Top 10 Best Bowling Shoe Covers | 2022 Reviews (Storm)


Having high-quality bowling necessities is essential for giving your best performance in the alley. And to have the best of these articles, it is not only important to buy high-quality items but also to take proper care of these necessities. Taking care of your Bowling Shoes is also very important to get the best performance and there are ways to keep them in the best condition by taking due preventive measures.

Bowling shoe covers are one such item that protects your shoes from different external impacts like dirt, grime, moisture, and other damaging environmental factors. Easy to slip in over the shoes, bowling shoe covers also save you a lot of time of changing the shoes every time you go out of the alley- to get your snacks, visit the restroom, or any other important purpose. It also avoids the need of carrying one more pair of shoes with you in the alley. 

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoe Covers Reviewed

  1. Premium Bowling Shoe Covers– Best Overall
  2. Storm Black/Red Bowling Shoe Covers– Best Budget
  3. Brunswick Shoe Shield/ Black– Best Premium 
  4. Ebonite Dry Dog Black
  5. Dexter Shoe Protector
  6. SaVi Bowling Shoe Protector 
  7. Skulls Shoe Covers by Master
  8. Motiv Resistance Shoe Covers
  9. Brunswick Master Fuzzy Fuchsia- Ladies
  10. Hammer Diamond Plate

#1. Premium Bowling Shoe Protector Covers by



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: S-XXL

The Premium from is one of the best protector shoe covers in the category. They protect shoes from dirt, moisture, and gum. The Shoe Cover offers an easy and comfortable slip on and off shoe cover. 

They have multiple design options. You can choose the sizes from Small to double XL. For better performance, in the long run, it is recommended to select one size larger than your shoe size.

Overall, these Premium Bowling Shoe Protector Covers work best to protect the shoes and also let you feel comfortable.

The bright black color with an attractive logoFit-to-size can be a little tight
Maintain the proper shape of shoes

#2. Bowling Shoe Cover by Storm



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Spandex
  • Size: Regular  & Large

The storm is a well-known brand of bowling balls and its accessories. Bowling Shoe Cover is one of the many high-quality products offered by the Storm. A very bright shade of black with an attractive reddish-pink logo gives the Storm Bowling Shoe Cover an elegant look. 

The shoe cover protects the shoes from outer dirt, debris, moisture, and keeps the shoes clean and dry. Elastic in the shoe cover allows for very easy slip over the shoes. They are available in two sizes, large and regular, and comes in a uniform black color.

Protect shoes from getting wetComplaints about the seaming of the covers
Very lightweight

#3. Shoe Shield Bowling Shoe Covers by Brunswick



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: S-XXL

Made with durable material, the Brunswick Shoe cover is one of the finest shoe covers of all. This shoe cover wraps around your whole shoe and completely protects them from dirt, moisture, gum, and debris. This protection increases the life of the shoes. Additionally, the shoe cover is very convenient to put on the shoes. They are available in many sizes from small to XXL. No confusion in the color choices because it comes in black color only. 

Made from a durable materialThe exact size doesn’t give a perfect fit
Available in a wide size range
Superb Protection
Covers full shoes

#4. Dry Dog Shoe Covers by Ebonite



  • Color: Black
  • Material: denier nylon
  • Size: S & XXL

The Ebonite Dry Dog Shoe Covers are one of the best shoe covers for all types of shoes owing to its water repellent properties. They are made with strong and durable denier nylon material. They do not allow water to stay on the cover so your shoes remain completely protected from water, debris, and gums.  This unique feature helps increase the longevity of your shoes. The shoe cover is available in black color with a cute white dry dog logo on it. They come in two different sizes; Small & XXL.  Overall, the performance of this shoe cover is very effective.

Durable constructionNot very attractive
Water Repellent
Comfortable fit

#5. Shoe Shield Bowling Shoe Covers by Dexter



  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Vinyl 
  • Size: Large 

The Dexter Shoe Shield cover is made from high-quality vinyl that makes it durable and long-lasting. They have an elastic top for better covering and gripping of the shoes. With a complete covering of shoes, the shoe cover effectively protects the shoes from dust, dirt, and water that keeps your shoes always dry and ready to use. The shoe cover easily slides over the shoes. 

The Dexter shoe cover comes in grey color. They are available in Large size only. Overall, this shoe cover is very sturdy and durable. 

Fit perfectlyOnly available in Large Size
Great looksLight color easily gets dirty

#6. Shoe Protector Covers by SaVi



  • Color: Black with pink SaVi logo
  • Material: Vinyl 
  • Size: Medium & Large 

The SaVi Bowling Shoe Protector Covers efficiently protect the shoe sole from water, dust, and gum and gives you dry shoes every time. They are made from highly durable vinyl material. This shoe cover is very easy to slide on and off over the shoes.

SaVi is a very attractive and brighter shoe cover. The black color of the cover with a neon pink logo makes them unique in their appearance. 

