Bowling While Pregnant: Is It Safe? [2021 Update]

Don’t we all just love the sound of a bowling ball rolling and striking on the pins! And surely you must have got several warnings on risks of bowling while you are pregnant, we are right here to break all of those. You don’t need to give up on bowling if you’re pregnant. Doctors recommend some kind of low-impact physical movement while pregnant for staying healthy.

As long as one stays careful and has the approval of your doctor, bowling can easily be included in the workout program. So talk to your doctor all through the pregnancy for making sure you are baby stays safe. 

Will Bowling Be Safe While You Are Pregnant?

Yes, it will be safe to go bowling when you are following some precautions. The ball shouldn’t be too heavy and there are no healths concerns like:

  1. Placenta Previa
  2. Pre-term labor history
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
  4. Diastasis Recti
  5. Previous back and knee injury

Also, it’s recommended that you avoid extreme physical activities if you have:

  1. Multiple gestations
  2. Persistent bleed in second and third trimesters
  3. Premature labor with present pregnancy
  4. Any membrane ruptures
  5. Preeclampsia

However, one needs to remember that you know your body well and in case you find any such symptoms like vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, and contractions. 

Advantages of Bowling (Low-Impact Physical Activities) While You Are Pregnant

Some of the experts say that pregnant women can go for exercises that are low-impact like bowling like swimming, brisk walk, prenatal yoga, and cycling. It can be even a good idea to include in everyday routines as:

  1. This can assist with lowering the risk involved with chronic conditions like diabetes and high BP.
  2. It involves minimum stress over joints and slightly better than some high-intensity workouts.
  3. Bowling is a kind of recreational activity that can help boost mood and also lower depression risks. 
  4. It can improve stamina and heart rate similar to any other aerobic exercise.
  5. It will help the mental health that eventually assists with postpartum recovery. 

Just keep in mind that you’re not supposed to overdo it and consult the doctor in case you have any discomfort. 

Other Important Benefits of Bowling For Pregnant Women

Bowling While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Exercise Recommendations

With regular exercise, you will be able to lower lifestyle diseases. It is recommended that healthy individuals must include 150 minutes of low to moderate exercises for disease prevention. The health benefits increase when one increases the exercises. When you are pregnant bowling can increase the heart rate and you will be able to get the aerobic exercise benefits. 

Pregnancy and Physical Activity

The risk of gestational diabetes, bad sugar levels, and high blood pressure can decrease when you are involved with physical activities. This includes low-impact exercises like bowling as this will put less stress on the joints and will be much safer when compared to high-impact exercises like running. Therefore going bowling with your friends will keep you happy and healthy. 

A Healthy Weight Management

On average women should be gaining weight of about 25 to 30 pounds when they are pregnant. And in case someone is obese or overweight this weight shouldn’t be more than 11 to 20 pounds. 

If you gain excessive weight when you are pregnant that is the result of eating too much, in having a higher calorie intake than you are burning, the weight loss after giving birth will get difficult. 

Bowling can help in controlling weight as it can burn 3 to 4 calories per Kg body weight in one hour. Therefore a woman that weighs 70 kg will be burning anywhere from 200 to 300 calories when then go bowling every one hour. 

Bowling Tips When You Are Pregnant

Remember that bowling balls are heavy, and this can put stress on the elbow joints, lower back, and shoulders. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you are pregnant and still want to enjoy a game of bowling:

Bowling While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Make Sure You Pick Up Lightest Ball Available

If you have ever had been able to go for a game of bowling before, you might be aware that bowling balls aren’t light. They can feel a bit heavy and this can get difficult for people when they try to pick it up, and throwing the ball can also include high effort. There are plastic balls available that are lighter in weight that you can try. For the most part, don’t go with balls that are of higher weight than 10 pounds. 

This is also something that being pregnant you need to keep in mind. For avoiding any such situations, you should go with the lightest bowling ball. Additionally, don’t worry about if you will be able to get strike over the game if the ball isn’t heavy, therefore you can still win the game!

Duck Pins Are Worth A Try

These balls are a lot smaller and therefore handling is simple. So, definitely give a try to these balls while bowling during pregnancy. Handling these balls is quite easier than other regular balls.

