a contemporary look. Due to its medium flare potential, the ball is suitable on the medium lanes.

Two-color options: Black and Cheery RedQuality of coverstock is average
Works on medium-dry lanesLow durability due to the weak core
Lightweight core

#3. [amazon link=” B018LIR2Q2″ title = ” Brunswick Tzone Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B018LIR2Q2″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Brunswick Tzone Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Core: Bullet Point
  • Coverstock: Polyester

Brunswick is the leading brand in manufacturing top-quality bowling balls. The company produces different ranges of bowling balls to suit the requirements of bowlers with different throwing techniques. TZone Ball from Brunswick is suitable for two-handed bowlers.

For its design, hook bowlers will also find compatibility with this ball. The major highlight of the product is the polyester coverstock. Buyers can find various quaint color options. Despite being a versatile product, the ball comes at an affordable price. For hand placement, it features drilled holes. Players can customize the drilled holes as per their preferences. Overall, this is an ideal ball for beginners and two-handed bowlers.

Strong polyester coverstockPatchy weight
It works on all kinds of surfacesSuitable for straight bowlers only
Various color options are available

#4. [amazon link=” B00LA57R1Y” title = ” Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B00LA57R1Y” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Core: Gas Mask
  • Coverstock: Hybrid

If you want to enhance your bowling skills, you have to invest in the right ball. Hammer Black Window Legend Ball is recommended to all professional bowlers. If you are two-handed bowlers, you will also find convenience in dealing with this product. The product weighs around 12-16 pounds. In terms of weight, it is on the heavier side.

However, two-handed bowlers will not encounter any problem due to the weight of the ball. The ball features a top-notch backend grip. The gas mask core gives it excellent versatility. For hook bowlers, this is not the ideal product. On heavy oily surfaces, the ball provides excellent performance. One should not use the product on dry or medium-dry surfaces.

Hybrid coverstock ensures durability and satisfactory performanceAn expensive product
An ideal product for professional two-handed bowlersNot a recommended product for the beginners
Perfect product for the heavily oiled lanes

#5. [amazon link=” B01CVSHAN8″ title = ” Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B01CVSHAN8″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  •  Weight: 16 Pounds
  •  Core: Top Gear
  •  Coverstock: Hybrid reactive

If you are looking for a mid-budget bowling ball, Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball is the right option for you. The hybrid reactive cover stock is the most notable thing about this product. Straight and hook bowlers will discover seamless compatibility with this product. On the other hand, two-handed bowlers will also like the product.

It does not come with pre-drilled holes. Hence, you can customize the positions of the drilled holes. It gives a better response to friction, and thus it can be used on medium oiled surfaces. Overall, the built quality is good. At the same time, the product looks dashing.

Suitable for all kinds of bowlersDurability is not great
Perfectly responsive and well-balancedLimited color options
Hybrid reactive coverstock

#6. [amazon link=” B07H8LS5JQ” title = ” Strom Physix Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B07H8LS5JQ” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Strom Physix Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  •  Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Core: Atomic
  • Coverstock: NGR Hybrid reactive

This product will easily find a spot in a list of the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers. It is one of the best balls for two-handed bowlers. 3000-grit abralon creates excellent traction on the heavily oiled surfaces, while NRG hybrid reactive coverstock gives a smooth performance on the bowling lanes. However, such coverstock is not compatible with dry surfaces.

With its standard weight, it provides convenience to the two-handed bowlers. Both beginners and professionals will find the ball suitable. The major downside is the inconsistency of the ball with sharp angles. On dry lanes, it does not provide satisfactory service.

It works smoothly on the heavily oiled surfacesPerformance is below average on dry lanes
Multiple color options are available for buyersInconsistent with the sharp angles
Highly reactive on the oiled lanes

#7. [amazon link=” B00MIJ8FNK” title = ” Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B00MIJ8FNK” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 12 – 16 Pounds
  •  Core: Capacitor
  • Coverstock: Solid Urethane

Strom produces various kinds of bowling balls to suit the requirements of different bowlers. If you are a two-handed bowler, this could be the best product for you. Strom Pitch Black comes with a 1000-grit pad. The shining and smooth finish of the product will draw your attention. Symmetrical capacitor core releases a powerful impact on the pins.

Hence, it enhances the chance of breaking all the pins in one shot. The pitch-black color is attractive, and it does not come with multiple color options. On the dry lane, the performance of this ball is satisfactory. It also works smoothly on the lightly oiled lanes. The manufacturer provides one year warranty on the product. Overall, the built quality is impressive. Hence, we recommend the product as the best bowling ball for seasoned two-handed bowlers.

Smooth performance on dry bowling tracks Not suitable for the heavily oiled surfaces
Capacitor core is another benefit of the product Multiple color options are not available
Dashing pitch-black color

#8. [amazon link=” B07CS15HMW” title = ” Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball”/]

[amazon fields=” B07CS15HMW” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]


  • Weight: 6- 16 Pounds
  • Core: Path Rising Pearl
  • Coverstock: Reactive Resin Pearl

This ball comes with reactive resin pearl coverstock. Due to its resin coverstock, it gives a top-class performance on medium oily lanes. It comes with 1500-grit polishing which ensures nice grip and traction on the bowling lane surfaces.

Buyers will find different options for selecting the weight of the ball. The range of weight varies between 6 and 16 pounds. Two-handed bowlers should pick heavier ones for better control and power on the ball. The product is good for beginners. However, seasoned bowlers can also use it.

