Top 5 Best Mid Performance Bowling Balls | 2022 Reviews

Searching for the best mid-performance bowling balls? Check out our review on the best mid-performance bowling balls with detailed analysis, so that you can make the right choice.

The Top 5 Best Mid-Performance Bowling Balls Reviewed:

  1. [amazon link=”B084ZQFT6V” title = “Storm Axiom Bowling Ball”/] – Best Overall
  2. [amazon link=”B07SYLCVSL” title = “Brunswick Hero Bowling Ball”/] – Best Reviewed
  3. [amazon link=”B07P1C1JSB” title = “Motiv Venom Recoil Bowling Ball”/] – Best For Straight Bowling Motion
  4. [amazon link=”B08CHLL2YN” title = “Roto Grip MVP Attitude Bowling Ball”/] 
  5. [amazon link=”B00JJID72W” title = “Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball”/] 

Top 5 Best Mid Performance Bowling Balls in Review:

With so many choices available in the market today, it can be difficult to make the right decision. This is why we have collected complete information with a handy buying guide to make your work easier!

[amazon fields=” B084ZQFT6V ” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Storm Axiom Bowling Ball ” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/] 


  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Core: Symmetrical Orbital core

The new Storm Axiom Bowling ball is on our top of the list because it’s a complete game-changer. In case you have been trying to upgrade the performance, this remains one of the best mid-performance bowling balls in the market. It comes with a Nano Extreme coverstock with a Grit of 3000. Also, this is amongst the most appealing bowling balls when we speak about aesthetics specifically. 

It has a symmetrical core and will be perfect for mid-lane play. We are aware that a lower RG tends to resist the bowling ball for changing the direction when it rolls over the lane. 

With Storm Axiom, you will observe the same that it has a low RG axis and its central core makes sure that it moves as expected and without any disruption on backend action!

The bowling ball can provide a medium through high hook impending and this is why it will be good for medium to heavily oiled lane conditions. 

Does not absorb a lot of oil that dries the lane outThe ball isn’t recommended for lightly oiled lanes
Durable and will last for years
Provides easy control

[amazon fields=” B07SYLCVSL” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Brunswick Hero Bowling Ball ” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/] 


  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Core: Symmetric Contra core

Have the best adrenaline rush with this durable, superior, and top-quality Brunswick Hero bowling ball. The ball comes with pearl reactive “Activator Plus 2.0” Coverstock. It has been polished with Crown Factory Compound and because it’s medium polished will be perfect for medium lanes. The ball will be great for smooth rolling with higher length over lanes. 

The bowling ball inside comes with a symmetric Contra core that is coupled with DOT (Durability Optimization Technology) that gives the ball its strong movement. It is also because of this technology that on medium lanes it provides backend continuation. 

As it’s versatile, you will be able to throw the ball in any manner you like. It can be either curved or straight for opening the lane that you have been playing on. One important point to keep in mind is that the ball tends to glide on any surface swiftly and also gives you control for the maximum mid-performance. 

In case you are a professional, you will surely be able to use this one in your tournament matches. 

The differential it provides is high and this means that you have a higher hook potential. This results in brilliant track progression, with the full length, strength, and a sharper backend breaking point. 

The ball provides a controllable motion at the archesNot the right choice if you are a beginner
Promotes smoother transitions and length throughout
Can get adjusted on varied surfaces

[amazon fields=” B07P1C1JSB” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = “Motiv Venom Recoil Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/] 


  • Weight: 15 pounds.
  • Core: Asymmetric APG core

If you had been searching for a reactive bowling ball, then Motiv Venom will be the right choice. It is going to take your game to another level for sure! The ball has been designed with the best dual-density as the core material. 

And then there are also the hybrid reactive covers. Both of these features when seen together will make a combination that can help you win your next game!

The ball has been made for light to medium oil lanes. There is a fast reaction and will go further than the predecessor. Motive Venom also makes use of NeoMark Graphic technology and you can get it in silver/gold and pearl/bronze/ black. 

It has 5500 grit and an LSP finish. When we consider all of these features, we can easily see this will be a good bowling ball made for players.

The hybrid reactive cover provides high durabilityIt will not work well on heavy oil lanes
The perfect choice for light to medium oil lanes
It has the best inner core

[amazon fields=” B08CHLL2YN” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = “Roto Grip MVP Attitude Bowling Ball ” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/] 


  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Core: Symmetrical Neutron NXT core

The Roto Grip MVO attitude is the latest addition to the line. The exterior is a mat that doesn’t absorb much oil over the heavy oiled lanes. With the enhanced predictable motion, the ball works well over medium lane conditions. The ball provides good traction on mid-lanes and there is no sacrifice on the friction either. 

