Top 15 Best Bowling Shoes | 2022 Reviews (Dexter)

Bowling shoes enjoy being the second most important necessity in the game of bowling after the bowling ball. While a quality pair of shoes can do wonders with your performance, an inferior quality can wreak havoc with it.

If you are a casual bowler you can rent a pair of bowling shoes by paying the rental fees. However, if you are a passionate bowler, you must have your own pair of bowling shoes. Owning a pair of shoes offers many advantages. First, you get the pair designed for your feet. Second, as only you would be wearing them there is no chance of bacterial infection. Moreover, by spending once on purchasing the shoes, you can save on the rental fees.

In this article, we will share with you the top 15 best bowling shoes along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you find out the best pair of shoes for your purpose.

Top 15 Best Bowing Shoes Reviewed

  1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes
  2. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe
  3. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes
  4. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes
  5. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe
  6. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe
  7. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes
  8. Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoes
  9. Dexter Bowling – Mens – Pro Am II
  10. Pyramid Mens HPX High-Performance Right Handed Bowling Shoes
  11. Dexter Bowling Mens T.H.E 9 HT
  12. Storm Istas Bowling Shoes, Multicolor
  13. Storm Gust Bowling Shoes
  14. Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 Pro
  15. Dexter Men’s SST 6 Hybrid Bowling Shoes

#1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 7-14

The Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes are one of the most simple yet high-quality bowling shoes. The shoes are made with synthetic materials. Being lightweight, the shoes prevent early fatigue and keep you swift & agile until the final round of the bowling game.

The shoe has the exclusivity of being ambidextrous. Both left-handed and right-handed bowlers can wear the shoes and adjust their stance perfectly on the bowling lane.

The high durability of the upper material is further enhanced by the rubber outsole. The impressive sliding offered by the sturdy sole enhances the overall performance of the already robust shoes. The microfiber S8 slide soles further enhance all these properties of the rubber outsole and bring it into the top list of any expert reviewer.

The raised heel offers added advantage to the shorter bowlers. However, if you are reasonably tall, you may not particularly like the feature as it would unnecessary adds to the weight of the bowling shoes and would also force you to adjust your height of delivering the bowling ball. This can disturb your rhythm and cause your performance to dip a bit, though temporarily.

The heel, on the other hand, offers you the great sliding capacity thus compensates for the loss of rhythm caused by the height difference.

The inner padding is another wonderful feature of this high-quality shoe. The extra-thick cushioning prevents the shoes from the potential abrasions thus adding to their high durability.

The affordable price range makes it one of the most preferred choices for the newbies and the high-quality features make it the favorite bowling shoes of the intermediate and the advanced bowlers.

Suitable for both left-handed & right-handed bowlers
The raised heel would require height adjustment
Impressive sliding capacity
Resistance to abrasions
Highly affordable

#2. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe


  • Material: Action leather
  • Gender: Women’s
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size:5-11

The BSI Women’s 460 is a perfect pair of shoes for those who want a classical look to their favorite shoes. The saddle style shoe has the action leather upper giving it high durability even on harshest of use. So, this is the shoe that can be your companion for a long duration offering its services while you transcend to different levels of the game.

The common sliding outsole imparts good sliding capacity while delivering the shot. The sliding capacity can be enhanced further with a little stretch to make it a super option for high-quality sliding shoes. The microfiber mixed with the outsole material imparts high sliding ability, sustaining the durability of the bowling shoes.

The EVA insole offers a high comfort level by quickly taking the shape of your feet. Additionally, the padded collar and tongue enhance the comfort level.

All the design and construction features not only add to the aesthetics of the bowling shoe but also enhances your comfort level. The shoes, with its wonderful combination of the upper, insole, and outsole make it a high-performance shoe. It allows you to play your natural game and deliver the shots that you love to throw on any lane conditions.

By offering just the right sliding, the shoes provide you tremendous balance & control while still supporting the aggression required in releasing the powerful hooks to dislodge the deck pins.

The bowling shoes offer an affordable price range and with the high durability make it one of the most cost-effective options for the women bowler.

