11 Best Storm Bowling Balls | 2022 Reviews + Guide

The increased popularity of the bowling game has encouraged many sellers to enter the field of manufacturing bowling necessities. There are many reputed brands that have been offering high-quality bowling balls and other accessories. Storm is one such brand that produces one of the best bowling balls in the industry. They offer a wide variety of bowling balls for bowlers with different skill levels to play on different lane conditions.

However, with a vast variety of bowling balls, it often becomes difficult to select the most suitable ball for your purpose. To ease out your difficulty, we are providing here the top 11 best Storm bowling balls suitable for different styles of bowlers and varied lane conditions.

We are also providing here an extensive buyer’s guide to help you select the most suitable bowling balls for your specific needs.

Top 11 Best Storm Bowling Balls Reviewed

  1. Storm Ice
  2. Storm Pitch Black
  3. Storm Tropical Breeze
  4. Storm Mix
  5. Storm Timeless
  6. Storm !Q Tour Emerald
  7. Storm Astrophysix
  8. Storm Sure Lock
  9. Storm All Road Bowling Ball
  10. Storm Soniq
  11. Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball

#1. Storm Ice

[amazon fields=”B01M6C7K6P” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Ice bowling ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

With its smooth pearlized polyester cover stock and 3500 grit polished surface, the Storm Ice is one of its kind. It is a triple piece ball that has alluring aesthetics- thanks to its precise blue and white finish and classy design. The ball with its lightweight ensures super rigid straight roll and revving pin action at the far end.

It’s a stylish and smooth ball that is available in a wide weight category of 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 lbs. Being a laser fastball with a polyester cover stock, the Storm Ice suits perfectly for beginners for its basic yet superior quality and features.

#2. Storm Pitch Black

[amazon fields=”B00MIJ8FNK” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Pitch Black” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

A perfect blend of old technology and modern spin, the Storm Pitch Black is a perfect bowling ball for the wooden lane. Additionally, it performs superbly in the shorter lanes. The Solid cover stock offers predictable performance with every shot. The 3-piece Capacitor core enhances the predictability while offering impressive flair to the bowling ball.

The 1000 Grit finish allows the ball to have superb motion in the light oil conditions. Bowlers with a higher rev rate would get aggressive reactions on the heavy oil lane surfaces.

So, the bowling ball is pretty versatile and offers enough substance for different styles of bowlers in varied lane conditions. Being available in the weight range of 12 to 16 lbs, the bowling ball is perfect for adult men and women.

#3. Storm Tropical Breeze

[amazon fields=”B00WCA2NVK” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Tropical Breeze” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The Storm Tropical Breeze is a high-performance bowling ball with Reactive Pearl cover stock. It is an excellent entry-level ball with a very decent hook potential. The symmetrical Camber core also offers a smooth motion of the bowling ball on the lane surface.

One of the best bowling balls for the dryer lane conditions, the Tropical Breeze offers excellent length on these surfaces. The 1500 Grit polish further supports ball performance on the drier lanes by providing extra gliding on the surface.

As a beginner, you can upgrade your level of the game by learning the basics without getting distracted by the movement of the bowling ball. The bowling ball is available in 10, 11, 13 & 16lbs weights making it suitable for small to big stature adult male & female bowlers.

#4. Storm Mix

[amazon fields=”B018MWUM6O” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Mix” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

A perfect bowling ball for beginners, the Storm Mix is one of the most disciplined balls from the house of MICHELIN. The ball is also an excellent spare ball choice for the pros to dislodge the few pins left on the deck, preferably in highly dry lane conditions. The ball would never disappoint you with its performance in these conditions.

It also makes a perfect choice for you if you play the game of bowling for fun. You would love to strike the pins, time and again. Moreover, if you are a beginner, it allows you enough time to perfect your lifting, gripping, and releasing in the alley.

The U1S cover stock wrapped over the symmetrical core offers the straight-line motion with 3500 Grit finish. The strong material provides a very high level of durability to the bowling ball.