They are available in two sizes; Medium and large. Overall, the shoe cover has excellent quality and comes with a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee.

No-questions-asked Manufacturer’s guaranteeA bit pricey
Made of the high-quality vinyl material
Attractive pink color logo

#7. Shoe Covers by Skulls



  • Color: Black with white skull prints
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: S-XXL

Skull design on black color gives a very different look to this Skulls Shoe Covers by Master Industries. They are made with 100% polyester with a top side elastic band. They offer the perfect cover to your shoes to protect them from water, gum, debris, and dust and keep the shoes dry and clean.

They are available in many different size-range from Small to XXL. It is recommended to choose one size larger for a comfortable fit.

Unique design with bright colorThe shoe cover is not waterproof from the sides
Made from durable material
Perfectly fit

#8. Resistance Shoe Covers by Motiv



  • Color: Black with Silver Logo
  • Material: Durable Material
  • Size: Medium & Large 

The Motiv Resistance Shoe cover comes in black color with a classic silver logo. This Motiv logo is printed on both the toe and sole of the shoe cover. Construction of the shoe cover is very durable and comfortable fit. 

The Motiv shoe cover has a high elastic design so it slides over the shoes very easily. It helps to protect the shoes from outside dust, water, and gum. Overall the performance of this shoe cover is ultimate.

Durable constructionSome customers complained about oversized shoe cover
Attractive logo print
High elastic design
Comfortable fit

#9. Master Fuzzy Fuchsia Ladies Shoe Covers by Brunswick



  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Fuzzy
  • Size: S-XL

Brunswick made a very unique and attractive shoe cover in the name of Master Fuzzy Fuchsia. They are made with a fuzzy fabric that makes you feel cozy while using. The pink color is very attractive and gives a soothing impression. The inner material of the cover protects this fabric from tearing. They slide very easily over the shoes and perfectly fit over them. Fuzzy Fuchsia protects your shoes from dust and dirt that helps to keep them clean. It is available in various sizes ranging from Small to XXL. You can choose accordingly.

Overall, this shoe cover is very attractive and useful for bowling shoes for women.

Inner material protect the fabric from tearingThis shoe cover is not waterproof
Made with cozy fuzzy fabric
Perfect fit

#10. Bowling Shoe Cover Diamond Plate by Hammer



  • Color: Mix design Black and white
  • Material: Denier Nylon
  • Size: One Size Fits All (up to size 14)

Hammer Shoe Cover is available in a very attractive mix color design. The hatch pattern design gives you a stylish look. These shoe covers are very sturdy and durable. They keep your shoes completely covered so you should not worry about any dust and debris on the shoes. The shoe covers are water-resistant and provide effective protection from water. 

They are available in one-size-fits-all for up to size 14. Overall, it is a good shoe cover with a stylish look.

Excellent quality materialSize issues are there with some customers
Unique design
Highly Durable

Top Pick- Premium Bowling Shoe Covers

All the ten bowling shoe covers reviewed here have many different features. Selecting the best among them is quite a tricky task. However, the exclusive features of Premium shoe covers from sets it apart from the rest of the protector covers. These shoe covers offer an extremely high comfort level while walking off the alley to perform routine activities during the game. Easy to put on and remove, the shoe cover offers high convenience and prevent any distraction during the game. Being available in a wide range of sizes from Small to XL, these shoe covers offer perfect fitting for all sizes of bowling shoes. The non-slip property of the shoe keeps you protected, as well. All in all, the premium shoe covers offer protection to the shoe and to you and at the same time offer a high level of comfort and convenience to the wearer of all age groups and gender.

Best Brands for Bowling Shoe Covers is an online retailer also involved in the manufacturing of a variety of bowling products. As an online retailer, it deals with various known brands like Brunswick, Storm, Motiv, Ebonite, and so on. The company was established by Keith Spear as early as 1981 with the first pro shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They subsequently opened many pro shops in different locations within Florida. They have been in online marketing since 1996 when they first bought the domain name They are the largest online pro-shops in the world and have the biggest pro shops internationally.


Brunswick undoubtedly is the biggest name in the world of Bowling. Brunswick was the first one to bring the game of bowling from the royal fields of the big palaces to the fields of the common sportsmen. They have been instrumental in developing the rules of the modern game and organizing the first bowling competition.

Brunswick has a long history spanning around one hundred forty years. They have been in the field of bowling since 1880 and have still been regarded as one of the best bowling brands in the world. Though Brunswick Inc had sold all its bowling line products to BlueArc Capital in 2014, the new company continues to launch its bowling products in the brand name of Brunswick only.

Apart from the highest quality Bowling balls, Bowling Shoes, and other bowling necessities, Brunswick also sells the top quality Bowling Shoe Covers in a variety of price ranges.