Suitable for large & narrow fit
Not enough ventilation
Good sliding capacity
Classical looks

#3. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Gender: Both
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 6-11

Suitable for both genders, the Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes stands apart among many bowling shoes. In addition, the soft & cool design of a sneaker keeps you too stand apart in style. The bowling shoes have a soft and cushioning textile upper to keep them lightweight and durable.

The material also offers adequate ventilation to keep your feet dry even during the long sessions of the bowling game. You, therefore, can play for long hours without worrying about the nasty consequences of sweaty feet. Proper air circulation protects you from the bacterial infection caused due to the accumulation of excessive sweat.

The lightweight of the shoes ensures that you don’t get fatigued so easily and continue playing at the same performance level until the final round of the bowling game.

The textile material, however, does not stretch as easily as the synthetic material. In addition to the high-quality upper, the shoe has a rubber outsole with a mix of microfiber to provide excellent sliding capacity.

The removable EVA foot bed further adds to the comfort of the shoes by easily molding to the shape of your feet and providing the inner structure absolutely suiting your feet’s requirements. The padded collar & tongue prevent the damages caused by abrasions.

The high breathability of the shoes further supports the textile fabric in keeping your feet dry. This gives you tremendous confidence in trying your most aggressive shots with enough pace without worrying about the slipping caused by the sweaty feet.

Suitable for both men & womenA little difficult to stretch
Removable EVA insole
Good sliding capacity
Excellent breathability

#4. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Action leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 6.5-16

The BSI Men’s Basic #521 is one of the most affordable bowling shoes offered by the BSI. The action leather used in making the upper offers high durability to the bowling shoe. This, in addition, keeps the shoe lightweight thus making it very suitable for the action-paced game requiring high aggression without being fatigued. Designed for male bowlers, the shoe comes in the size of 6.5-16.

The rubber outsoles with microfiber enhance the durability of the shoes and impart them the good sliding capacity. This, in turn, allows you to make the most powerful shots on the lane surface without worrying about the hindrance caused by the traction with the surface.

The high durability of the shoes coupled with affordable price range makes the shoes highly cost-effective.

The extra rich insole offers superb cushioning to your feet further adding to your comfort level. The feature allows you to take up the long duration matches with super ease. This, in addition, allows you to focus on your game and, in turn, helps in improving your lane performance.

The extra insole cushioning, however, can pose the problem of widening of the insoles thus making your feet slide out of the shoes. This can sometimes cause you a little distraction while playing.

The style of the shoe allows it to blend perfectly with any outfit including the fast trending shorts. Overall, the shoe is a perfect choice for the beginners and the intermediate bowlers who wish low-cost high durable shoes that can take them to the next level of the bowling game.

Very affordable price range
Not suitable for advanced bowlers
Blends well with any outfit
Super sliding capacity

#5. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe


  • Material: Sport leather
  • Gender: Women’s
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 5-11

The BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe is a traditional design shoe having almost all the features that you would like to see in a good bowling shoe. The upper is made of synthetic leather that provides decent breathability to the bowling shoe. Additionally, adequate ventilation prevents the accumulation of sweat and keeps your feet dry for a longer duration.

This is a great feature that gives you the confidence of not slipping while moving rapidly on the track. Additionally, it also prevents any bacterial infection caused due to excessive sweating.

The material, in addition, offers high durability to the shoes and helps in resisting abrasions and high impact during aggressive playing.

The outsole offers enough sliding capacity to play the shots in your preferred style imparting the required power behind the shots during the release. The microfiber mixed with the outsole material ensures to maintain the long-lasting property of the shoe while keeping the sliding capacity intact.

Moreover, the insoles are made with EVA that offers you super comfort by molding itself into the shape of your feet. The construct material can really help you if you suffer from some specific leg ailments caused by excess pronation or supination.

The padded collar and tongue not only offers soothing feeling to your feet but also supports the sweat-preventing property of the shoes.

The pair of shoes is at a decent price point and offers true value for money for those who do not want to compromise on the quality of the shoes but still want a low-cost bowling shoe.

These shoes may not be very suitable for women with larger feet and also for beginners. However, it makes a perfect choice for you if you are an intermediate or a professional bowler.

