10 Best Hammer Bowling Balls 2022 Review + Guide

A good quality bowling ball is the most vital tool for you whether you are a newbie in the field of bowling or are the most advanced bowler. And if you possess a Hammer bowling ball you can be confident that you possess one of the best bowling balls in the market.

The Hammer bowling balls live to their name and hit the deck like the tough, solid blocks of metal destroying the entire zone of strong pin guards. Well, they are much more than the deck destroyers. The wide range of the Hammer bowling balls includes The Sauce known for its strong hook potential making them excellent companions for the pros on the mid to heavy oily lanes. On the other hand, they have a disciplined Purple Pearl Urethane that will hit the deck straight after getting the softest of release from a newbie on the dry lanes.

By offering the best quality to all their bowling balls, the Hammer makes the task of selecting the top-most bowling balls pretty difficult. However, despite knowing the fact perfectly well, we still dare take the challenge and share with you the top 10 best Hammer bowling balls among their wide range.

Top 10 Best Hammer Bowling Balls Reviewed

  1. Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball
  2. Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball
  3. Hammer Web Tour Bowling Ball
  4. Hammer Black Widow Pink Bowling Ball
  5. Hammer Statement Pearl Bowling Ball
  6. Hammer Ruthless Bowling Ball
  7. Hammer Rip’D Pearl Bowling Ball
  8. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball
  9. Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball
  10. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

#1. Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball

With its Modified Construction core and Aggression Solid CFI cover stock, the Hammer Sauce bowling ball is a masterpiece. Like all of its other Hammer counterparts, the Sauce also has a Carbon Fiber that in turn offers you a long-lasting 3-year warranty.

The ball comes with a USBC certificate keeping you free from any worries of using the bowling ball anytime in a league. Moreover, the ball, with its 500/2000 Abralon finish is a finely polished ball with convenient traction through the oil. Also, the ball, in terms of aesthetics looks extremely attractive.

It has a lower RG of 2.47 that in turn, allows it to quickly roll through and offer a reviving action, especially through the midline.

#2. Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

The Hammer Statement is one of the most popular bowling balls series from the house of Hammer. The Statement Solid is one more amazing creation in the series. The Aggression Solid CFI cover stock ball with a special Statement Hybrid core lets it skid through the front and create high mid-lane traction.

With its 500/2000 sanded finish, the ball performs superbly, especially in the heavy oil conditions. The ball looks stylish and rigid and has an overall tough image.

The unique design of the ball keeps most of its mass at the bottom of the core. This allows the ball to retain greater energy and offer ultimate downline continuation and in turn strong pinning.

#3. Hammer Web Tour Bowling Ball

If you are looking for a Hammer bowling ball that offers superior control and high accuracy, you can definitely go with the Hammer web Tour series. It is a Tourv1 covered spherule that offers a fluid reaction over the lane.

The cover stock wraps a Spheroid core that flares significantly less and provides the ideal shape for better control. After numerous modifications and developments over the initially launched ball of this series, the ball has finally come down to an almost perfect stage with the perfect value for money and ideal features and quality.

The ball has alluring looks and is aesthetically impressive. And with the patent carbon fiber outer core of Hammer, the ball gets its robust design and in turn a 3-year warranty.

#4. Hammer Black Widow Pink Bowling Ball

The Aggression Pearl cover stock with a Carbon Fiber Infused- is it Black or Pink or both? Both. Yes, with the aggression of Black blend with the elegance of Pink, this bowling ball from the Hammer is a stunner. The polish finish of 500/1000 makes it your favorite companion if you love to play your shots on the mid to heavy oil lanes.

And the cover stock hides the most vital component of the bowling ball- core. And it is not an ordinary core. It is one of the most classical asymmetrical cores offering strong hook and aggressive backend reaction.

#5. Hammer Statement Pearl Bowling Ball

This is yet another superb Hammer bowling ball with Aggression Pearl Carbon Fiber Infused cover stock.  The Statement Pearl is a powerful bowling ball for pros to perform on the mid to heavy oil bowling lanes. Additionally, the 500/1000 polished finish only adds to its length on the lane with backend reactions. The Asymmetrical Statement Core hidden inside the deadly cover stock makes a rock-solid statement about its high-performance by destroying the deck mercilessly. On top of that, the low RG and high differential of the ball offer a high revolution rate with most of the mass concentrated at the bottom of the weight block.