Comparatively a new entrant, Storm is one of the fastest-growing bowling brands in the USA. The storm was established in 1985 by the renowned bowler Christmas in Birmingham City, Utah. The company entered into the manufacturing of bowling products with a cleaning solution for the Urethane balls. After creating a name for themselves, Storm entered in manufacturing of bowling ball in 1995. Their bowling balls were an instant hit. Apart from the bowling balls, Storm also manufactures very high-quality shoes, and to offer the ultimate protection they also offer high-quality shoe covers at the most affordable price range.

Bowling Shoe Cover Buying Guide

So, after going through the reviews of the top 10 best bowling shoe covers, it’s time to look for the factors that you should consider when buying the most suitable bowling shoes cover to fulfill your specific needs. The following are the detailed guidelines you may consider before you make the final decision of buying the best shoe cover among the top ten.


It is important to ensure that when you take protective measures for your bowling shoe, you don’t compromise with your own safety at any cost. For this,  you need to ensure that the shoe cover you buy has a non-slip property. Additionally, to offer full protection to your shoes, you should also give due consideration to its water-resistant properties. The best quality bowling shoe covers are available in polyurethane and vinyl materials.


You will not like to purchase the shoe covers too frequently due to early ripping off nor will you want them to tear off in a mid-game. For this, you need to ensure the high durability of your shoe covers. As mentioned earlier, vinyl and PU are two of the most long-lasting materials for shoe covers. Apart from the making material some brands provide overlock stitches to give the shoe covers even more longevity.


Though bowling shoe covers do not affect your bowling game, they may restrict your movements considerably while you wear them to go out of the alley for other purposes. Too tight or too loose shoe covers will make it difficult for you to walk properly. Most of the brands reviewed above offer a wide range of shoe cover sizes. You can select the size that best fits your shoes. There are broadly two types of shoe covers viz. Unisex and Gender-specific. Unisex shoe covers offer more flexibility compared to their Gender-specific counterpart. The best way to get the right size of the shoe cover is to carry your shoes along while purchasing the cover. For online booking, you can select the brand and size that has given satisfactory results in the past.

Elastic Top Band

Whether it is the material or the size, everything boils down to the highest comfort level while wearing the shoe cover. Apart from the size, shoe covers need to look for the right fitting of the elastic band. An elastic top band ensures a secured fitting of the shoe cover. Additionally, it also ensures that the shoe is properly covered for effective protection. However, if ignored the elastic band can be a cause of the discomfort, as well. A too-tight elastic can hurt your feet while the sagged ones will always tend to slip off the shoes. The tighter elastic also make it difficult to slip on and off the shoes.

Design & color

In the glamorous game of bowling, you never need to compromise with your style. Whether it is a high aesthetics bowling ball or super stylish shoes, every item in bowling has got a certain grace and elegance. Bowling Shoe Covers are no exception. You will find a wide variety of shoe covers with exceptional style and patterns in a large variety of colors. You can match the cover with your overall style or can select the contrasting patterns. The choice is so wide that everyone will get their favorite shoe covers to show off their style in the alley.

The display of the brand logo is another great design feature that adds to the aesthetic value of the shoe cover. Additionally, it also enhances your status among fellow bowlers. A branded logo also ensures you of a reliable shoe cover that promises, high durability and comfort level.


Bowling shoe covers are one of the most useful accessories of the bowling game. Professional bowlers know their values and give almost the same importance as bowling shoes. The simple reason is that the quality of your shoe cover will affect the quality of your bowling shoes in the long run.

The top 10 best bowling shoe covers reviewed here are replete with features and selecting any shoe cover out of them will be a prized possession for you. However, to buy the most suitable shoe cover,  you need to assess your requirements as per the detailed buyer’s guide provided above for your ready reference.

If you still find it a little difficult to finalize one pair of shoe covers among the reviewed ones, you can safely go with our top pick i.e. the If you particularly want an affordable one, you can select the Storm bowling shoe covers while if you do not have any budgetary constraints and want to pick the most premium one, Brunswick shoe covers will be your best choice among the top ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

Q: What is the best way to take care of my bowling shoes?

A: There are many ways to take care of your bowling shoes. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to keep them at the highest performance level. Having said, there is an old saying,” Prevention is better than cure.” So, the best way to take care of your shoes is to prevent them from getting dirty. Shoe covers offer the best protection to keep your shoes from getting damaged by grime, grease, glue, and so on. Storing them properly in your bag after the game and in a ventilated area in your home are the surest ways to enhance their longevity.

Q. What are bowling shoe covers made of?

A: Polyurethane, vinyl, and nylon are the three types of fabric used in making the high-durability shoe covers. You can also go for the customized shoe cover with your preferred type of material.

Q: How should I wash my Shoe Covers?

A: You can wash your shoe cover with a solution of water and mild detergent. Some brands allow for machine wash while some others only recommend hand wash. For the best results, you can refer to the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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