Traditional style giving professional looksNot ideal for beginners
Affordable price range
Good breathability
EVA insole

#6. Brunswick Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe


  • Material: Textile
  • Gender: Women’s
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 6-11

The Brunswick Karma offers a pair of shoes with lace-up style closure for women. It is very easy to wear and quick to get ready to play the game of bowling. The outside appearance doesn’t give you an impression of a bowling shoe. It is the casual style bowling shoe offering superb quality features.

You can be allured to wear these shoes for a comfortable outside weekend relaxing trip. Such is the comfort level of these shoes that you can even go to an outstation party with these shoes on.

The upper is made of performance mesh textile material that offers superb comfort and imparts high flexibility to the bowling shoes. The lightweight rubber soles ensure that you do not exhaust during the long sessions of the bowling game because of the fatigue commonly caused by the weight of the ordinary bowling shoes.

The pure microfiber slides soles impart excellent sliding capacity to the bowling shoes. You can move at your usual pace while delivering the aggressive shots without worrying about the traction with the surface. This, in addition, allows you to put the extra power to your favorite shots on the lane.

The lace-up closure offers easy wearing and at the same time provides secured tightening to avoid accidental loosening up of your lace during the game. In addition to the convenience offered by the lace, the padded collar and tongue only substantiate the design comfort and offer cushioning feel to your feet while wearing.

All these features coupled with an affordable price make it highly recommendable bowling shoes for all level of bowlers.

Multiple cute and simple designsSeems a little small in size
Many convenience features

#7. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Gender: Women
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 6-11

The Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes have a sturdy design and robust appearance. They are durable. Available from size 6 to 11, the shoes have a breathable mesh running across the outer and inner portion of the upper.

The breathability feature offered by the shoe simplifies many of your problems related to sweaty feet. You feel dry around your feet area even during the long sessions of the bowling game. You feel comfortable throughout the game and this impacts your performance favorably. This feature on its own itself can prove to be a game-changer in a nail-biting finish.

The accumulation of sweat can lead to bacterial infections. The Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes completely eliminate this probability and keeps your feet hygienic and odor-free at all times

The sweat, in addition, can lead to slipping thus distracting your focus from the game. So, you get rid of this problem as well.

The artificial leather upper can withstand harsh movements with great ease. The slight elevation at the heels protects you from the injuries caused by the impact of hitting the hard surface.

The rubber outsoles add to the durability of the shoes and the S8 microfiber slides provide the shoes a highly impressive sliding capacity. The foot bed is glued to the inside of the shoes to avoid its inadvertent movement causing a distraction during the game.

The fabric covering it like a cushion is also stitched pretty securely. This cushioning, in addition, offers you great comfort and keeps your feet light and cozy even during the most aggressive sessions.

Excellent sliding ability
Take time to break-in
Very comfortable

#8. Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White/Black


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 7-11

The Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe is a perfect pick for an entry-level bowler. The design of the shoe gives a professional appearance and thus boosts your confidence on the bowling lane among the advanced bowlers.

The excellent quality synthetic material used in making the upper offers the shoes high durability. The ultra-light EVA soles not only keep the shoes lightweight but also make them highly durable. The lightweight shoes allow you to play the game without getting tired for long durations and high durability makes the shoes your best companion for a long time in your bowling career.

The superior Brunswick’s Pure slide microfiber slide soles offer highly impressive sliding capacity. This allows you to play your powerful shots requiring superior slides with tremendous confidence. You are thus able to perform at your highest level without having any concern about the gripping with the surface while taking rapid movements on the floor.

The lace-up style makes it extremely easy to wear and allows the shoes to tighten them to your perfect comfort level. This simple looking feature helps you to keep your feet relaxed yet sturdy and allow you to relax while moving without worrying about the loosening up of the laces.

Over and above these features, the shoe also has padded collars and tongue adding on to the already high comfort level of the bowling shoes. All in all, the shoe is a highly attractive option for beginners who do not want to invest in a high-end pair right away.

