Top 10 Best Bowling Tapes | 2022 Reviews (Vise, Michelin)

Your hand is your biggest tool in the game of bowling. So, you must take all care to protect it from the bruises, cuts, or other injuries that can alter or constrain your release. The good quality bowling tape provides your hand the much-needed protection from these painful sores and bristles.

Buying the best bowling tape shouldn’t be too difficult if you are clear about your requirements. However, the varieties of bowling tape available in the market make it rather difficult to select the most suitable one for your purpose.

To make the selection easier we will review the top 10 best bowling tapes in this article along with their specifications, features, pros, and cons. We will also provide information on the important factors that should be considered when buying the best bowling tape.

Top 10 Best Bowling Tapes Reviewed

  1. Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Bowling Tape
  2. MICHELIN Storm Thunder Bowling Tape
  3. Motiv Flex Protective Performance Bowling Tape
  4. Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Bowling Tape Roll
  5. Genesis Excel Performance Bowling Tape
  6. Turbo Grips Quick Release Patch Bowling Tape
  7. Hada Patch Protecting Tape Roll
  8. Turbo Bowling Grips Strip Bowling Tape Electric 1″
  9. Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Bowling Tape
  10. Turbo Grips Smooth Fitting Uncut Tape Roll, Beige

#1. Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape


  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Dimension: 1″ x 3″
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Aqua & Grey

The Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape is an ideal tape if you want to maintain your consistency of release in any lane condition. You can put it on your fingers or thumb and allow your hand to have the perfect gripping of the bowling ball.

The pre-cut bowling tape can be put over the backside of the thumb. With a thickness of 0.1”, it is one of the thinnest bowling tapes available in the market. This feature offers to you extreme comfort while applying it on your thumb. Additionally, it does not restrict your shots while releasing the bowling ball.

The tape offers super safety to your thumb and protects it from the usual cuts and sores caused by applying inferior quality of bowling tape. In addition to offering excellent protection, the tape is pretty durable on your hands. You do not need to replace it more than twice in the whole game if you have cleaned your thumb properly before the application. The bowling tape is most effective and longer-lasting if you clean your hands properly with alcohol to remove any dirt, oil, or a layer of moisture that may weaken the adhesion of the tape.

Moreover, the tape is very easily removable using a mild soap-water solution. Additionally, it does not leave any residue on removal. The only care you need to take while applying the tape is to apply it quickly as the tape tends to stick together making it difficult to undo once stuck.

Protect from thumb injuries
Sticks together while applying
No residue after removal
Extremely thin
Pre-cut design

#2. MICHELIN Storm Thunder Tape


  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Color: Black & Blue

The Storm not only offers high-performance bowling balls, excellent quality bowling shoes but also offer you the high-quality bowling tape to allow you to score high with each shot and in every competition. The Storm bowling tape has a superb grip and remains on your hand in the best condition for many games.

With the Storm tapes, you do not need to worry about the accidental slipping during the game. The intentional removal, however, is pretty easy and the bowling tape does not leave any residue on your hand after the removal.

The bowling tape offers tremendous flexibility through its ability to accommodate thumb swelling. So, once applied you do not need to remove it to adjust for the change in thumb size. The tape comes in pre-cut option also and is available in multiple colors with each offering the same effectiveness, convenience, and protection from the cuts, bruises, and bristles.

Remember to clean your hands properly before applying the Storm bowling tape for effective results.

Offers very effective protection from injuriesExclusively for thumb application
Accommodates thumb swelling effectively
Cause sticking of thumb
Available in many colors
Consistent release

#3. Motiv Flex Protective Performance Tape


  • Product Dimensions: 4”x4”x 4”
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Color: Black, Orange

The Motiv Flex Protective Performance tape helps you to protect you from the bruises, blisters, and sores, etc. by providing perfect gripping. Additionally, it also enhances your performance and helps in improving your consistency on the lane surface.

The bowling tape comes in multiple colors with each color offering different release speeds thus giving you more control during the release of the bowling ball. The bowling tape is easy to apply & remove and does not leave any residue on removal.

Protection from cuts &  bruisesNot very good adhesion
Improves performance
Difficult to remove
Fast speed of release
Does not slip off

#4. Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll


  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Color: Mint

The Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll is a perfect bowling tape for the swelled thumb. The bowling tape comes in three different colors with each having a different texture. These textures offer different gripping and you can select any one of them as per your requirement. The bowling tape has a thicker & courser texture and thus offers a firm grip to the bowling ball.

The bowling tape offers special support if you have swelled thumb and provides high comfort while bowling. At the same time, it also gives effective protection to the swelling thumb as well.

Adequate cleaning before applying the tape on hand and proper application of the tape can allow it to last for many games. So, you do not need to change it too frequently. Additionally, the tape does not leave any residue on your hands after the removal.