#6. Hammer Ruthless Bowling Ball

Whether you want to accept this or not but the truth that has stood the test of time is that the world remembers only the winners. The Ruthless Hammer ball with its Juiced Solid cover stock and 40 Watt core gives wings to your winning instincts.

With a factory finish of 500/2000, the ball offers a strong hook on mid-to-heavy oil lane conditions. Bowling ball with its symmetrical core offers a medium flare potential. Being USBC approved, you can play with the Ruthless Hammer bowling ball in any league.

#7. Hammer Rip’D Pearl Bowling Ball

The Aggression Pearl CFI cover stock wrapped over the Asymmetrical Rip’D core brings out a killer. Additionally, the 500/1000/3000 Abralon finish would get the ball to the end of the front line with super ease. The combined effect would be a strong mid-lane and backend reaction.

The three-step Abralon finish also allows you to tune with the surface condition to get the maximum out of the lane. However, the pros would love to play with this bowling ball in the heavy oil lane conditions.

The ball with a 3-year warranty appears in the market in 3 highly attractive colors viz. Light Blue, Blue, and Gold.

#8. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

When the old gems return in their modern avatar the result is as fascinating as the Black Widow Urethane. Hammers combines it’s old Faball day’s Urethane cover stock to blend with the new Black Widow series and delivers a stunner. Additionally, the Asymmetrical Gas Mask core discreetly imparting its properties to the ball takes the combination to an unparalleled performance level.

The ball with decent to strong hook potential of Black widow restores the predictability of the Urethane cover stock. With a factory finish of 360/500/500 Abralon, the bowling balls offer a strong mid-lane reaction on the medium oil lane conditions.

#9. Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball

The Aggression Pearl cover stock teams up with the Symmetrical Spheroid core delivers Web Pearl. The cover stock with 500/1000 Abralon factory finish offers a distinctive performance by getting an impressive length to the front while angling sharply at the backend.

The bowling ball can read the mid-lane accurately- thanks to the low RG medium differential spheroid core. The bowling ball is a wonderful selection for the medium oil lane conditions. By offering in Black and Silver colors, Hammer positions the ball in a decent yet highly appealing category of the urethane bowling balls.

#10. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

Bowlers would love to deliver the Purple Pearl Urethane on the mid to light oil conditions to get the top scores with each shot. On the shorter oil lanes, the ball would create magic. The 3-step factory finish of 500/1000/2000 Abralon offers length to the bowling ball while the overall ball giving a decent & smooth arc on the lane surface.

The symmetrical LED core supports the cover stock balance & control perfectly well to give the ball decent stability on the favorable lane conditions.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Hammer Bowling Balls

These were the top 10 best bowling balls from the house of Hammer. You can select a few from the list that broadly suits your requirements. Referring further to the buyer’s guide will help you select the best one for your specific purpose.

Cover stock

Hammer offers bowling balls in three cover stocks viz. plastic/ polyester, urethane, and reactive resin. While plastic balls are an ideal choice for beginners, urethane and reactive resin bowling balls are perfect for the intermediate and advanced bowlers. Each of the three types of cover stocks offers a variety of cover stocks making them suitable to different lane conditions. You can select the ball suitable for your style and experience level.


The Hammer designs its bowling ball with three major core designs viz. Pancake, Symmetrical, and Asymmetrical. Pancake cores offer more balance with a negligible hook and thus are suitable for beginners. Asymmetrical cores, in contrast, provide high aggression to the bowling ball. On a heavy oil lane, they would offer a strong hook and would require high skill levels to control them on the lane making them suitable for the professional bowlers.

Symmetrical cores fall in between the two core designs and have decent balance as well as hook potential. These cores are best suitable for the beginners & intermediate bowlers and also a good spare ball option for the pros.

Finger Holes

Finger holes are another important factor that influences your performance in the alley. Hammer offers both pre-drilled and undrilled bowling balls. Pre-drilled balls would save you time & money that you may need to spend in getting the ball drilled at the drilling shop into the undrilled bowling ball. However, an un-drilled ball would allow you to get the customized finger holes as per your hand measurement and style. You can also choose to drill a fingertip or a conventional type of finger holes. Additionally, you can also opt for the inserts with the fingertip types of finger holes which will offer you the additional advantage of giving more revolutions to the bowling ball.


The weight of the ball not only affects your grip on the ball but it also puts an impact on the path followed by the ball. As a rule of thumb, your bowling ball should weigh 1/10th of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh about 100 lbs, go with a ball weighing around 10 lbs (100/10).