Ideal for the beginners
Not pretty suitable for the advanced bowlers
Professional design
Superior slide
High Durability

#9. Dexter Bowling – Mens – Pro Am II


  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups

The Dexter Bowling – Mens – Pro Am II are the shoes suitable for the right-handed bowlers. Upper is man-made with synthetic leather which gives the shoes a soft & comfortable feel. The soft material of the shoes allows it to take the shape of your feet.  Additionally, it also imparts the shoes high durability. The blucher pattern allows you to adjust the fitting as per your comfort.

The collars & tongue are padded and are fully stitched with fabric providing high strength to the bowling shoes. The padding further imparts wicking properties to the shoes helping it to keep the feet dry even during the long sessions. This prevents accidental slips caused by sweaty feet. Additionally, it helps in keeping the shoes in hygienic conditions thus preventing issues like bacterial infection and bad-odor.

The rubber outsole also enhances the durability with the raised heels giving it the height to offer more control while delivering the shots. Additionally, it also imparts excellent sliding capacity to the shoes allowing you to play the shots requiring high power.

The reasonably priced shoes in the high-end category are a good option for beginners and ideal for intermediate bowlers.

Blucher pattern offering high adjustabilityThe outsole lacks sturdiness
Highly comfortable collar
Offers easy& perfect fit
Soft and comfortable

#10. Pyramid Mens HPX High-Performance Right Handed Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Thermal polyurethane
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 8-13 (wide)

The Pyramid Mens HPX High-Performance Bowling Shoes is a technological marvel. It is a high-performance bowling shoe designed to deliver the maximum. The bowling shoe has got a highly professional appearance. The Pyramid not only uses the latest technology in designing high-quality shoes but also gives them the most modern athletic look.

These bowling shoes are a class apart and are meant for serious professional bowlers. The shoes are designed to yield a minimum break-in time- thanks to the biometric engineering used in developing the bowling shoes.

The thermal PU material used for making outsoles makes the shoes extremely durable and the use of FlexSlide Technology S8 soles makes it extremely smooth to slide. The rubber heels are graduated to offer a controlled slide while traction sole offers more controlled braking when desired.

The soles and heels are interchangeable with heels locked in place using the latest H-bar technology. This allows for customized braking as per your style of bowling game.

The bowling shoes offer pace, control & balance to all styles of bowlers ranging from the elegant stroker to the high energy two-handed cranker.

The shoes offer a perfect fit- thanks to the advanced technology that allows the shoes to adapt to the contours of the human foot. This offers tremendous comfort while leaving no traces of fatigue despite long durations in the practice sessions or in the leagues.

No fatigue due to biometric technology
Interchangeable heels and soles
Extremely professional & stylish
Thermal PU outsoles

#11. Dexter Bowling Mens T.H.E 9 HT


  • Material: Full-grain leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 6.5-15.0

The Dexter Bowling Mens T.H.E 9 HT uses the latest technology in bringing exclusive bowling shoes for the passionate bowlers. The synthetic material used in making the upper is highly durable and offers great comfort.

The high tech shoes are built using the technology in such a way that the heels & soles are completely interchangeable. This interchangeability allows it to be used by the lefties as well as the righties with equal ease.

The high-performance bowling shoes simply offer performance by allowing you to deliver the trickiest shots with the utmost ease of delivery. The reinforced toehold is the unique feature of the shoe, offering it tremendous strength and durability. Additionally, the dual hyper flex channels impart great flexibility to you and prevent cracking of shoes.

The breathable upper mesh offers super ventilation to the shoes. This helps in keeping the shoes dry even during the long league sessions. By preventing the accumulation of sweat, it not only prevents slipping but also avoids infection & bad odor caused by bacterial infections.

The outsoles offer superior slide and allow you to use your aggression on the lane without at all thinking about the performance delivery of the shoes. With the Dexter Bowling Mens T.H.E 9 HT, you can rest assured of the quality of performance.

The molded insole offers tremendous comfort by taking shape of the feet in a quick time. Overall, the shoes offer great balance and control to bowlers of all styles and skill levels.