#5. Storm Timeless

[amazon fields=”B01N6PXND1″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Ice bowling ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The two-piece core has a unique design to offer to the Storm Timeless bowling ball. The dual-core design has a core within a core that imparts high RG and high differential to the bowling ball. This offers an easy length to the ball on the lane while giving huge striking power at the far end. It also offers a faster rev rate to the ball giving it the extra energy to get the powerful strike at the deck.

The R2S Hybrid cover stock offers superfluous reaction with a late pick up in the middle of the lane with an aggressive backend reaction. The Grit finish of 1500 only adds to the performance of the bowling ball.

The ball has a tie-up with the PBA bowler Jason Belmonte and has his logo on one of the sides.

#6. Storm !Q Tour Emerald

[amazon fields=”B07RZGSGRK” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm !Q Tour Emerald” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The Storm !Q Tour England is a bowling ball class apart. The combination of R2S pearl reactive cover stock with C3 centripetal Core allows this ball to have the smoothest glide on the lane. However, that super smoothness too doesn’t take away the aggression of the pearl reactive cover stock.

Due to the lower differential, the depth definitely becomes a constraint. However, by giving excellent mid-lane control and a powerful movement towards the other end you can get the acute downline angles and also the powerful hits at the deck.

The weights of 12, 14, and 16 lbs make it a great shopping option for the adult men and women who love to play the game of bowling aggressively yet elegantly.

#7. Storm Astrophysix

MICHELIN Storm AstroPhysix Bowling Ball
[amazon fields=”B07S2GPG5G” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Astrophysix” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The combination of a strong core with a moderately strong cover stock is one of the most interesting things that can happen on a lane surface. The Storm Astrophysix is exactly the same. It wraps the asymmetrical Atomic Core with an Astrophysix cover stock and the end result is a neat and elegant ball with one of the strongest backend reactions.

Moreover, the strong backend has the most astonishing hitting power that moves the ball to dismantle the most organized entire deck in a blink of an eye. And that too with exceptional repeatability. You will be best placed with the ball if you play it deep and you will definitely get the consistency that this bowling ball is designed for.

#8. Storm Sure Lock

[amazon fields=”B07CBMDCPW” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Sure Lock” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The Storm Sure Lock is your ideal companion for the heavy oil lane conditions. Extremely strong, this bowling ball also outplays most in its category in the consistency it offers you on the favorable lane surfaces.

The RAD-X core is phenomenal in its performance. It offers the bowling ball the quick & firm twists of the spinning ball without compromising the motion at the far end. Being in its full elements, the core also carries the unmatched hook potential. With more material in a small volume of the core, the bowling ought to show the level of aggression that it does on the lane surface.

The bowling ball is super powerful and you would love to accept the challenge to control the power. You would also love to watch it displaying superb hook potential turning almost half a foot on the lane.

#9. Storm All Road Bowling Ball

[amazon fields=”B07XJYP6N6″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm All Road Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The hybrid Cover stock is tough & thicker and the Storm All Road Bowling Ball finds itself in a favorable situation from the first go. You can expect to hit the pins without much deflection after hitting the surface.

The bowling ball offers a silky smooth experience in the alley and the bowlers adore the inverted Fe2 technology weight block enclosed by the hybrid cover stock. You would release the bowling ball knowing perfectly well that the ball has the higher RG and high differential and the ball would respond to your release in the most elegant manner. The bowling ball is not perfect only for the bowlers with a specific style but would support all styles and skill levels on varied lane conditions.

The ball with Blueberry fragrance is available in 13 to 15 lbs weights thus making it pretty suitable for adult men and women.

