🥇 Top 9 Best Plastic Bowling Balls | 2021 Reviews (Pyramid)

As a beginner, your top-most priority is to learn the basics of the bowling game. For this, you should have a bowling ball that moves straight down the bowling lane. You will not want to get distracted by the aggressive movements of the ball. And plastic balls serve this basic purpose perfectly well for you. Additionally, plastic balls are also a very useful option for the pros as a spare ball. Moreover, due to their straight-line motion, they are the preferred choice of straight bowlers. Plastic bowling balls are also a good option for the kids and are also used widely for recreational purposes. 

Many small and big companies offer a wide range of attractive and high-performing plastic bowling balls. Here we have shortlisted the top 9 best plastic bowling balls among the available brands. You can select the most suitable ball as per your purpose and skill level.

Top 9 Plastic Bowling Balls Reviewed

  1. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball- Best Overall
  2. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball- Best for Budget
  3. Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball- Best Premium Pick
  4. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball
  5. DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball with Free Shoulder Sack
  6. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow
  7. Storm Ice Storm Blue/White
  8. DV8 Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball
  9. Globe Viz-A-Ball

#1. Plastic Bowling Ball by Pyramid– Best Overall

Plastic Bowling Ball by Pyramid  


  • Color: Many 
  • Finish: Polished
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is one of the most high-performing plastic bowling balls. It is one of the most talked-about plastic balls among the newbies. It moves perfectly straight on the bowling lane and allows beginners to concentrate on honing their basic bowling skills.

Additionally, the ball offers very low to no hook potential on varying lane conditions thus making it an ideal spare ball for the advanced bowlers. The motion of the ball is highly predictable that gives the bowlers great confidence to score high on any lane conditions.

Apart from being disciplined on different lane conditions, the bowling ball is also highly affordable. Moreover, the high durability of the ball makes it even more cost-effective.

The ball is blended with a Pancake core which nicely supports the straight motion of the ball and facilitates it to perform superbly on the dry and medium oil lanes. the core also enhances the repeatability of the bowling ball on these lane conditions.

The Pyramid Path is available in nine different sizes with eleven colors and design options. So, bowlers of different age groups and skill levels will find a suitable ball for their purpose. 

Equally suitable for newbies and prosYou have to get it drilled at a pro-shop
Perfect straight-line motion
Wide color and size variety
Affordable price range

#2. Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball by Brunswick– Best for Budget

Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball by Brunswick  


  • Color: Many
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is a class apart. This plastic ball has got all the features that you will like to see in a newbie’s bowling ball. It is affordable, durable, and highly predictable on any lane surface and particularly on the dry lanes.

The low price range makes it an attractive option for beginners while the high durability of the ball ensures that you can continue playing with the same ball even when you reach the next skill level.

The high predictability of the ball makes it a perfect companion of the advanced bowlers when they desperately need to dislodge some pins off the deck after their not-so-successful first roll attempt. They need a highly disciplined ball and the Brunswick Tzone provides them exactly the same.

The plastic coverstock of the ball is wrapped over the bullet core. The highly balanced core only enhances the predictability and repeatability of the bowling ball. The ball is perfect for beginners. However, they need some practice to handle the weight of the bowling ball. At 16.8lbs, the ball offers challenges to the newbies to control their shots on the lane. 

The ball is created with fabulous design features making it highly appealing on the store shelf as well as in the alley.

A wonderful option for the beginnersThe ball is very heavy
Attractive design features
Highly disciplined
High durability

#3. White Dot Lava Bowling Ball by Columbia 300– Best Premium Pick 

White Dot Lava Bowling Ball by Columbia 300  


  • Color: Many 
  • Finish: 4000 Abralon polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Columbia 300 are the inventors of plastic bowling balls. Their White Dot Lava version is an ideal bowling ball if you wish to learn the core skills of the ball and make it big in the game of bowling in the future. The ball with its plastic coverstock offers perfect straight-line motion on different lane conditions. Without worrying about the hooks and the aggressive reactions of the ball, you can simply focus on your ball gripping and releasing skills. 

Additionally, being the perfect ball for the beginners, the ball also offers the very high scoring potential to the pros making it one of the most sought-after spare balls for the advanced bowlers. The high predictability of the ball keeps you confident in any game situation.

