7 Best Track Bowling Balls | 2022 Reviews + Guide

With innovativeness as its core philosophy, Track has offered many sensational bowling balls for a variety of bowling conditions. In its long stint of five long decades in the bowling arena, Track has serviced a variety of bowlers with different styles and skill levels. We are presenting here the 7 best bowling balls from Track to assist you select the perfect ball for your style of bowling.

Top 7 Best Track Bowling Balls Reviewed

  1. Precision Solid
  2. Tactix Hybrid
  3. Alias
  4. Mako Attack
  5. Paradox V
  6. Kinetic Obsidian
  7. Paradox Red

#1. Precision Solid

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The Track Precision Solid is a high-performance bowling ball. It has Prime coverstock that is built using the latest technology to offer extra grip to the ball. The bowling ball moves a little extra compared to its predecessor. This is helpful in getting you more angle after sliding over the surface.

The bowling ball features the Precision core that is designed with single and dual-density provisions giving the bowling ball very high versatility. The range of RG and differential thus achieved by the bowling ball are absolutely unmatched. The single-density version with low RG and high differential allows for rapid changes in the track on the lane.  The bowling ball is a boon for the heavy oil lanes and superb options for the advanced bowlers.

#2. Tactix Hybrid

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The Track Tactix Hybrid is excellent for the medium oil lane conditions. It uses QR-9 coverstock to offer strong hook potential to the ball. The bowling ball features the Starship core that makes the ball highly versatile. The combination of high-quality cover and core provides excessive back-end and very impressive pin action.

The Track Tactix is an ideal bowling ball for the intermediate bowlers particularly on the lane surfaces that have been used for a while and having moderate oil patterns. The bowling ball is USBC approved therefore you can play with the ball in any of the USBC organized leagues without any problem. The highly impressive performance features of the ball are perfectly supported by the attractive aesthetics.

#3. Alias

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The Track Alias Bowling Ball is one of the most versatile for the simple reason of having extremely flexible core design. The Alias core offers you the flexibility to drill accurately as per your requirement.

You can select a layout that makes it a perfect symmetrical core offering low RG and absolute zero intermediate differential. At the same time, you can drill the ball such that the bowling ball behaves like an asymmetrical ball. Further, the layout of drilling also allows you to opt between low or high RG or/ and differential.

In addition to the highly versatile core, the bowling ball features Prime cover stock that offers superb traction and strong hook potential on the heavy lane conditions. The Sand finish of 500/2000 enhances its gripping on the smoothest of surfaces.

#4. Mako Attack

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The Track Mako Attack bowling ball is a stunner. The ball has the Mako Attack core built with modern dual-density construction. The unique core design helps you to have more options of RG and intermediate differentials. The bowling ball has QR-10 Hybrid coverstock that offers moderate hook potential to the bowling ball.

The unique combination of the cover stock and core makes the bowling ball to dominate the medium oil lane conditions. The ball is ideal for the intermediate and pros who love to see controlled action of the bowling ball in the lanes with changing oil patterns. It has a very attractive Blue/Red/Black color combination that not only pulls you towards the shelf but also allure the bowlers and the spectators in the alley, as well.

#5. Paradox V

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I-core 2.0 core with Prime cover offers the Track Paradox some unique properties. The duo imparts consistent traction to the bowling ball making it highly predictable. The strong hook potential coupled with superb flare potential and back-end reaction makes this ball a superb rolling sphere for the medium to heavy oil lane surfaces.

The single and dual density versions give high versatility to the ball and allow you to flexibly select the right combination of RG and intermediate differential. The bowling ball also has a very attractive design feature with the cover stock printed in an absolutely rare combination of Smoke/Creamsicle colors. The high-quality of the building material also imparts high durability to this stylish bowling ball.

#6. Kinetic Obsidian

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The expert bowlers are pretty well aware of the outcome of the combination of Kinetic Core and DR-7 Solid coverstock. And the Track Kinetic Obsidian bowling ball offers precisely the same. The blend of the two building materials offers a superb hook and impressive flare potential. The ball also has a perfect mid-lane read and aggressive back-end reaction. The 500/2000 Abralon finish enhances the excellent characteristics of the bowling ball.

The Track Kinetic has a lot of power to demonstrate in multiple oil lane conditions, however, it is ideal for the medium oil lane surfaces. The ball offers you a lot of yields if you are a professional bowler and helps to improve your performance in every game with its extraordinary features. The bowling ball with the asymmetrical core is USBC approved and allows you to play in any game related to the bowling congress.

#7. Paradox Red

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This is yet another Track bowling ball from the Paradox line. The Track Paradox Red continues with the performance features of its predecessors on heavy oil lane surfaces. Additionally, it overwhelms with its soft features by providing highly attractive designs.

It is a super combination of Prime ET Solid Coverstock covered around I-core 2.0 weight-block. The bowling ball so build offers superb gripping on the lane converting perfectly into an intense hook potential. Additionally, the aggressive back-end reaction adds many more stars in the high-performance bowling ball. The ball has the finish of 500/2000 Abralon that gives more teeth to the bowling ball to grip the smooth oil lanes and provide consistency to the already overwhelming performance of the ball.