Latest technology in designingPricey
Interchangeable heels & soles
Extremely comfortable
Highly customizable

#12. Storm Istas Bowling Shoes, Multicolor


  • Material: Fabric
  • Gender: Women
  • Closure: Lace-ups

Highly aesthetics the Storm Istas is a beautiful multicolor bowling shoe in the offering. It is fun and recreation at its peak with the Storm Istas. It delivers performance and appearance. You can select the shoe to meet your purpose; however, it will offer you both the features- one free with your choice of the feature.

The design of the shoes is so unique that your presence on the alley cannot be ignored by anyone. And when you start making the shots destroying the deck, only you remain on the lane.

The upper fabric material imparts it lightweight thus avoiding you to suffer from the usual fatigue caused due to ordinary bowling shoes. You can deliver shot after shot and continue playing game after game without getting exhausted a single bit.

The breathability adds to the comfort of the shoes. The non-slipping characteristic of any breathable shoe keeps you relieved on the lane while making even the most aggressive shots. And when you don’t build up the sweat around your feet, you continue to feel comfortable during the long sessions in the alley. Furthermore, you are protected from the nuances of the sweaty feet and do not catch the infection caused by the bacteria finding their way with the sweat.

The durability is not only determined by the upper fabric but the outsole also contributes immensely in enhancing the longer-lasting properties of the shoes. The S8 microfiber slide soles offer a highly impressive and superior slide allowing you to play the most powerful shots on the lane.

Extremely high comfort level
Require more time for breaking-in
Affordable price range
Attention seeking
Impressive slide

#13. Storm Gust Bowling Shoes


  • Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size: 7-14

The Storm Gust offers simple bowling shoes that you can use as a casual bowler as well. The shoe is fitted with the universal soles making it perfectly suitable for those who play bowling as a social activity. The cotton canvas upper makes the shoe pretty lightweight and also imparts the shoe high durability.

Additionally, the rubber sole further enhances the durability of the shoe apart from offering the shoe a superior slide. The padded collar offers you great comfort while also imparting some moisture-wicking properties. This enhances the comfort level of the shoes by keeping them dry even during the long practice sessions. You are thus protected from the adverse effects caused by sweaty feet like microbial infections and bad odor.

The removable EVA insole is ready to take the shape of your feet and provide ultimate comfort during the bowling game. Additionally, the lace-up closure allows the shoes to tighten perfectly to your requirement. You can concentrate on your game without worrying about the loosening up of the lace and causing a distraction during the game.

Simple and elegant design
Needs time to break-in
Highly comfortable
High Versatility
EVA insoles

#14. Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 Pro-1


  • Material:  Full-grain leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size:7-14 (Medium)

Lastly, the elegant and the masterclass Dexter SST 8 designed shoes especially for the real pros. These shoes are made of full-grain leather making them highly durable and resistant towards harsh use.

Moreover, they offer unmatched comfort level, thanks to their unique sole design that can be very easily replaced. The material despite being sturdy is surprisingly breathable and hence offers ideal ventilation to the feet. This removes the possibilities of sweat issues and itching.

Additionally, with the ideally constructed toes, your movements are kept completely free from any restrictions and hindrance and you can freely snuggle over the lanes while smashing the pins.

To add on to the comfort level, the collar of the shoe features top-quality padding that provides superior relief and perfect feel while wearing.

Additionally, the shoes feature EVA insole that molds the sole into the perfectly suitable shape for your feet and does not leave a single stone unturned in offering another level of comfort and convenience.

On grounds of aesthetics, Dexter Bowling shoes are one of the most stylish and attractive pair of shoes that you will find in the market. These are classy, elegant, catchy, and decent at the same time.

With such a beautiful pair appearing in your rack that offers comfort and relief to an unseen level, you, as a professional, would not want to even look over any other competitor of the Dexter SST 8 Pro.

Extremely durable and strongExpensive
Surprisingly comfortable
Stylish and attractive
EVA midsole included

#15. Dexter Men’s SST 6 Hybrid Bowling Shoes


  • Material:  Full-grain leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Closure: Lace-ups
  • Size:7-14

The Dexter Men’s SST 6 Hybrid touches the most delicate & often untouched performance parameter of the bowling shoes. And for the purpose, it has the credit of using the ever-shining BOA technology for the first time. The super lightweight shoelaces allow customizing the fit to perfection.