Its Symmetrical core allows the ball to keep rolling while it maintains rapid direction change and retains energy. It has a low to medium RG and this provides you with a mid hook potential as well. 

Will be perfect for bowlers that have speed dominant strategyNot the best choice for dry lane bowling.
It is durable and provides a great mid-lane read and traction.
Provides an early roll with smoother travel.

[amazon fields=” B00JJID72W” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“bowling ball” image_alt = ” Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball ” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/] 


  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Core: Symmetric Rising Pearl Core

In case you had been searching for a budget-friendly yet appealing designed bowling ball, then Pyramid Path will be a perfect choice. It is available in 8 color options and also different weights.  

Pyramid Path will also be good if you are looking for something great if you are a beginner. It works well over medium-dry lanes and provides angular reaction. 

The symmetric core provides professional performance. Also, the path Reactive coverstock makes sure that there is a delayed or angular reaction as per the game requirement. It is the 1500 grit and offers extended length. 

It is a chip and cracks resistance bowling ball.Very heavy oiling can lead to derailing.
The ball will work on oily lanes as well.
Allows backend hook.

Buying Guide of the Best Mid Performance Bowling Balls

As we know, you cannot just walk into a store and buy something without any kind of research. This goes the same when with the best bowling ball for ensuring that you get the best of all and is also good value for your money. Now, here we have for you the top features to observe for making the selection on the best bowling ball.


The outer material in a bowling ball is called the coverstock. There are mainly three kinds of coverstocks used for bowling balls:

Plastic/Polyester coverstock:

This is usually the coverstock that you shall find in the bowling balls at entry levels. These bowling balls provide low potential on the hook, but good for practicing if you are a beginner.

Urethane Coverstock:

Now, this can be considered as a middle option between the Reactive resin and polyester coverstock. It provides medium hook potential.

Reactive Resin Coverstock:

These are the bowling balls that will give you the best hook potential. This happens as these can produce very higher friction with any lane. There are also Subtypes in Reactive Coverstock:

Reactive Solid:

They have higher friction and begin rolling early. This produces a smooth arc with weak back-lane movement.

Reactive Pearl:

These coverstocks have lower friction over the oiled lanes. This makes reactive pearl balls deliver a sharp hook at the back-end.

Reactive Hybrid:

As the name suggests, it comes between pearl and slid coverstocks. It will be offering balanced back and mid-end action.

Now which will be providing the best hook? Reactive resin is considered for offering hook potential of the highest levels, but when we speak on sub-types, this is where personal preference comes into play.

The core of the Bowling ball

Another important aspect of a bowling ball that needs your attention is the core. This is because it is a feature that can bring about a big difference in professional leagues. If you are a beginner, you can use the pancake score and this will provide you the standard experience of bowling. This is mainly found in the rack balls at the bowling clubs as well. 

Once you do become a bit better at the game, you need to search for cores either asymmetrical or symmetrical. And this is something that’s linked with drilling finger holes and the style and skill that you have. The symmetrical core will be a great choice as it offers higher versatility for drilling holes.

If you have been searching for a functional bowling ball that doesn’t need much skill, going for the symmetrical core will also be great!

Weight of the Bowling ball

In case the ball that you choose is pretty heavy, there is a probability that you won’t be able to maximize the potential. And in a situation where the weight of the ball is very light, it can swerve off and this will be a missed chance!

Therefore, one needs to consider ball weight, and searching for the correct weight is something that you understand with time. So make sure that you are visiting the local club, and testing different weight bowling balls. This will help you to find the suited weight and will fit perfectly with your requirements.

The purchase of the ball becomes easier this way and can significantly impact the game. 

Differential and RG

The differential of a bowling ball gives information on the flare potential. The higher this differential will be the more its flare potential it will have. And the earlier the bowling ball will hook. The range of differential can be anywhere from 0.01 to the high being 0.08. 

The ball that has a lower differential is probably going to have a sharp look towards the end and an enhanced length.

The full form of RG is “Radius of Gyration“. This will measure the overall distribution of the mass that’s in the ball. The RG value can lie from 2.46 to about 2.80. The higher this number will be the later the bowling ball is going to hook. 