Buyer’s Guide to Track Bowling Balls

The reviews of the best Track bowling ball are meant to facilitate you select a few of these bowling balls broadly suiting to your style of bowling. A thorough reading of the buyer’s guide below will hopefully help you select the best among the shortlisted ones.


It will not be incorrect to say that the coverstock of the bowling ball is the biggest contributing factor for the bowler’s performance in the bowling alley. Hence, selecting the right type of CS is essential to ensure high scores in any bowling competition.

The game of bowling has witnessed five types of coverstocks to date viz. Wooden, Rubber, Plastic/Polyester, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Particle Coverstock. However, almost all the bowling balls come in three major types.

  • Plastic coverstocks from Track bowling balls are the smoothest and offer no hook potential to the bowling ball. These coverstocks are most suitable for beginners and straight bowlers. Additionally, they are an essential part of the pros as their spare bowling ball.
  • The Urethane coverstocks offer decent to strong hook potential depending on the type of CS construction and the core type. Some of the Urethane CS offer good entry-level bowling ball and allow you to learn the intermediate level of bowling skills. Some others offer substantial hook on the heavy lane conditions with good control and balance. These coverstocks offer great bowling balls for the intermediate to advanced bowlers. Additionally, they offer a superb option to the strokers.
  • Track bowling balls with Reactive Resin Coverstocks are the most aggressive of the three and are best suited for the medium to heavy oil lane conditions. Also, they are ideal for the pros and perfectly suitable for the tweeners and the crankers.


Core provides weight to the bowling ball. Therefore, it is also called the weight block. The weight of the bowling ball allows it to have decent to strong flare potential, back-end reaction, and pin-carry and action on the lane. The combination of the CS and core decides the type of performance the bowling ball will offer in the alley. There are three major types of cores wrapped inside the coverstocks mentioned above.

  • Pancake cores are the most basic weight-blocks of the bowling ball. They are the most disciplined cores among all and offer a perfect straight motion to the bowling ball. Pancake cores are wrapped inside the Plastic Coverstocks and are most suitable for beginners.
  • Symmetrical cores are more aggressive than the Pancakes and offer moderate flare potential and back-end reaction. Depending on the CS, bowling balls with these cores offer the most decent to moderately aggressive performance in the alley.
  • Asymmetrical cores are the most aggressive core types owing to the non-uniform weight distribution along different axes of the bowling ball. These cores are not easy to control so are not the ideal choice for the beginners, however, they are best suited for the advanced bowlers. The crankers love the performance of these core types, particularly when wrapped inside a Solid Reactive Resin CS.


The weight of the bowling ball is yet another important factor to consider when buying a bowling ball. It is very easy to find out the correct weight of the bowling ball for you. Divide your body weight with ten and try out a few balls in the alley around this weight. Select the weight that offers an optimum balance of comfort and hitting power.


The game of bowling is associated with glamour. And therefore, looks and appearance get a lot of importance in the game. The Track offers a wide range of very attractive and stylish bowling balls. You can select the most suitable as per your preferred choice of color, pattern, and design.

History of Track

The first Track bowling ball was launched by Star Track Bowling in 1970. Immediately after the launch, the brand began to witness a sharp rise in its sales. The company was riding over its reputation of providing highly innovative products using the cutting edge technology. With every new product, the brand touched a new height in its growth and reputation.

The Track has the credit of providing the first ceramic cores in the bowling balls. They have created many other innovative designs that have been the trendsetters in the game of bowling. Ebonite International bought Track brand in 2007. The Ebonite later sold all its bowling brands including Track to Brunswick. However, the change in the owners did not change the basic philosophy of producing bowling balls using the latest technology available in the field of bowling.


The track has offered many high-quality bowling products in the long duration of 50 years of its journey in the field of bowling. Among a large variety of these highly innovative bowling balls, it is pretty difficult to select the best ball for your purpose. By reviewing the top 7 bowling balls developed by Track we have tried to facilitate you to make the right selection easily. Hope you find the information provided in the article helpful in identifying the most suitable Track bowling ball for your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is unique about the Track brand?

A: Track bowling balls are the most innovative balls among all available bowling brands. They have the reputation of using cutting edge technology in developing their products. The use of the latest technology allows them to offer a wide range of bowling balls to cater to the demands of bowlers with different bowling styles and skill levels. The Track has the image of producing some of the most stylish bowling balls in the market.

Q: What are the different types of grips in a bowling ball?

A: There are broadly two types of finger holes in a bowling ball viz. the conventional and the fingertip. The conventional finger holes are drilled in such a way that your middle and the ring fingers reach the first knuckles with the thumb entering fully inside the thumb hole. The fingertip type of holes allows the fingers to reach the second knuckles with the thumb entering fully inside the hole.

Q: What are the other products offered by Track?

A: Apart from the most unique bowling balls, the Track offers many other bowling products. They offer a variety of bowling bags including premium player triple rollers, simple triples, and backpacks. Additionally, they produce some of the bowling accessories including Grip Sack, Shammy Pad, and Microfiber Towel.

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