A micro-adjustable dial is used to set the tightness of the shoelaces. You can twist the BOA disc fitted at the back of the shoe heel. Now, once you have tightened your shoelaces to perfection, you are not the least worried about tightening it even once during the entire gameplay again.

Further to this, the shoe features a hybrid toe-protector that protects the toes from the harsh impacts and subsequent damages. It, in turn, enhances the durability of the shoes. On top of that, the shoes offer a stylish and modern design and give a professional appearance to the high-performance bowling shoes.

The slide soles can be switched along with the heels. This allows for the best slide on the alley and in turn the perfect shots consistently.  All these features make this highly durable pair of shoes highly sought after pair by the advanced bowlers.

Though the price of the bowling shoe is in the higher price bracket, the pros realize it pretty well, that the SST would offer a good return on the investment by adding tremendous value to their games.

Removable slide sole and heels
On the higher price range
Professional & modern looks
Unique U-throat pattern
Hybrid toe protector

Top pick- Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes

The versatile Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoe is our top pick. It is one of the few shoes that are suitable for both genders. Again, this is one of the few shoes that are ambidextrous which means it can be used by both the left-handed and the right-handed bowlers.

On the performance front, this bowling shoe is made with a synthetic material that makes it pretty lightweight. This allows you to play the game for long durations without getting exhausted or feeling strains around your feet. You can remain aggressive and swift until the end of the game.

The upper material imparts high durability to the shoes, which is further enhanced by the rubber outsole. The outsole also provides superior slide to the shoes and the microfiber S8 enhances it even further.

The heels of the shoes are elevated that offers an advantage to the shorter bowlers. Additionally, it also supports the already superior slide of the shoes. The inner padding of the shoes prevents the shoes from the potential abrasions and adds further to the durability of the shoes. Finally, the affordable price range makes it the favorite pick for the beginners and the high-performance features get it high scores form the intermediate and the advanced bowlers.

Key Features to Look For in the Best Bowling Shoes

So, these were the top 15 best bowling shoes available in the market. You can shortlist 3-4 shoes among them that suit your requirements. We further recommend you go through our buying guide below to understand the factors you should consider while shopping for a pair of bowling shoes.


All bowling shoe brands have their unique quality and style, so it is important to thoroughly look at these features while buying one for yourself. A particular brand can be more suitable for you than others, so it is good to explore all possible bowling shoe brands.

Shoe Size

This is, without a doubt, the most important factor while shopping for a pair of bowling shoes. A poorly fit pair of shoes can be extremely irritating and can be the biggest spoiler of your performance.

A bigger size can lead to slipping while the undersize shoes, apart from being highly uncomfortable can cause pain and also lead to many other leg ailments.


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider while shopping for a pair of bowling shoes for the simple reason that bowling shoes are pretty expensive. You will rather not want to buy them too frequently.

Check for the material used in making the shoes. Some bowling shoe models use synthetic leather. These shoes though are lightweight; do not offer very high durability. The premium-grade leather used in the high-quality brand offers high durability.

The textile material is also a good option. It offers lightweight, flexibility along with durability to the bowling shoes. However, they lack some athletic elements required for the bowling game.

Design & Style

With the full-length trousers, the design of shoes was not as important as with the bowling shorts. And as there is a fast-rising trend of wearing shorts while playing, it is important to have the shoes matching with the overall style.

However, it is advisable not to compromise with the quality & comfort aspects just to have a stylish pair of shoes.


A lightweight shoe with high durability should be the preferred choice of any bowler- beginner or professional. You need to move at a fast pace while delivering the ball on the lane. Heavy shoes would cause more strains to your feet. Additionally, you would be fatigued much more quickly compared to lightweight shoes. This would adversely affect your performance particularly in the latter part of the game.


This is a very important factor if you play for a longer duration. An inadequately ventilated shoe can lead to excessive sweating in your feet. This, in turn, can cause slipping during the game and affecting your performance a great deal. Additionally, it can also cause bacterial infections leading to various leg ailments.

Inner Sole

Different brands use different materials for the inner sole viz. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), Memory foam and Polyurethane (PU), etc.