#10. Storm Soniq

[amazon fields=”B076KN817J” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Soniq” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The Storm Soniq would create a storm and a lot of cheers in the alley. And the Centripetal Core wrapped in the R2S Reactive cover stock would create this magic silently on the lane. This bowling ball has got high density. The core has a lower gravity with RG of as low as 2.47 and the differential of 0.047. So, you perfectly know the rev rate and the speed of this has a major role to play in the reactions of the bowling ball at the far end. Moreover, the ball is a perfect striker during the transition lane conditions when the accumulation of the oil begins to change the sides.

By getting the perfect drilling positions you can make this bowling ball move exactly in the directions you intend to while releasing.

#11. Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball

[amazon fields=”B07TWB1Q8X” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium” image_align=”center” image_title =“storm bowling” image_alt = “Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball” image_width=“250” image_height=“250”/]

The Storm Pro Motion bowling ball is a super finisher. The Solid Reactive Cover stock can read the lane with perfection. Additionally, the innovative Piston Core is specially designed to provide substance to the ball adored by all styles of bowlers. The bowling ball follows the intentions of the bowler even before striking the surface and carries until dashing the deck and dismantling the pins in all directions.

The excellent cover stock doesn’t lose on performance because of the absorption of oil that is so typical with most of the reactive covers. Additionally, it is nicely supported by the super chemical adhesion properties making it to role merrily on the lane.

Buying Guide to the Best Storm Bowling Balls

So, after going through the details, features, and the strong points of the 11 most top-rated Storm bowling balls in the above section, you can now learn the important factors that’ll help you out in picking the best bowling ball from the lot.


The basic structure of the ball comprises two major segments viz. the cover stock (the outer surface of the ball), and the core.

Cover stock

Evaluation of the cover stock of a bowling ball is done on three main factors, its texture, rigidity, and the oil absorption capability. And these qualities are mainly defined by the composition of the cover.

Basically, a bowling ball cover stock is made of any of the four most common materials, including polyester, urethane, proactive (particle), and reactive.

  • Polyester, commonly known as plastic is a smooth ball structure due to its long and linear molecular structure. Due to the smooth texture, the ball shows negligible friction with the lane and thus provides low hook potential. This makes the ball much more predictable and offers a straight and speedy movement. This cover is more suitable for beginners.
  • Urethane, with its rougher texture, provides comparatively more frictional interactions with the lane and thus gives the ball a higher hook potential.
  • Reactive urethane cover stocks are somewhat similar to the urethane covers as far as the basic composition of polyurethane is considered. However, due to the microscopic pore enhancements in molecular structure, the surface of the ball shows even more friction over the lane. Thus, the hook potential of reactive cover stocks is very high making them slightly more suitable for the professionals.
  • Proactive cover stocks offer the greatest amount of frictional interactions with the lane. These balls comprise texturized particles over the surface that gives them optimum roughness and hence the highest hook potential. Bowling balls with such covers can be roughened and smoothened as per the requirements of the bowler.

Storm Bowling balls are available in all of the aforementioned varieties.


The cover stock of the bowling ball wraps around a weight block, called the core. There are three main core types, the Pancake, Symmetrical and Asymmetrical cores.

The Pancake cores the most basic types of cores and is best suitable for the beginners. They do not offer any flare potential on any lane surface.

The symmetrical cores have significant hook potential which varies with the type of cover stock. The symmetrical cores allow for many positions for the finger holes without significantly affecting the bowling ball weight.

The asymmetrical cores offer more spin to the bowling ball after striking to the lane surface. However, the finger holes position significantly affects the weight distribution of the bowling ball and thus requires much more control compared to the symmetrical cores. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical cores are suitable for the intermediate and professional bowlers.


The ball weight plays one of the biggest roles in the control and predictability of its motion.

On one hand, a too heavy ball may hinder your control, tire you quickly, and would be less predictable. On the other hand, a too light ball would be likely to swerve off the lane and in turn completely diminish the predictability.

Thus, a bowler requires an ideally heavy ball to show off his skills in the best way possible. As a rule of thumb, the weight of the ball should be approximately equal to one-tenth of the bodyweight of the bowler.

Thus, select the size variant of the Storm bowling ball, whose weight suits best with your body weight.