Top-notch coverstock for medium oily surfacesSuitable for the beginners – not popular among seasoned bowlers
Built quality is decent
Multiple options for selecting the weight

Top Brands for Bowling Balls for Two-handed Bowlers


Brunswick is a well-recognized name in the bowling industry for being the manufacturer of bowling balls, accessories, jerseys, etc. Bowling enthusiasts love the products from this manufacturer. It has arrays of bowling balls to feature to buyers.


Hammer is a sub-brand of Ebonite International. The company produces top-quality bowling balls and accessories. If you are looking for a bowling ball for a two-hand bowling technique, you can opt for Hammer’s products.


Storm Products Inc is an American brand for manufacturing bowling accessories and balls. The main manufacturing facility of the company is located in Brigham City, Utah. The company manufactures arrays of bowling balls to serve the requirements of different players.

Buyers’ Guide for Two-handed Bowling Balls

Professional bowlers have to choose the bowling balls as per their preferred techniques of throwing the ball. There are different techniques of throwing the balls. Two-finger and three-finger bowling are the commonest techniques. Apart from them, you will find a two-handed blowing technique. Such a technique is popular among many bowling enthusiasts. If you happen to be a two-handed bowler, you should pick the balls that support your technique. You can find a perfect guide for choosing the perfect bowling ball for the two-handed bowling technique in the following section.


The most important thing about a bowling ball is the coverstock, as it determines the ball’s durability and performance. The Coverstock of the bowling balls is crafted with three common materials. These materials are polyurethane, reactive resin, and polyester. Which is the best material for the cover stock of bowling balls? Different materials serve different purposes.

If you are searching for a durable option, you should go for resin coverstock. Plastic coverstock rolls on the bowling track effortlessly. You have to put minimal effort into throwing such balls. But, they are not durable. Moreover, they do not have the best grip on the bowling lane surface. As a result, it is difficult to control the spin and direction of such balls.

In sharp contrast, resin gives a better grip on oily surfaces. Hence, you can control the spin and angular movement of the balls easily. Resin coverstock has a drawback too. It does not provide satisfactory performance on dry surfaces. For dry surfaces, you can go for both plastic and polyester coverstock. Polyester balls are the cheapest. They are suitable for beginners. Seasoned and intermediate two-handed bowlers should go for resin and polyurethane balls.


After coverstock, the core is the most important part of the bowling balls. The performance of bowlers depends a lot on the core of the ball. Many two-handed bowlers prefer throwing the ball in a straight direction. For such bowlers, a symmetrical core is the best option. On the other hand, an asymmetrical core is suitable for those who want movement and hook on the ball. The top-quality core of the ball will ensure zero jerky movements. At the time of releasing the ball, jerky movement is added to the ball. But, a good core controls the jerky movement and keeps the ball in the right direction.

Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

Reactive Bowling Balls

Resin coverstock offers excellent grip and durability. Reactive balls are resin balls with the presence of varying amounts of resin. On oily surfaces, reactive balls can absorb oil. Absorbing oil helps in the perfect movement of the ball. Such balls are expensive. However, they help you to enhance your performance. Many seasoned bowlers prefer such balls. Beginners can also use them. A strong backend reaction with high pin carry is the major highlighting thing of a reactive bowling ball.


The weight of the ball is another important factor that buyers should consider. Two-handed bowlers can handle more weight than one-handed bowlers. Using a heavy ball will help you to obtain an excellent grip on the bowling lane surface. Moreover, heavy balls travel easily on the bowling lanes. Lighter balls find it difficult to travel the length of the bowling tracks. For beginners, lightweight balls are recommended. It is easier to control the lighter balls than the heavier ones.


Two-handed bowling is a rapidly growing popular technique for throwing the ball. Many professional bowlers prefer this technique. We recommended lightweight balls for beginners. Experienced and intermediate bowlers can go for heavier balls. For practicing two-handed bowling on heavily oiled surfaces, you should opt for reactive balls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is two-handed bowling?

Two-handed bowling is a relatively new technique of throwing the ball. Many professional bowlers prefer the technique for enhancing their performances. Conventionally, one hand is used for carrying and throwing the bowling ball. In the two-handed technique, bowlers use both hands to carry and throw the ball on the bowling lane. In two-handed bowling, you can add lesser power to the ball than one-handed bowling. But, the addition of the second hand will aid you to give more revolution to the ball. As a result, it enhances the chance of unsettling the pins with a single shot.

Q. Is two-handed bowling legal?

The legality of two-handed bowling often comes under the question, as the technique is unusual and relatively new. In many professional bowling tournaments, two-handed bowling is not allowed. However, the technique is getting accepted by many bowlers with the advent of time. Hence, some tournaments have started accepting the two-hand technique of bowling. According to United States Bowling Congress, such a technique does not violate bowling rules. Hence, it is a legitimate bowling technique.

Q. What are the benefits of two-handed bowling?

Two-handed bowling gives you the provision to add more revolution to the ball. As a result, you can unsettle the pins in a single shot. Moreover, two-handed blowing is easier to learn than two-finger and three-finger bowling. Kids can learn two-handed bowling easily.

Q. What are the drawbacks of two-handed bowling?

Along with the advantages, the two-handed bowling technique has a few drawbacks. First of all, you cannot add more power behind the ball when throwing with two hands. Hence, such a technique proves to be ineffective on long bowling lanes. On dry surfaces, friction is an important factor. You need to give more effort to add power behind the balls on the dry surfaces. Controlling a lighter ball with a two-handed technique is difficult too. Two-handed bowlers should opt for the heavier balls.

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