Aesthetics is a very subjective matter. Everyone has a distinct taste of style, color, and the design of the bowling ball. Some give more importance to it while others do not consider it to be an important criterion to select the best bowling ball. Hammer offers a wide variety of bowling balls from the simplest to the most appealing designs. You can select your favorite one with a perfect blend of performance and style.

Other Accessories

Bowling Bags

The Hammer bags are heavy-duty, durable bowling bags. They have a wide range of tote and roller bags to choose from. The range includes bags for single to six bowling balls with enough additional space for other accessories including bowling shoes, cleaners, and important personal items, etc.

Bowling Shoes

Hammer offers some excellent quality high-performance shoes for both men and women bowlers. By using biomechanical contouring, these shoes provide absolute comfort to a wide range of bowlers by fitting perfectly to their feet structures.

Bowling Ball Cleaners

All the Hammer bowling ball cleaners have USBC certificates. Therefore, they can be used anytime in any league organized or authorized by USBC. The cleaners preserve the shine by removing the sticky oil, dirt, and debris. Additionally, they effectively remove the scratch & belt marks to restore the original appearance of the bowling ball.


The textured palm of the Hammer gloves provides excellent lift, grip, and releasing thereby offering superb turn & revolution to the bowling ball on any lane conditions. The gloves are extremely comfortable and secured through the Velcro closure. Apart from offering excellent grip, the gloves also prevent you from palm & finger pain & injuries.


Apart from these accessories, the Hammer also offers many other accessories including the Grip Ball, Grip Sack, Ball Cup, Shoe Cleaning Brush, Microfiber towel, Shoe cover, Skin protection tape, and the accessory bag, etc.

History of Hammer

The Hammer bowling balls were always producing the highest quality bowling balls. However, it took them a while to make a name for themselves in the world of bowling. The brand was originally owned by Faball Enterprises, a company formed by Johnny Wonders and Earl Widman in 1978. They launched their second Urethane bowling ball in 1981 under the brand name of “Hammer”.

Hammer had started the trend of putting the brand’s logo on the side of the ball. Its fortunes rose in 1996 when a PBA player displayed its logo in a big league. This popularized Hammer in the bowling circuit as a high-performance, high-quality bowling ball. Thereafter, the legends in the bowling circuit also acknowledged hammer as the pioneer in producing the first 2-piece urethane core.

The PBA player league made the Hammer an instant hit and since then Hammer has never looked back. The Faball Enterprises launched many popular bowling balls under the brand Hammer. It included the Red Hammer, The Burgundy Hammers, and The Nail and the Reapers Series, etc.

In 2002, the Faball Enterprises sold the Hammer brand to the Ebonite, another very famous bowling ball company. The Ebonite launched the very popular Blade series under the Hammer brand. It was followed by many famous series including the Vicious, Vibe, and Taboo series of bowling balls.

Today, Hammer is one of the most top-rated bowling ball brands. It is known for designing balls ranging from low-end to high-end bowling balls.


So, after the top-10 best bowling balls from the Hammer, these were some of the important factors required to keep in mind while selecting the best Hammer bowling ball.

So, refer to the buying guide, shop the most suitable ball from the top-10 best Hammer bowling balls, and hit the deck with your perfect shot. Always remember- with the Hammer you will never miss the hit!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Which cover stock has the maximum hook potential?

Urethane cover stock has an irreplaceable hooking potential. These are sturdy and durable covers compared to plastic cover stocks and offer superb friction over the lane. And higher is the traction between the lane and the ball, the higher would be the hook and backend reaction.

Q: Why should I prefer Hammer Bowling Balls?

Hammer is well known for its superior quality and satisfying services for decades. Besides, these balls suit perfectly well for heavy oil conditions. The balls, in turn, offer ultimate back-end reaction potential.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThese are a complete powerhouse for their unique design and smart construct. Due to their special composition, these balls offer a surprisingly high control that has significant improvement over your bowling skills.

Q: What specialty does Hammer Bowling Ball offer?

A: Hammer is among the first-ever brand names to introduce hybrid cover stocks. And for this reason, they are also one of the best into it. They offer one of the most balanced lines of high-performance bowling balls by an articulate mix of power and control.

Q: How about the pricing of Hammer bowling balls?

Hammer is a budget-friendly brand. It offers high-performance bowling ball at a highly affordable price for varied lane conditions and also for a wide range of bowlers from the newbies to the hard-core professionals.

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