What Bowling Balls do the Pros Use? [2022]

Gone are the days when bowling was a pastime. Now bowling has become a professional sport all over the world. There are a variety of brands of bowling balls available in the market. But if you are a professional bowler you must choose some specific bowling ball that enhances your game and helps you to maintain high scores. In this article, we are discussing all the minute details of a bowling ball and some top brands that pros do use.

What Bowling Balls do the Pros Use?

The bowling balls of various brands and makes are available in the market. The following balls are most sought after by the pros.

Columbia 300 Authority Bowling Ball

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If you are a pro and you want a ball for energetic and creative deliveries, this ball is the best choice for you.  It has an ERT2.0 pearl reactive coverstock and an asymmetric core.   Its coverstock has an excellent finish. These features help the player to control the movement of the ball.  If you want to make high momentum deliveries, you can opt for this ball.

The smooth and energetic transition from skid phase to rolling phaseNot suitable for dry lanes
High energy deliveries are also possibleSlightly costly
Moves in a consistent way in the lane
Available in vibrant colors
A sharper hook

Track Paradox Red Bowling Ball

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This ball comes in an eye-catching red color. Additionally, it has a solid reactive Prime ET coverstock to create a powerful ball movement in the lane. The ball hooks smoothly on the toughest of the lane surface, owing to its outstanding finish. Its heavy coverstock enables it to pass through the oily front, oily middle, and dry end parts of the lane. Apart from creating a sharper hook, it can withstand the highest frictional force with ease to maintain speed.

Smooth transition to every phase
Suitable for high-end professionals only
Consistency in ball movement
Highly costly
Easily adapt the lane conditions
Nonabsorbent of lane oil
Tough and strong

Hammer Statement Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Hammer Statement Hybrid bowling ball is the most favored ball by pros. The heavy core and state-of-the-art coverstock make it a unique bowling ball. Besides, its features include a coverstock with 500/200 Abralon finish and Powerhouse factory polish.   It can take on medium and heavy lane surfaces.  These features are the factors behind its powerful hook and versatile lane traction.

Maintains energy levels during transition and traction
Not recommendable to beginners and intermediate level players
Can negotiate any types of the lane surfaces
Unfit for straight deliveries
Enables the player to control the swing arc
Responds positively to bowling style
Multiple weight options

Hammer Rip’d Pearl Bowling Ball

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It is another versatile bowling ball by the hose of Hammer. Its asymmetric core and CFI Aggression cover are factors behind its outstanding performance in the lane. Also, it has a covering of pearl reactive coverstock. This bowling ball is famous for a sharp hook, clean transition, and excellent backend action. It negotiates the lane conditions effortlessly. Additionally, it is available in vibrant colors.

Lane behavior strictly as per release pattern
Suitable for high-end bowling only
Uninterrupted movement in the lane
Very expensive
Faultless traction and transition
High-level performance
No oil absorption

Motiv Trident Nemesis Bowling Ball

Motiv Trident Nemesis Bowling Ball

Motiv Trident Nemesis bowling Ball is the most stylish ball at present. This ball has a minimal differential, but its RG is on the higher side. Motiv has wrapped its asymmetric Sidewinder core with the Infusion HV pearl reactive coverstock. It is the most preferred ball by pros as it is suitable for medium and heavy lane conditions. Its vibrant colors and shining exterior help the player observe the ball’s performance during traction. It is the highest-rated ball at present.

Preserve momentum during movement
Very hard
Sharp hook and backend
High price
Faultless motion in the lane
Enhances bowling skills
Long durability

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare bowling Ball is the best bowling ball for heavily oiled lanes. It is a 15lbs ball with a highly reactive and aggressive coverstock. So, its aggressive coverstock and powerful core help the bowler execute versatile deliveries.  This ball performs skid, hook, and rolling elegantly. Also, it creates a sharp backend action, but it preserves momentum and energy during traction to have a powerful impact on the collision. This ball is known for its durability.

Clean traction and transition
Suitable only for advanced level and pro bowlers
Stylish and colorful exterior
Highly expensive
Aggressive cover stocks
Gas Mask core
3-year warranty

Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball, Black Bronze Pearl with Gold Silver

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It is another highly reactive ball from Motiv. It is suitable for pros, owing to its versatile features. Its coverstock facilitates fine transition by maintaining proper lane length. Additionally, its heavy center core is capable of providing an excellent hook and backend. The combination of its coverstock and the core mass makes it the best choice for professional players.

Clear transition in heavily oiled lanes
Not suitable to dry lanes
Can interact with heaviest lane conditions
Suitable for highly skilled bowlers only
Powerful factory finish with vibrant color
Excellent motion control
Great backend action

Ebonite Omni Bowling Ball

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Ebonite Omni bowling ball is one of the top-ranked bowling balls. It uses dynamic core technology to release a powerful delivery. Its reactive coverstock can handle lanes covered with high-density oil.  Moreover, its symmetrical core helps it keep it well-aligned during traction. It moves in the bowling lanes with a high energy level. It is a perfect high-level performing ball for advanced and expert players.