The Pancake core of the rolling sphere supports the never-deviating straight-line motion of the ball offered by the plastic coverstock. It also adds to the longevity of the ball. So, like their other models, the White Dot Lava is also a highly durable bowling ball from Columbia 300. The ball is designed in a wide range of different sizes. So, bowlers with all age groups and weights can find the ball as per their choice.

Available in multiple sizesNot ideal for dry lanes
Attractive appearance
Rugged and durable
High repeatability

#4. Maxim Bowling Ball by Ebonite

Maxim Bowling Ball by Ebonite  


  • Color: Purple/Royal/Silver
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Dry

The 3 piece core with the plastic cover stock plus a lot of thought process in designing- and the result is an absolutely magnificent bowling ball. They named it the Maxim for the maximum results that you ought to get when you release this wonderful ball on the lane.

The Ebonite Maxim is a highly versatile bowling ball. You can use it for recreational purposes during your vacations. You don’t need to be an expert on the bowling game and just need to hold the ball, release it on the surface and watch the deck pins to dislodge. The Maxim knows how to hit even the most stubborn of the standing pins. 

You can also utilize this ball to learn the finer aspects of the bowling game as the ball is not going to trouble you with its hooks and indisciplined movements. You can spend enough time perfecting your gripping and learning the right posture while releasing the ball. 

The Ebonite Maxim is one of the most loyal companions of the pros. The advanced bowlers love to keep this ball in their bowling kits for the dry lanes along with their main strike balls.

Great recreational ballNot ideal for advanced bowlers on medium oil lanes
Perfect for beginners

#5. Just Black Bowling Ball with Free Shoulder Sack by DV8

Just Black Bowling Ball with Free Shoulder Sack by DV8  


  • Color: Black
  • Finish: High Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

Though the DV8 Just Black Bowling Balls have excellent performance on any type of lane surface, they are deadliest on the heavy dry lane surfaces. Coupled with the performance, the bowling ball is also a treat to watch for its highly attractive design features. the bowling ball pulls your attraction in the stores as well as while rolling on the bowling lane.

The elegant straight-line motion is the USP of the ball and it proves its worth time and again by getting high-scores consistently with each release. The tyros get enough time on the turf to excel in their skills. Rather than wasting their time in controlling the abrupt driftings of the bowling ball they can pay attention to the basic concepts of the game and execute them in the alley.

The advanced bowlers too don’t waste their time in taking out the ball when it comes to using their spare bowling ball after missing to score through their strike bowling ball. Additionally, the straight bowlers and even the strokers find this ball to be their excellent companion for the support offered by the ball to their traditional style of bowling game.

The bowling ball gives a shiny appearance- thanks to the gloss polish which also facilitates the low traction of the ball preventing it to hook on any lane surface. The ball is available in the wide weight range of 6 to 16lbs. So, from the kids who play the game for recreational purposes to the advanced bowlers using the ball as the spare bowling ball, the Just Black satisfies the need of every bowling lover.

Ideal spare ball for advanced bowlersThe ball doesn’t come pre-drilled
Perfect for kids and beginners
Fabulous design
High longevity

#6. Lizard Eye Glow Bowling ball by Brunswick

Lizard Eye Glow Bowling Ball by Brunswick  


  • Color: Many 
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Lizard Eye Glow is a graphic designing masterpiece. This plastic ball from Brunswick displays the real eye of a Lizard on its bowling ball. It is an absolutely amazing design feature more as it encompasses the entire 360o of the sphere. If that is not enough to pull your attention, the glowing of the bowling ball in the dark will certainly make you stand agape with amazement.

Apart from the splendid design features, the bowling ball also offers some outstanding performance features. The ball is a dream sphere for the novices. By offering absolutely no hook on the lane surface, the ball gives you ample opportunities to learn everything that you need to raise your performance levels. With no distractions down the lane, you can keep your focus on the core skills of the bowling game and perfect them in no time.

The plastic cover stock of the ball not only allows the ball to have the most fascinating graphics and the perfect straight-line motion but also gives longevity to the ball. The high durability makes this ball highly cost-effective and one of the most preferred balls by the beginners. For the pros, the amazing balance, and steadiness are the biggest pros of the bowling ball that help them score high consistently. So, there is no surprise that both newbies and the advanced bowlers find this ball highly useful for their respective purposes.

