7 Best Roto Grip Bowling Balls | 2022 Reviews + Guide

Storm has many top-rated brands under its umbrella. Many of them are new in the bowling circuit while others are the old players. Roto Grip is one of the older brands that Storm bought from a family-owned company.

Roto Grip is known for its innovative designs and offers some of the most high-quality bowling balls for varying bowling conditions. Professional bowlers have a special inclination towards the brand. However, they offer bowling balls for all skill levels and all the different styles of bowlers.

We are reviewing here the top 7 best bowling balls offered by Roto Grip to help you select the ball that specifically suits your style of bowling and skill level.

Top 7 Best Roto Grip Bowling Balls Reviewed

  1. Roto Grip Hustle Ink
  2. Roto Grip Halo
  3. Roto Grip MVP Pearl
  4. Roto Grip Winner
  5. Roto-Grip Hot Cell Urethane
  6. Roto Grip Nuclear Cell
  7. Roto Grip UFO

#1. Roto Grip Hustle Ink

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In athletics, we are trained to hustle as fast as possible. Roto Grip offers a ball that precisely follows the trainer’s instructions on the lanes. The Roto Grip Hustle Ink is designed differently. The low RG/low differential will rev faster and at the same time will give superb control down the lane. The bowling ball has Thrilled Solid Reactive cover stock which offers its best performance in low oil conditions where other bowling balls can go out of control after aggressive hook potential.

This makes the ball the ideal reactive bowling ball for the newbie. The Roto Grip Hustle Ink tones down the typical aggression of a reactive ball and provides excellent balance and control on any lane conditions. Additionally, it also displays superb continuation all the way down the far end. This ball offers a wonderful opportunity to beginners who have been practicing on the normal house pattern and don’t want to compromise with their equipment.

#2. Roto Grip Halo

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The Roto Grip Halo is a super blend of aggression and balance. The bowling ball is preferred by the intermediate bowler as well as the pros. The unique Centrum Asymmetrical core offers superb flare potential and supports the strong hook potential of the cover stock. The core gives extreme back-end and hitting power to the ball. Additionally, the 2000 Grit Pad Finish adds to the aggression of the bowling ball in all lane conditions.

The bowling ball is highly durable and also has very impressive aesthetics. Overall, the Roto Grip Halo is for the bowlers who are looking for power, aggression, control, durability, and aesthetics in their bowling ball. The ball offers excellent grip and angularity apart from all the above features. Yes, the ball is one of the most expensive balls in the circuit, but many of its unique features very well justify the high price tag of the rolling sphere.

#3. Roto Grip MVP Pearl

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If you are a professional bowler, you must be well aware that the most difficult situation in the bowling is faced when the oil lanes change their character. The transition on lane conditions poses one of the biggest challenges to even the most proficient bowlers. During these times, you need the most reliable companion for the consistent destruction of the deck area. And the Roto Grip MVP Pearl provides the companionship that you long for during such times.

The blend of VTC-H19 Hybrid Reactive and Neutron Core offers this unique characteristic to the ball. If the high-quality cover stock does not allow for the early hook, the Neutron XT weight block does not let the ball leave the track in any lane condition. So, the lane can change their nature but the bowling ball quickly adapts to the new condition and continues to perform in the same manner all through the game.

#4. Roto Grip Winner

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The VTC-P18 cover stock used in the bowling ball makes the Roto Grip Winner one of the most versatile bowling balls in the arena. When combined with the Symmetrical core the bowling ball delivers success. If you want to see the strongest pearl ball in action, watch Roto Grip Winner rolling on the lane.

The low RG high differential gives the needed rev rate that can cause damage in the deck quicker than your imagination. This bowling ball is also unique in the sense that it offers superb control to the lefties who find it difficult to keep the ball on track during the breakdown conditions. If the bowling ball has a massive fan following due to its performance on the lane, its magnificent looks add to the adoration that it receives from the bowlers of all skill levels.

#5. Roto-Grip Hot Cell Urethane

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Radioactive Solid Urethane cover stock and Nucleus core invite a deadly combination. And any pro can predict this with extreme certainty. And the Urethane bowling ball does not let the prediction of the experts go wrong. The kind of hook potential the solid cover stock offers to the bowling ball, the bowlers just need a decent release to allow the ball to do the damage at the far end.

To ensure complete damage at the far end, the asymmetrical core offers extreme aggression to the bowling ball and imparts high flare potential, strong backend, and superb pin-carry. The ball uses the unique Nucleus Core technology that allows it to retain energy after hitting the surface just to unleash at the right time. Even if you missed the power during the release, the ball will compensate it with its extraordinary hitting power retained for the ultimate destruction.

#6. Roto Grip Nuclear Cell

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The Nucleus core this time blends with the eTrax-P20 cover stock. The bowling ball is deadlier than the previous combinations of the cover and the Nucleus core. The cover offers very strong hook potential to the ball with the core showing extremely high aggression on the lane.

With the 1500 grit polish finish, the bowling ball performs splendidly well on the oily as well the dry tracks. The Nucleus core imparts its energy holding characteristic to the ball that retains the energy and does not explode until impacting the deck pins.