Superb gripping and effective releaseNeed care while cutting to avoid fraying
Protects from cuts & skin irritation
Excellent for thumb swelling
Easy to remove

#5. Genesis Excel Performance Bowling Tape


  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Dimension: 2(¾)”x1”
  • Color: Red, Blue, Purple, Orange

The Genesis Excel Performance Tape lives to its name and offers excellent performance in the alley. The ultra-thin bowling tape offers quickest releases on any lane surfaces. The tape is made with high-quality synthetic material. The fine knitting of the fabric gives a highly smooth feel.

The super-thin construct provides the tape extra stretch in both directions. So, you can increase the speed of your release without worrying about any restrictions from the tape.

Functionally the bowling tape is highly versatile. You can use the tape to apply on your hand as well as fill inside the thumb hole. So, practically you have two distinct advantages in a single product. It can enhance your grip and at the same time protects from the cuts, bruises, and skin irritation.

The thin and lightweight tape comes in a variety of texture styles. The five different styles offer different fitting options. Moreover, all these textures have different stretchability. You can select the texture as per your style and speed of bowling ball release.

The bowling tape has improved adhesion to offer slip-free application. However, despite the enhanced adhesion, the bowling tape is easy to remove and does not leave any residue on your hands.

The outer packaging is designed in such a way that you can easily find out the desirable tape style. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to understand the properties of different styles of the Genesis Excel tapes before finally purchasing the most suitable texture for your level.

Can be used to apply on the thumb and also for filling thumb holeConfusing packaging
Five different styles for different speeds
Protection from thumb calluses
No residue on removal

#6. Turbo Grips Quick Release Patch Bowling Tape


  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Dimension:1”x5”x3”
  • Color: Blue

The Turbo Grips Quick Release Patch Tape offers extreme protection to your hand without affecting your performance. Being one of the most lightweight bowling tapes, they provide you a high level of comfort while releasing your favorite shots.

Moreover, the tape has a strong adhesion that frees you from the worries of slipping the tape during the game. Additionally, it offers easy removal and does not leave any residue on your hands. The tape will remain for a longer duration on your hand and last more than one game avoiding any need to replace it in between the game.

Proper cleaning of hands before the application will offer the best results of using this high-quality tape. Moreover, remember to remove it during the game if your finger tends to swell.

No residues after removalLacks variety
Rugged polyester material
Lightweight and thin
Improved grip

#7. Hada Patch Protecting Tape Roll


  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimension: 1”x200”
  • Color: Purple

The Hada Patch Protecting Tape Roll is an excellent bowling tape to prevent calluses and bruises. It allows you to perform very consistently in every shot during the entire game.

You do not need to worry about the movement of your thumb while inserting it in and removing out from the thumb hole. The tape provides perfect gripping; neither too loose to cause slipping nor too tight to restrict movement. In addition, the tape offers strong adhesion and does not get removed on its own during the game. However, after the game, you can easily remove the bowling tape without worrying about the residue on your hand.

Prevents calluses and skin irritations
Poor stretchability
Smooth thumb movement
Improves gripping
Improves consistency

#8. Turbo Bowling Grips Strip Bowling Tape Electric 1″


  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimension: 1″
  • Color: Electric Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow

The Turbo Bowling Grips Strip Tape Electric can be inserted inside the thumb as well as the finger holes. You can, thereby, adjust the hole according to the change in thumb shape due to shrinking and swelling. The excellent texture of the material helps in enhancing the grip of the bowling ball.

The grip strips from the Turbo can not only be inserted in the holes but can also be layered if required. The grip strip offers super adhesion and easy removal without leaving any residue in the process.

Adjustable with the change in the shape of the thumb
Leaves a little residue
Highly versatile strips
Excellent adhesion
Excellent gripping

#9. Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Bowling Tape 


  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Dimension : 1″ x 3″ pieces
  • Color: Blue, Red, Aqua, Grey & Black

If you are looking for a pre-cut bowling tape that can allow you to get a smooth and consistent release, The Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape will be a perfect choice for you.

The bowling tape has to be applied on the back of the thumb for effective performance. It not only offers the clean release of the bowling ball but also protects you from the usual bruises and the cuts during the release. The bowling tape is very easy to apply and stays for a long duration. Additionally, it is very easy to remove even after a long time.

Protects from bruises and cuts
Leaves residue post removal
Highly consistent release
Highly comfortable
Easy to remove

#10. Turbo Grips Smooth Fitting Uncut Tape Roll, Beige


  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimension: 1”x3” 3”
  • Color: Beige

The Turbo Grips Smooth Fitting Uncut Tape Roll is a perfect solution for your swollen thumb. It offers you extra comfort while releasing and provides you protection from injuries like cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.