The seven different sizes make it suitable for a wide range of bowlers thus making it a highly versatile bowling ball.

Suitable for all lane conditionsPricey
Glow in the dark feature
Magnificent graphics
Seven size variants

#7. Ice Storm Blue/White by Storm

Ice Storm Blue/White by Storm  


  • Color: Many 
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Storm Ice Storm bowling ball provides a wonderful option to the straight bowlers. The bowling ball has all the features to support strokers and the bowlers who like to see a well-disciplined movement of the ball on the lane.

The ball has the Pearlized Polyester Coverstock with the gloss finish and the 3-piece Symmetrical Core to support the linear motion of the bowling ball. The 3500 grit finish also allows the ball to reach the far end with enough hitting power to dislodge the deck pins. 

Its a dream ball for the novices who wish to perfect their holding, gripping and releasing skills without diverting their attention. The kids can have ultimate fun while playing with the ball. At the same time, advanced bowlers can keep this ball as the spare bowling ball to dislodge the deck pins confidently when most needed.

Perfect for the prosA little costly
Highly consistent
Ideal newbie ball
Hign longevity

#8. Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball by DV8

Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball by DV8  


  • Color: Zombie graphics
  • Finish: High-Gloss Polish
  • Recommended Lane: Dry

The DV8 Zombie is one of the most appealing bowling balls in the plastic ball category. The graphics showing the desperation of a Zombie looking for his prey with his one eyeball oozing out looks like a real Zombie.

The plastic cover stock prevents the ball to hook on any lane surface. The Symmetrical Bullet core supports the cover perfectly well and allows you to dislodge deck pins with astonishing consistency. The performance of the ball rises to a different level over the dry lanes owing to the high gloss polish on the cover stock.

The bowling ball is a favorite playing sphere for those playing for recreational purposes. Additionally, it is one of the most sought after balls among the beginners for its straight-line motion. Moreover, the ball for the very reason also finds its place in many big pro-bowlers as their preferred spare ball.

The bowling ball is available in the weights of 10, 12, 15, and 16lbs supporting the adult bowlers perfectly well. 

Suitable for beginners, and advanced bowlersNot ideal for kids and low weight bowlers
Extremely appealing graphicsNot suitable for Lefties
High durability
Low cost

#9. Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball by Globe 

Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball by Glove  


  • Color: Many 
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Recommended lane: Any

The Globe Viz-A ball displays a beautiful globe graphics all around its surface. The ball glows in the dark that adds to its extraordinary graphic design. The glowing graphics make it a highly attractive bowling ball for the kids and those who play the game for recreation purposes. Additionally, due to no-hook potential, the ball travels in a perfect straight-line motion thus allows beginners to focus on the basics of the bowling game. Moreover, the ball also qualifies for a splendid spare bowling ball for a pro-bowler to dislodge the dek pins at the far end by its non-diverting motion.

All these features can be attributed to the plastic cover stock of the ball which is suitably supported by the symmetrical core. The duo also imparts high durability to the ball.

Overall, The Globe Viz-A Ball is a highly attractive ball with very high performance features perfectly fulfilling the needs of kids, beginners, and also the advanced bowlers.

Highly appealing graphic design featuresPre-drilled option not available
Steady and balanced movement
Ideal for kids, newbies, and pros
High Consistency

Top pick- Pyramid Path Bowling Ball 

Though all the balls reviewed here have many features that get them higher scores over others. However, considering all the features together makes the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball as our Top Pick among the Best Plastic Bowling Balls. The ball with its multiple features can cater to the needs of the bowlers of different styles and skill levels on varying lane conditions.

The ball with no-hook potential moves in a perfectly straight line making it ideal for the beginners to learn the art of bowling. For the pros, the same feature makes it a perfect spare ball. The low price range of the ball further enhances its value for the new bowlers who do not want to spend hugely on their first ball while at the same time want a high-quality bowling ball.

The rugged and strong cover stock imparts very high durability to the ball thus making it your companion for a long time while you transcend to different skill levels up the ladder.

The highly consistent ball is available in nine different sizes. Additionally, eleven attractive design patterns allow you to select the bowling ball of your choice irrespective of the age group, gender, and skill level.