#7. Roto Grip UFO 

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The Roto Grip UFO touches a different level of aggression with the MicroTrax cover stock. The high traction cover stock provides extremely strong hook potential to the bowling ball. Additionally, the factory finish 2000 grit surface adds to the aggression of the ball on medium and heavy oil lane conditions. Moreover, the asymmetrical E.T. core with high RG/ high differential/ low intermediate differential offers early mid-lane read and smoother backend. The bowling ball is ideal for heavy oil lane conditions. The ball is equally adored by the intermediate and the professional for its high aesthetics and superlative performance features.

Buyer’s Guide to Roto Grip Bowling Balls

Searching the best bowling ball out of so many amazing alternatives is a daunting task. We tried to make it easier by narrowing down the options by selecting the most top-rated Roto Grip bowling balls. We recommend you to select a few from the list and decide on the final one by referring to the important factors given below.

Cover stock

Plastic, Urethane, and Reactive Resin; these are the three major types of bowling ball cover stocks. Each one of these covers has specific characteristics that make them suitable for different bowlers and lane conditions.

Plastic or Polyester CS are solid and smooth. Therefore, these cover stocks do not offer any traction with the lane and move straight without hooking. These characteristics make them suitable for the beginners and as a spare ball option for the pros on all lane conditions.

Urethane cover stocks were developed to create strong hook potential, particularly in the oily lanes. These covers are porous and also offer required traction with the surface. So, bowling balls with Urethane CS are ideal for bowlers with intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Reactive Resin CS is essentially Urethane cover stock with resin additives to further enhance the porosity and gripping of the bowling ball. These bowling balls offer the strongest hook potential and are most suitable for medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The advanced bowlers and the crankers find these balls perfect for their style of bowling.


The core is the solid weight that is inside the cover stock of the bowling ball. The core provides the weight and the hitting power to the ball. Cores are broadly categorized into three types.

Pancake cores, as the name suggests have the shape of a pancake. They have minimal aggression and moves straight on the lane. For this reason, they are the most suitable cores for beginners.

The symmetrical core is symmetrical around its axis and therefore has low RG and differential. These cores offer decent flare potential and are pretty disciplined on the lane. Depending on the cover stock these lanes are suitable for bowlers of different skill levels and styles.

The Asymmetrical cores have aggressive backend, high flare potential and very impressive pin-carry. Bowling balls with these cores dominate the bowling lanes with their excessive actions. Advanced bowlers and crankers love these balls, particularly on the heavy oil lane surfaces.


It is pretty simple to find out the most appropriate weight of the bowling ball for you. As per the basic guideline, the weight of the ball should be around one-tenth of your body weight. To evaluate the right ball weight, you should try throwing a few balls around the guide weight and finalize the most comfortable one for you.


The appearance of bowling is a subjective matter. Depending on your preference, you can select a simple uni-color ball or a bowling ball with appealing designs and styles. Remember to select the bowling ball that gives you confidence in the alley.

History of Roto Grip

Roto Grip was established by the Yetito family in 1955. They introduced unique pre-weighted balls with finger and side weights. The special four-point star marking does not require preparing drilling layout using the dodo scale.

However, after its quick rise, the brand did not timely respond to the change in technology and started losing the stronghold in the bowling circuit. The worst came when the bowling ball was banned for PBA tours.

In 1997, Yetito sold the brand to Storm. Storm, positioned the brand in the international market while creating an image of a good bowling brand in the local bowling ball community. The change in strategy worked well for Roto Grip and slowly but steadily, it got back its lost honor. Today Roto Grip is again considered to be one of the best bowling balls brands that can offer bowling balls to all styles of bowlers for all types of lane surfaces.


Roto Grip has offered many high-performance bowling balls for bowlers with varying skill levels. We shared with you the most top-rated ones among them in the review section. We hope that with the help of these reviews and the buyer’s guide, you will be able to choose the best Roto Grip ball that perfectly suits your style of bowling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Roto Grip brand best known for?

A: Roto Grip is a comparatively old brand. In over 6 decades of their journey, they have witnessed many ups and downs in their brand value and reputation. Despite the difficult times, they have been able to maintain their old image of offering innovative designs. Additionally, they are known as one of the most preferred brands for advanced bowlers. Roto Grip is also considered to be a very customer-centric brand and to help its customers it has provided a detailed bowling guide to select the right bowling ball for all styles of bowlers.

Q: What are the other products offered by Roto Grip?

A: Apart from a wide range of bowling balls, Roto Grip also offers a wide variety of bowling bags accessory case, grip sack, shammy pads, towels, compression sleeves, and a variety of apparel.

Q How should I clean my Roto Grip bowling balls surface?

A: You need to clean the bowling ball surface regularly to maintain the appearance and performance of the bowling ball. To clean the surface you can use either liquid solution or gel. For liquid cleaner, you should spray the cleaner all over the ball surface. And for gel cleaners, you can take the required quantity of gel on a clean cloth and wipe all over the bowling ball surface. Ensure to remove even the smallest of sticky spots from the ball.

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