Therefore, the ball that has an extremely high RG is going to deliver a long and straight trajectory with a sharper hook towards the end. While the ball that has lower RG is going to hook earlier and provide smoother arcs.

Surface Grit

This is pretty simple yet, vital to understand. The coarser bowling ball surface will be the lower its grit number is. This means a low grit number equals higher friction and an early ball hook. When the ball is smoother it is going to begin hooking at the end of the lane and provide a weaker arc but strong back-end movement.

Best Mid Performance Bowling Balls

Style and the Look of the bowling ball

This is something that a lot of people like paying attention to. They want their bowling ball to look different. The color and the finish of the bowling ball are something that you might want to look at. 

Fortunately, when it comes to bowling balls, there are several colors to choose from and you can certainly find one as per your specific style and preference.  The high-gloss finishes are preferred by most people as it doesn’t come off, and the ball stays stylish and shiny as well. 

The durability is also going to depend on outer coating and the better the outer layer quality is, the lesser it will be likely that the ball will break or chip while frequent usage. 

We highly recommend paying a bit extra for making sure you have high durability. 

Position of the finger hole

When you purchase a bowling ball online, you will see most of them don’t come with drilled-in finger holes. And there is a good reason for it. Finger holes will be dictating the technique and curve that you are needed for bowling the ball. 

For determining the right placements, one can easily visit the local club and there will be experts that will assist you with drilling the holes and also the right placement. 

One thing that comes in handy here is the symmetrical core as it provides a better versatility for drilling holes and can also lead to a better experience over bowling overall. The finger hole position is customized and this makes sure that the ball is just right for your fingers and hands only. In case the ball is very loose, there is a probability of losing control when you bowl, so be careful with this. 


The cost of a bowling ball needs to be as per your budget. When you go ahead with purchasing out of the range that you thought, understand that this will not be the bowling ball for you. 

The cost of a bowling ball is also dictated by the skill level you are at. However, you can see that some specific brands will provide you with slightly better quality and end up being the best value product for the money that you spent. 

Final Thoughts 

When you search for the bowling ball that provides the best mid-performance, it’s important to understand your strength and this will lead to the bowling ball that is also going to complement very well to your playing style. Also, to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the bowling balls as each will work differently on the specific lane. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Q. Which will be the right coverstock for a beginner?

It can be pretty difficult for beginners to get a bowling bowl as most of the time they are forced to buy the most expensive bowling balls, while they can be fine with any of the mid-performance bowling balls. These bowling balls are the ones that you find at the clubs as well. When we speak about coverstock, beginners mainly are focused on the right technique and straight shots. Therefore a polyester or plastic coverstock is affordable and the right choice for any beginner. 

Q. Do we need to consider one’s age while purchasing a bowling ball?

Bowling is a game mainly considered for adults, youth, and children. Therefore it’s not important to buy one as per age. You just have to consider the space between the ball’s surfaces and palm while you are holding the ball. This means you need to be comfortable with the position, kind of circulation, and weight of the ball. Generally, the hand should be able to adapt to varied positions for straight and curved shots.

Q. Why is there such A Huge Variety in Bowling Balls?

Bowing as a game is one of the most played around the world. For this main reason, it is also a vastly spread-out game with varied tricks and styles. And with such different playing styles there comes the different bowling balls with specific features. 

Therefore, you will be able to find the right kind of bowling bowl as per a specific playing style. The gaming strategies and patterns, not just differ from one region to another but also vary amongst the players. 

As one is allowed with 14 clubs for different shots, there is a need for the right kind of ball for each of these turns. 

Q. What is the material used inside the bowling ball?

The core of a bowling ball is made of different materials depending on the needed characteristics and features from the ball. Its weight block is made with wrought iron that’s made from bismuth and iron oxides. Then this mixture also provides high strength and gravity to this block. 

With such a composition the bowling ball gains weight and this leads to a lower RG. This is generally wrapped using polymers and another polyester. The compounds are durable but lightweight because of their specific molecular composition. Therefore it’s able to be perfect for the weight blocks in a bowling ball. 

Q. What is the bowling balls’ outer cover made of?

Also called the coverstock, the bowling balls’ outer region is made of three materials in general. First is the polyester layer that’s frictionless and somewhat smooth and has amazing aesthetic standards. 

Then the second material is urethane, which is rare to see these days. It is a bit rougher and good for short and light volume patterns that need to be played. Finally, there is the reactive urethane that’s one of the most commonly seen today. They have the right frictional property, high porosity, and the best durability. 

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