Best Plastic Bowling Balls Brands

Columbia 300

The reason for keeping Columbia 300 at the top of the best brand list is not only that it is the manufacturer of one of the high-quality plastic balls but also because they are the pioneers of plastic bowling balls. Columbia Industries was established in the decade of 1960. Before Columbia developed its first plastic ball, the bowling balls were made of rubber material only. The Columbia plastic bowling balls are particularly adored by the beginners for their superb design and perfect straight-line motion.


Brunswick has been the oldest running brand of bowling. They have been in the bowling market since 1880. In this big journey of around 140 years, Brunswick not only has grown its market of bowling products but has also played a pivotal role in developing the game of bowling. Brunswick is responsible for bringing the game of bowling from the Royal palaces to the ordinary fields of the normal sports persons. Today, Brunswick is a household name in the bowling field.  


If Brunswick has a long history in the game of bowling, Pyramid is a budding bowling brand established in 2011. In their short journey of less than a decade, Pyramid has enjoyed a very high-popularity as one of the top-most bowling brands offering the most affordable bowling balls. The company began its operation by manufacturing highly attractive and colorful polyester bowling balls. It now deals with a variety of bowling necessities.

Key Features to Look For in the Best Plastic Bowling Balls

The selection of the right Plastic Ball depends on the purpose of playing the game and your skill level. A ball for the recreational purpose will have different features compared to the ball for beginners or the pro-bowlers. The buyer’s guide below will help you understand the factors that you should consider when buying the ball for your specific purpose.

Cover Stock

Though the basic material of all the plastic bowling balls is the same, there are certain features that make one plastic ball different than the other. 

Finish or Polish

Some plastic balls have a high gloss finish and polish whereas others have a normal finish. The finish of the ball influences the friction between the ball and the lane surface. Balls with high finish and low friction will move straighter compared to the balls with the low finish and high friction. You require balls with the high finish for the dry lanes to get a perfect straight-line motion.


Plastic balls come with several highly attractive design features. Some balls have highly appealing graphic designs while some balls come with glow-in-dark-background and are particularly popular among the kids and those who play for recreational purposes. Even for the beginners and the advanced bowlers, the design feature can be an important selection criterion, however, it will not be the top-most priority for them.


The thumb rule for the weight for the plastic balls is the same as for other bowling balls. Select the ball with the weight equal to one-tenth of your body weight. So, if you weigh 150lbs, you should select the ball weighing 15lbs. This weight will be optimum for you and will give you proper control over the ball and will not cause early fatigue in your hands. Having said, this weight is only a guiding value. Before finalizing the weight you should try with some balls in the alley weighing around the guide weight. Based on your comfort level, you should finalize the weight of the ball.


Plastic balls, due to the very characteristics of the material, are more durable than other types of bowling balls. However, some manufacturers may compromise with the quality of material which may seriously affect the longevity of the bowling ball.  So, it is always advisable to buy your plastic bowling ball from a branded seller.


Plastic balls usually come under an affordable price range. So, you have the leverage to select the ball of your choice without compromising with your budget. High durability, as mentioned above also makes these balls pretty cost-effective.


Plastic balls are the best bowling balls for the newbies. For an advanced bowler, they are highly useful as the spare ball. Moreover, due to their affordable price range and attractive design features, they are the first choice of bowlers playing for plain fun.

The top 9 plastic balls reviewed here are some of the best models available in the market and cater to different bowlers’ needs. We hope that by referring to our reviews and the buyer’s guide, you could select the best ball for your specific purpose.

However, if you still find it difficult to decide one single ball for selection, we will recommend you to go with our top-pick- the Pyramid Path bowling ball. This bowling ball has got all the features to fulfill the needs of a variety of bowlers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Do Plastic Balls Absorb Lane Oil?

A: Plastic balls absorb almost no oil. However, these balls will pick the oil from the oily lanes and spread over the low oil zones. This is called the “carry-down effect” in bowling terminology.

Q: Do plastic bowling balls hook? 

A: Due to low friction between the ball and the surface, plastic balls do not hook as much as Urethane or Resin balls. However, balls with a rough finish can have some hook potential on the dry lanes.

Q: What is the most suitable bowling ball for straight bowling?

A: Bowling balls with plastic cover stock and symmetrical core are the most suitable balls for the straight bowling. Pearlized Urethane with the symmetrical core also can be used for straight bowling in certain lane conditions.

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