How to Throw a Bowling Ball: Ultimate Technique + Guide

Bowling is no longer just a hobby, but now a popular sport for all ages. A beginner in bowling is primarily required to learn how to throw a bowling ball in a proper and effective manner. The faster the ball the more power is transferred to the pins in the collision, which results in more pin action. Skill and the ability to capitalize on everything will not only increase your score but also ensure that you get one more chance. Take your bowling skills to new heights, hit more and more returns to success. From the very beginning, get bowling straight into a better height before you start to improve. Most skilled bowlers turn back as the ball rolls slightly to the center. Roll the sleeves to take your game to the next level and make your performance a memorable one.

How to Throw a Bowling Ball Properly

Bowling is a sport that from beginning to end, has the experience of making rapid progress and gaining some mastery at different rates and speeds compared to other sports events. To master this sporting event, you should adopt some techniques.

Start with the right step and grips

It is best to stay within a certain distance from the foul line and four steps behind your release points. Some people, who are masters in these sports may take longer steps for their convenience but at least a distance of four steps is ideal. If you have your own ball, you are familiar with it and you know how to hold it with grip. But if you are using another ball you have to adjust it to your comforts and to your style. Hold the ball firm so that it is aligned directly with your wrist. For perfect swing and throw to the ball, your handling position is the most important factor.

Focus on the path you want to hit

Never focus on the pin that you are aiming for. Ten feet is much easier to hit in front of you than fifty. The path of the bowling ball may vary depending on the wet or dry condition of the lane. It is easier to change the starting position than changing your aim. If you are missing the left side change your starting position to the left and vice versa. But this depends on the lane. If you are trying to hit the arrow on the left side it will go beyond and move right before swinging to the left. You can manage this by following the dot on the floor. 

Start your throw like a straight shot

Start your throw the same as a standard shot, the changes are in the swinging throw in your hand. Take the ball behind as you do during the normal throwing and bring it to the swing position. Keep your wrist strong. If you apply too much pressure to your palm by twisting it back and forth, you may hurt yourself.

Swing the ball at the bottom and release by pulling your thumb out

The better performance of throwing the ball is in your fingers. The swing and the flow of the ball are deciding at your fingertips. The basic way to get a correct swing to the ball is to place your two fingers and thumb in the three holes as usual. The bowling style of some people may differ from the basic method. Some people prefer not to put a thumb in the hole instead keep the ball in the palm or wrist for a good swing. However, this style has the risk of turning the ball in your grip and that may cause twisting of your wrist.

When you release, turn your fingers over the ball and direct the ball to spin with your finger

Try not to subconsciously lower your swing in an attempt to focus and nail your hook. When you resume your normal throw, the hook will be very different.

Learn to calculate the size of your curve by differing the ball’s position and your releasing time

Release the fingers from the ball quickly to increase the curvature of the ball. With a little practice, you will know whether or not you have thrown a good ball. If you are not following it, try to separate the variable and practice with each one alone. Try with a different ball. Make sure that the hand and wrist positions are fine and perfect.

Make sure that you are using the proper grip

When you attach your ball to your hand at will, you want to know how you hold the ball, your axis, and how you grip. Grip your ball with the two middle fingers and place your thumb in the hole of the ball with your dominant hand.

Right size drilling of your bowling ball

This is a personal thing depending on where and how you bowl. This needs proper advice from an experienced pro shop operator. Proper drilling of your ball is important. This decides the grip of your ball and helps you to swing the ball according to your will.

Selection of right weight of your bowling ball

There is a general misconception that a heavier ball gives better results, which is completely the wrong concept. Heavy bowling balls will paralyze you after a while and cause strain on your wrists. Also, a very light bowling ball may slip off the path so pick the ball you want to throw so you can hit the pins in one go.

Stay calm do not get panic

Stay cool and take a deep breath before starting your session. Flexibility is important in bowling. You may be a master in your local bowling situation but keep in mind that not all situations are favorable for your performance. The lanes may be oilier so keep in mind that the oil content is different in different lanes. So, adjust it and improve your performance.

Use your footwork and timing well, keep your shoulders facing forward, your arms fully straight during the swing, and then apply force on the release. If you want to create a history in throwing the ball a few things should be kept in mind which are the basics of throwing the ball.

  • Perfect releasing of thumb from the bowling ball.
  • Raising the ball with fingers.
  • Anti-clockwise rotation of hand and wrist.

Some extra tips for throwing the Bowling Ball

You can easily master the game if you pay attention to these few basic things that you need to do to make your bowling more accurate and effective.


A good bowling ball is an essential part of a good game. For a starter, you need to find the most suitable bowling ball. Do not go for a ball that is too heavy or too light. Try to find the one that works best for you through trial and error.


Timing is a crucial factor in the game for a good start. Movement of your legs and hands should be in perfect coordination for a good throw. A timely throw along with a flexible movement will help you to make a perfect strike every time.  


Keep your arm and wrist in a firm position during the throw. If you want to swing the ball, rotate the wrist and arms forward and back, and maintain your path.

Rigorous Practice

For a champion’s performance, you need a lot of training. Visualize the movement of your hand and try it several times without the ball.


Complete your shot by throwing the ball down the path as it passes through your ankles. Raise your arm at least to your shoulder height to complete the shot. Depending on how you throw the ball, place it in the handshake position or on the palm.

Speed of the ball

The actual speed of the ball is 16 miles per hour but you need a speed that hits all the pins at the same time.

Pin Action

Bowling is a combination of angle, calculation, speed, and strength. Make all these in an equal way and sync them so that you can hit all the pins down.

The best way is to practice with a tennis ball. You can practice to spin the ball from underhand and throw it. If you can do it correctly with the tennis ball then it will be correct with the throwing ball. This will help you to throw the bowling ball in a straight line.

Final Words

Bowling is a fun game. This is a game that everyone of all ages can enjoy. There is no need for special training to learn bowling. Its rules are very simple and acceptable to anyone. But throwing the perfect hit to the pins needs rigorous practice. You can learn it with continuous practice. Mistakes and faults are quite common in the game. Only by making several mistakes and faults, you will learn the game and ultimately become a master of the sport. As we know failures are the stepping stones to success.

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