EVA is the most recommendable material for its low cost and the ability to take the shape of your feet thus making it highly comfortable while playing.

Memory foam offers the highest level of comfort. So, it is recommendable for those suffering from any leg ailments. However, the inner soles made of memory foam are more expensive than EVA and PU inner soles.

PU is an affordable option, however, it cannot take shape of your feet thus is not as comfortable as the other two materials.

Outer Sole

The biggest difference between the bowling shoes and the shoes for many other sports is in the gripping quality. The game of bowling requires immense ability to slide.

Therefore, unlike most of the sports shoes, where high traction and ability to grip are the most important factors, bowling shoes do not have high traction & gripping ability.

Rubber is still the most recommendable outer sole material for the bowling shoes as they offer unmatched durability and resistance to harsh impacts during the game.

However, the sole can have a mix of rubber and microfiber to get the optimum sliding ability without affecting its durability.

Heels & Toes

Some bowlers, particularly the shorter bowlers prefer to have added heel to get extra height during the delivery. Moreover, added heels make the shoes look more stylish.

However, the added heel makes the shoes heavier and may hinder while sliding during delivery. So, it is more to do with personal choice than to be considered as a performance enhancer.

Style of toes, on the other hand, can influence your performance if you use toes while sliding. A snubbed toe in that case should be your preferred choice. Keep in mind that it won’t add to your style but help you in enhancing the effectiveness of your delivery. Some shoes also come with soles having a larger rim. These rims also provide excellent support while sliding.


The inner collar is not as essential for bowling as other sporting shoes. It adds to the comfort when you start to play. Additionally, it can offer some resistance to the abrasions. However, an inner collar with moisture-wicking properties can really add value to your shoes by keeping your feet dry during the long stint.


Most of the quality brands offer warranty against any manufacturing defects and damages caused during a specific period after purchase. Though the warranty does not ensure good quality at all times yet it protects your investment made in buying the shoes.

Having said, in general, a brand offering a longer warranty period is likely to be more durable than others.


Buying a pair of bowling shoes can be quite expensive if you want to have all the above features in the pair you buy. So, if you are on a budget, strike off the non-essential features and go only with the features that help in enhancing your performance on the track.

However, do not compromise with the essential features like durability that may seem to add to the cost of the shoe in the beginning but would prove to be cost-effective in the long run.


There is no doubt that bowling shoes are one the most essential tool for your bowling ball kit, next only to the bowling ball. They can seriously impact your performance favorably or adversely depending on their quality.

For this reason, we would recommend you to seriously look at all the factors given in the buyer’s guide above before finally selecting the most suitable pair of bowling shoes for yourself.

We are confident that the reviews of the top 15 best bowling shoes and the buyer guide would help you select the best bowling ball shoes for your purpose. In case of any doubt, you can safely go with our top pick which has all the essential features needed for all types of bowlers with varied experience levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it essential to wear bowling shoes?

Yes. Bowling shoes are specially designed for the game of bowling. These shoes provide the required support u0026amp; control to the bowlers while playing their shots in their favorite style. Besides, they help in preventing feet injuries. Moreover, they also help in protecting the playing track.

Q: How should I clean my bowling shoes?

Cleaning bowling shoes is as simple as cleaning your normal shoes. Use the upper similar to your sneakers. If it is leather material you can use good quality leather cleaner to clean your blowing shoes. For the outsole, you should use a wire brush to remove any accumulated gunk to bring back the original slide ability.

Q: What are bowling shoes made of?

There are different types of materials used for the upper and the outsoles. Leather, synthetic leather, and textile fabric are usually used for making the upper. Outsoles are generally made of rubber or leather. The insoles are made of EVA, memory foam or PU.

Q: Is it advisable to wear bowling shoes outside?

No. The bowling shoes are specially designed for the game of bowling. They are designed with high sliding capacity. Wearing outside would have two disadvantages. Firstly, the outsoles would accumulate outside dirt u0026amp; debris that can affect their sliding capacity and eventually your performance on the bowling lane. Secondly, due to less traction and gripping, they can skid u0026amp; cause falls and subsequent injuries, if you wear them outside the bowling alley.

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