Bowling While Pregnant: Is It Safe? [2022 Update]

Bowling While Pregnant Is It Safe

Bowling While Pregnant: Is It Safe? Don’t we all just love the sound of a bowling ball rolling and striking on the pins! And surely you must have got several warnings on the risks of bowling while you are pregnant, we are right here to break all of those. You don’t need to give up …

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How to Make Bowling Shoes Slide More or Less as your requirement (2022)

how to make bowling ball shoes slide

A successful bowler always controls slides by making their shoes slide more or less. The bowler comes down sliding at the finish line or -the foul line- and suddenly stops after throwing the game. This whole action requires complete control over footwork. The bowlers achieve this control by modifying bowling shoes to have an appropriate …

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Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Brands | 2022 (Storm, Brunswick)

best bowling ball brands

There are numerous sellers offering all different types of bowling balls. On top of that, each one of them claims its bowling balls to be the best in the market. This scenario confuses even the most professional bowlers while selecting a new bowling ball. Then, what is the solution? How to know which among these …

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How to Keep Score in Bowling: The Proper Way [2022]

how to keep score in bowling

In the early days, manual scoring was done to record scores in a bowling ball game. But as time progressed many leagues started using digital scoring to reduce hardships and chances of errors. Scorecard Frames It’s the scorecard frame with 10 frames in it whether it’s digital or manual. There are three possibilities in each …

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Cranker, Tweener, or Stroker?: A Complete Guide [2022]

Cranker, Tweener, or Stroker

When it comes to different techniques for throwing the bowling ball, one must know different bowling styles. Depending on the situation, a player has to use different techniques for throwing the bowling ball. There are three common bowling styles. These styles are Cranker, Tweener, and Stroker.  In the following section, you can find more information …

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What Are Bowling Balls Made of? What is the Difference?

What are Bowling Balls made of

Maybe you’re new to bowling, or perhaps you are only curious what are bowling balls made of, It’s a common question, and you’re not the first to ask this. Over the past decades, many different materials were used to manufacture bowling balls. Well, we have done a thorough research here we will be mentioning everything, from …

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