Retains energy and momentum during traction
A very tough ball to handle
Can overcome the difficulties of an oily track
Very expensive
Powerful collision impact at the target
Can produce a perfect hook
Well-aligned traction

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

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Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is the most suitable ball for dry lanes and lanes with little oil because its reactive cover stock interacts with a small amount of oil to make the deliveries effective. On the other hand, this ball negotiates the dry lanes effectively, too.  It preserves and maintains energy levels during the entire traction. As a result, it exerts a powerful and well-coordinated impact on the target. It is available in black, blue, and silver colors.

Symmetrical core helps to stick to the desired path
Too tough for non-expert players
Maintains excellent lane length
Not suitable to heavily oiled lanes
Available in attractive colors
Energetic deliveries
long durability

Brunswick Kingpin Max Bowling Ball

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Brunswick Kingpin Max bowling ball is the toughest ball available in the market. Its ECA-X coverstock enables it to make the deliveries powerful and effective. Also, it helps execute the clean transition, sharper hook, and strong backend. Additionally, its dynamic core increases its energy level during traction. It results in enhanced hitting power. It is a dream ball for professionals.

Powerful impact on the targets owing to exceptional hitting power
Requires a lot of energy at the time of release
Suitable to every lane condition
Highly expensive
Powerful hook and clean transition
High energy deliveries
Very durable

The Common Bowling Ball 

The bowling balls for ten pin bowling – the most common – are about 8.6 inches in diameter and weigh about 6 to 7 kilograms.  The ball is comprised of a core and cover stock.  The coverstock or the outer covering of the ball is made up of high-quality plastic. The coverstock contains three holes, and its surface’s smoothness varies as per requirement. Its center mass or core is a solid mass, which gives weight to the ball. The ball-weight and coverstock are the elements, which impact the motion of the ball.

What do Pros look for when Choosing a Bowling Ball?  

The selection of a ball for a professional game is not an easy task. A pro chooses his ball very carefully with keeping in his mind the following point.

Ball weight

Technically, the ideal ball weight is ten percent of the player’s body weight. But a pro chooses a ball-weight that he can throw conveniently. Generally, this ball-weight is 15 or 16 pounds.

Center Mass Alignment

The pro chooses core mass alignment after assessing the bowling lane conditions.

Cover Stock  

The ball manufacturers use various materials to make the coverstock. Based on the coverstock material, there are four types of cover stocks. – Plastic, urethane, reactive Resin, and proactive. Each coverstock has specific properties according to the nature of the material used.  The pros choose the coverstocks as per their bowling skills and the bowling lane’s condition.

Impact of Ball Structure on Ball Motion in the Bowling lane

How Does a Ball Move In the Lane?

When a player throws a ball in the bowling lane, it comes in contact with the oily front portion of the bowling lane.  In this phase, the ball moves forward without rolling but at high speed. This phase is known as a skid. As the ball moves forward, this rolling- less high speed starts to decrease. Subsequently, its rolling -speed starts to increase.  This chain of actions occurs due to frictional force between the lane surface and the ball’s coverstock.

Additionally, there is an angular difference between the ball’s axis of rotation and the linear direction of the ball movement. This difference is known as rotation angle. Also, there is friction between the ball and lane surface. These two factors force the ball to move away from the original direction. This action is known as the hook. The hook causes the axis rotation angle to decrease till it becomes nil. At this point, the ball attains the ultimate rolling speed. 

A player’s success depends upon the proper execution of skid, hook, and roll. Apart from the skill of the player, the structure of the ball also affects this execution.

Effect of Ball structure on the Ball Motion 

The properties of coverstock material, coverstock configuration, alignment of the core, and core-weight quantum govern the ball motion.

Cover stock 

The coverstock comes into contact with the lane surface. Their association creates physical and chemical friction. The effect and quantum of this friction force depend on the composition of the coverstock. 

A ball with a pin-down layout tends to get the hook earliest. But it slows down as it moves further. The strong layout balls attain greater skid distance but create a powerful final impact.

A ball with smooth coverstock tends to skid on the oily front end surface. But it experiences greater friction at the dry downward end to create a sharp hook, which results in a powerful impact on the target. 

A ball with rough coverstock makes a short skid span, but it retains its original direction to a larger extent. 

What Bowling Balls do the Pros Use


The alignment and weight of the core also have an impact on ball motion. If the core mass is aligned to the center, the skid length becomes short, creating a hook soon, and the ball remains moving in almost its original direction.  If the core mass is distributed towards the coverstock, the ball makes a longer skid length, and it experiences a sharp hook and has a short rolling phase. But it creates a powerful impact on the target.

A heavy ball has a high momentum to create more effect at the time of the collision, in comparison to a lightweight ball. 


In the end, it is pertinent to understand that a pro chooses his ball after considering various attributes of the ball, his bowling style, his bowling strength, and bowling lane condition.  In the article above, we have given details of some of the bowling balls used by pros.  Additionally, we have made an effort to understand the required characteristics of a bowling ball for pro. 

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