Finger holes

There are two types of bowling balls. One comes with pre-drilled holes and the other ones are undrilled. Undrilled balls offer you the flexibility to get the holes drilled as per your hand measurement and playing style.

There are two major types of finger holes viz. the conventional and the fingertip grip. The drill for the conventional finger hole is made in such a way that the two knuckles of the index and the middle fingers go inside the holes with the thumb entering fully inside the hole.

The fingertip holes allow only the first knuckles of the fingers to go inside the holes with the thumb entering fully inside the hole similar to the conventional grip.

You can also opt for the finger hole inserts in case of the finger trip grip. This helps you in getting more control over your revolution.


Price is one of the most obvious and important factors for shopping for a bowling ball. And being a game of the high economical class of the society, the equipment associated with bowling game comes with a hefty price tag.

If you are a beginner select an affordable bowling ball. However, once you hone your skills well and enter the professional arena, you can select the ball as per your budget, style, and experience level. You actually need to have multiple bowling balls for different lane conditions. Storm offers a wide range of bowling balls for different price ranges.


Style is an integral part of the game of bowling. And for this reason, Storm provides an enormous variety of finishes, colors, and patterns of bowling balls available in the market.

Thus, pick out the style and finish of the ball that perfectly matches up with your flair and show off your skills with style.

History Storm Bowling Balls

High Score Products (HSP) entered into the business of bowling by selling cleaners for urethane balls by the brand names- U-Clean and U-Score in 1985. It entered into the production & sales of bowling balls in 1991 by the brand name- Storm.

The HSP witnessed a 300% rise in its turnover in the very first year of launching the Storm. By 1994 the popularity of the brand had reached so high that Bill Christmas, the owner of the HSP, changed the name of the company to Storms Products, Inc. The Headquarters of the company is located in Utah.

Since its inception, Storm has been known for producing high-quality high-performance bowling balls. Even today it sets new quality benchmarks for the entire industry and is one of the most reputed brands in the field of bowling.

It offers a wide range of bowling balls for all experience levels and for varied lane conditions. Both the beginners and the professionals have similar trust for the brand. The trust & loyalty towards the brand spread across the globe.

In order to keep the contemporary standards of quality and also to provide its customers with the most unique & innovative products, the Storm continuously invests in the latest technology. For this reason, Storm products often fall in the high price bracket. However, the high durability coupled with the quality & performance of all its products provides true value for money.

Storm Products also realizes its social responsibilities. It supports breast cancer research programs and also offers assistance in spreading awareness about the disease across the world.


Different bowling balls are designed for different experience levels and different lane conditions. So, it is clear that you need to select the bowling balls as per your skill level. If you are a newbie you can buy one ball most suitable for the beginners. However, as you grow in your skill level, you need to have 2-3 and sometimes more bowling balls in your kitty to suit different lane conditions.

Storm makes your job much easier by offering balls for all skill levels and lane conditions. In the article, we have shared with you the top 11 best Storm bowling balls. You can select any of these top-rated balls as per your skill levels based on the important factors provided in the buying guide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why should I prefer Storm bowling balls?

Storm has really developed into one of the most sought after brands of bowling necessities in a very short period of time. Its focus on creating high-performance bowling balls has set it apart from the rest of the sellers. Besides, high versatility in the designs and flare potential offer you an excellent range of balls to choose from.

Q: What are the other products offered by Storm?

Apart from the popular and top-quality bowling balls sold by Storm bowling, the brand also offers many other bowling products. This includes bowling bags, bowling shoes, clothes u0026amp; outfits, and other accessories including gloves, towels, cleaners, and many more. In addition, to teach budding bowlers the techniques and strategies Storm also offers a very helpful tutorial DVD.

Q: What is the company’s standard warranty period?

Storm offers different warranty periods for its different products. Some products come with a 30 or 90 days warranty while others offer a warranty of one year or five years from the date of purchase.

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