The bowling tape can accommodate the swelling in the thumb and does not allow it to affect the consistency of the release. For this reason, you can score high with each shot in all the competitions. The bowling tape offers effective adhesion and easy removal without leaving any residue on the hand.

Perfect sliding of the thumbA shade expensive
Ideal for swollen thumb
Effective adhesion
Easy removal

Key Features to Look For in the Best Bowling Tapes

Reviews of the top bowling tape provide you a lot of insight about the different features of a bowling tape. It certainly helps you in short listing some of the tapes that closely match your needs.

We will recommend you to read through our buying guide below to know about the important factors you should consider when buying the best bowling tape among those shortlisted tapes.


This is, without a doubt, the most important factor to be considered when shopping for a good quality bowling tape. Some tapes can offer you a good grip position, but due to their inferior quality, they fail to provide the protection to your fingers and thumb from the bruises, bristles, or cuts during the release. Evaluate bowling tapes on this factor and select the one offering the best protection for your specific style of playing the bowling game.


There is no point in having the bowling tape that provides protection to your hand but fails to offer a good grip. You will not want the bowling ball to slip from your thumb and lose direction on the lane surface. The texture of the fabric used in making the tape along with its style and quality plays a vital role in providing you the right gripping of the bowling ball.


The tape should be so light that it does not obstruct the release of the bowling ball. Additionally, it should not leave sticky glue on your thumb affecting the delivery of the bowling ball. These factors can seriously affect your consistency in the alley.

Ease of Use

This is another important factor that can affect your attention in the alley. Bowling tape which is easy to apply and remove, does not take much of your time and attention during the game. You can easily put it on and remove it without any hassle. Good manufacturers provide instructions to apply thumb tape along with the bowling tape.


Buying bowling tape is a recurring expense. Some of the bowling tapes are usable and can be used for more than one time while others are disposable types. You need to assess the cost-effectiveness of the tape, based on your frequency of use before buying a specific bowling tape.

Top Pick – The Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape

Selecting the top 10 best bowling ball tapes from among the huge variety available in the market is in itself a daunting task. To pick the best among those top 10 is even more difficult.

However, comparing each one of them on the various features, we selected Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape as our top-pick.

It is one of the thinnest bowling tapes available in the market that makes it extremely non-interfering while releasing the bowling ball on any lane conditions. With this thickness, you can make the finest of adjustments while fine-tuning to get the perfect gripping. You can play any shot without worrying about losing control with this tape. It offers perfect gripping on the bowling ball as it allows you to apply on your fingers as well as the thumb.

Apart from offering the perfect grip & release, the tape provides ultimate protection to your bowling hand from the bruises, cuts, and skin irritation. The tape, in addition, lasts quite long on your hand by offering excellent adhesion. It is also very easy to remove and does not leave any residue after the removal.


Good quality bowling tape is vital for your consistent performance in the bowling alley. It not only offers you protection from the bruises and cuts in your fingers & thumbs but also allows you to have a firm grip of the bowling ball. Therefore, it is essential to give it the same importance as you give to the other bowling necessities.

Hopefully, the reviews and the buying guide helped offer you the right insight about the good quality bowling tapes and in making the right decision in buying the most appropriate bowling tape for your specific purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it essential to use Bowling Tape?

A: The size of the thumb of a bowler changes with the change in the environmental conditions like temperature and humidity etc. Additionally, it also swells or shrinks due to continuous usage. If the thumb shrinks, it affects your gripping on the bowling ball and, in turn, consistency, accuracy & efficiency of shots on the lane. On the other hand, if your thumb swells, the ball will stick to your thumb and completely misdirect on the lane. To compensate for the lost gripping in both the cases, you may tend to use your wrist or forearm and eventually cause serious injuries to them. The bowling tape compensates for the change in the thumb shape and allows you to release your shots consistently and accurately. Additionally, finger tape helps avoid itching & cracking of the skin in the thumb web area.

Q: What amount of tape should I use on my Bowling Ball?

A: There is no fixed rule for the amount of tape to be used on a bowling ball. It will depend on the gap between your thumb and the thumb hole. You need to work with your shots and get a feel of the right amount. Basically, you should put enough tape to avoid slippage of the ball while ensuring that it is not too much to stick your thumb inside the hole during release.

Q: How do I know that the thumb hole on my Bowling Ball is of the right size?

A: If your thumb does not pop when you insert or release the bowling ball nor does it stick while moving in and out of the hole, the hole in your bowling ball is of the right size. Having said the size of your thumb does not remain the same at all times. Therefore, as the thumb swells or shrinks the thumb hole in your ball does no more remain the right size for your thumb.

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