Be Careful

The bowling lanes are oil-slicked and this allows bowling bowls easy movement on the lane. So be careful that you aren’t crossing on the line at such spots. 

One of the effective strategies that you should be following while being pregnant is observing the floor carefully and constantly keeping a track of feet placements. In case you don’t do that, there is a probability of falling when one slips. 

Also as pregnant women do carry a lot of weight over the tummy, losing balance is something that can happen easily. It can lead to serious injuries to the child and the mother in case they fall. There are bowling belts that can be used for making sure that you are a bit more careful with this. It will also make sure that you aren’t putting too much strain over your shoulder. 

Always Hear What Your Body Says

If your body movement isn’t feeling good on the joints, stop! Take a rest and if you feel comfortable try another technique. There are many things that women shouldn’t be doing while pregnant. There are even some beauty treatments that aren’t considered safe at the time. 

So when we speak specifically about bowling, there are some things that you can do for making sure you are safe. For instance, when you’re body says it’s tired or something isn’t feeling right, and then it’s time for you to take a break. 

Bending Knees

When you bend the knees, it will assist in keeping strain away from the back and also will make sure that a good posture is maintained.  Also, understand that there can be some possible issues that you might have to deal with while bowling. For instance, while you’re pregnant the ligaments tend to get looser than the way it was before pregnancy. While this doesn’t sound too serious, it is. This is because this also increases the risk of injury while one is bowling. Also, remember that having antihistamines isn’t always safe for women that are pregnant. 

When Does Bowling Get Uncomfortable For Pregnant Women?

As pregnancy progresses bowling can get a little uncomfortable and there can be many reasons for it:

  1. As the weight increases, there is more pressure on the back for supporting the body.
  2. There is a shift in the gravity center that makes it difficult to maintain balance when one bowls across the alley.
  3. The ligaments and joints start losing the strength in the lower and upper body and bowling makes more use of strength in the upper body.
  4. Your ligaments and joints get loose because of sprain, overextension and strain, and the likelihood of dislocation.

What About Pregnancy that’s High-Risk?

Women that are at risk of premature delivery and have any of the conditions that we mentioned in the previous section of the article need to take additional precautions when we speak of physical activities like bowling.

When one works out, the blood gets pumped to the heart, muscles, and lungs for optimum oxygen supply. So in case one overdoes it, the oxygen that needs to reach the growing baby. Speak with your doctor to understand about the activities that will be safe. In case you are experiencing pregnancy with complications, there can be some restrictions.

Can A Miscarriage Occur Because Of Bowling?

Bowling isn’t the known cause for miscarriage, but you have to be cautious. In case you are feeling fatigued or your back hurts it’s advised that you refrain from bowling.

Will, It Be Safe In Your First Trimester To Go Bowling?

Yes, you can safely enjoy bowling during your first trimester. But make sure you aren’t exhausting yourself and select the ball that will be comfortable for you to lift. Discuss all of the sporting activities with the doctor. 

This will make sure that you are making the right decision depending on the health condition you have. As we said earlier, your comfort level must be the guidance that you should be listening to. Also remember, as soon as you start feeling a bit uncomfortable it is time to take a break. 

What Do The Doctors Say?

Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you should go bowling. The doctors usually say that you should be having a busy routine. So you can keep doing all the things naturally that you used to do before pregnancy.

Doctors mostly say that you can have fun and do everything while you are pregnant. They are so many women that are doing everything they want while they are 24 to 38 week pregnant. Not just that, women that are pregnant are recommended to go for low-impact physical activities. 

These activities can also lower the risks involved with chronic conditions like diabetes, high BP, and reduce stress over the joints. Bowling will be able to boost the mood levels and also decrease depression. This game will also improve lung stamina. 

Final Thoughts

Assuming that you are being careful, bowling is pretty safe for women that are pregnant. There can of course be some risks involved like it is with any form of physical activity. You must consult your doctor before you go bowling so that any risk possibility can be known.

Understand that as all individuals are unique, all pregnancies are unique too. By this we mean, that some of the expectant mothers can be pretty healthy for going ahead with such activities, others might get to know that their doctor doesn’t want them to get engaged in it. 

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