What is “4 Strikes in a Row” in Bowling Called?

Are you wondering about the different bowling terms for strikes, such as 4 strikes in a row? What does it mean in bowling, and is it important? This article will explain more about that below.

What does strike mean in bowling? (4 Strikes in a Row)

In bowling, a strike is when a player blows all the pins with their ball on their first try. It doesn’t count as a strike when somebody hits the rest of the pins on their second throw.

Bowling allows every player to get two turns to knock all the pins down. Once they finish their turns, that ends a frame. The player then goes to the next frame when it is their turn again.

If you bowl a strike, the player will get two more shots before the score of that specific frame is updated. The maximum score you can get in a single frame is 30. You need to bowl three strikes in a row, which is a challenging ordeal for a beginner player.

Different types of strikes names with points?

While you may yell that you got a strike, you will find different bowling terms for strikes that every bowling player uses to describe a specific flavor of a strike.

Here are some of the most bowling terms for strikes:

  • Double – A single strike is often called a strike, but it’s known as double when you get two strikes.
  • Turkey – You have earned yourself a turkey if you get three strikes in a row. Other traditionalists also call it a Triple.
  • Hambone – 4 strikes in bowling means having 4 strikes in a row. Most players also call it four-bagger
  • Yahtzee – You may hear this term when a player gets the fifth strike in a row. Others also call it five-bagger
  • Six Pack – When a player gets six bowling strikes in a row, they have earned a six-bagger strike. Others also call it six-bagger.
  • Front Seven – Some players prefer to use the standard term of seven-bagger, but some also use front-seven. This bowling term refers to someone getting the seventh strike in a row.
  • Front Eight – The terms start to become tedious after the seventh strike in the row. If a player obtains the eighth strike in a row, they receive an eight-bagger or front eight.
  • Front Nine – Likewise, if a player strikes ninth times in a row, they have a nine-bagger.
  • Front Ten – Other bowlers might assume they are done after ten strikes in a row. Nonetheless, that’s when things get a little bit more interesting. Front Tent refers to a player who gets ten strikes in a row.
  • Front Eleven – This happens when a player is on the brink of getting 12/12 strikes. The eleventh strike in a row is also called eleven baggers.
  • Perfect Game – When a player manages to bowl 12/12 strikes in the game, they have earned 300 points. That’s why it’s also called 300.

Remember that a strike happens when you knock all pins down on a single turn. It enables you to get the maximum score possible. If you can roll a strike in every frame, you will earn the desirable Perfect Game score of 300 points!

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