What Is Cosmic Bowling

Are you one of those wondering what is cosmic bowling ? Lucky for you because this article got you covered.

In this post, learn what cosmic bowling means, its difference from casual bowling, how it works, and so much more. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What does cosmic bowling mean?

In case you didn’t know yet, cosmic bowling is a bowling experience where the white lights are taken off and put on the black lights.

Cosmic bowling is your casual bowling, but all dressed up nicely. You have your bowling ball, pins, and lanes. But what makes this bowling different is the presence of neon lights.

This bowling experience is filled with neon lights, black lights, multi-colored lights, strobe lights, lasers, and so much more. Together, those make a remarkable, exhilarating, and unreal bowling experience.

It’s reasonable that casual bowling is played both professionally and casually and has a good fun value. However, there’s no like cosmic bowling that is intended for players who simply like to take a break from the good-old plain bowling and enjoy it in the most fantastic way.

Are you the type of person searching for a groovy vibe and a cool glow-in-the-dark bowling experience? Then you can’t go wrong with cosmic bowling. No matter if you are a casual or a professional bowler or someone who never played bowling before, cosmic bowling will certainly blow your mind.

Difference between cosmic bowling vs. casual bowling

You may be thinking now about what the difference between cosmic bowling and traditional bowling is. To make it short, the difference lies in the environment, vibe, and overall experience. Cosmic bowling is all about an unforgettable bowling experience, and that makes it unique from plain bowling.

As soon as you enter a cosmic bowling alley, you will notice how different the lighting system is. For instance, instead of using bright white lights, you will find multi-colored and neon lights, dance lights, and even laser lights.

Those fun and groovy lights are combined with black lights to make bright things glow in the dark. So, if you are wearing bright clothing or if the bowling bowls have neon colors in them, they will glow in the dark.

When it is a special night, you may often see the bowling center putting on extra decorations to complement the entire cosmic vibe. There are times when they play fun and loud music and pair them with disco lights placed on the floor.

To bring it to a whole new level, bowling centers also use fog machines to create a foggy and mysterious atmosphere. How cool is that?

How does cosmic bowling work?

When it comes to playing mechanics, cosmic bowling is similar to a casual bowling game.

The bowling alley works through a combination of a synthetic or wooden lane lined by semi-cylindrical gutter channels, a return ball gully and stacker, and an automatic pinsetter machine and ball sorter.

You roll a bright-colored bowling ball down a slick lane to knock over the colored ten pins. On either one side of the lane are gutters, which will trap the ball when it veers too far on either side of the lane.

Also, a set of ten pins is considered a rack. A cosmic bowling game is composed of ten frames. The pinsetter’s job is to make every track at the beginning of every frame and clear away the knocked pins so they don’t get in the way.

Most modern cosmic bowling facilities have computerized bowling lanes, which present the score automatically throughout the game, and the sensors and electronics in the pinsetter track the score.

When does a cosmic bowling game start in most of the alleys?

To get the most out of the cosmic bowling experience, many cosmic bowling centers start the game when it gets dark. In short, cosmic bowling is a night-light-based game that allows the neon and bright lights to shine the most.

Ideally, the game starts at 12 AM at midnight or 1 AM. So if you are considering having a cosmic bowling game with your friends or family, it will help if you prepare late at night.

What types of outfits should you wear for cosmic bowling? (What is Cosmic bowling)

Here’s the most interesting part. If you are planning to visit a cosmic bowling alley, you need to ensure you wear bright-colored outfits.

Your job is to make sure your outfit is something in light and bright color. It should also be something that stands put when the black lights and spotlights are directed towards you. Remember that wearing invisible colors or too dark clothes won’t be a good option.

It will also help if you wear something like fluorescent clothes. These types of clothing easily glow up in the dark and look awesome whenever you are in a groovy setting.

If you are still not confident about what to wear to your cosmic bowling experience, here are some tips for you to consider:

T-shirt and shorts in white color

Are you not in the mood for dressing up but still like to feel comfortable? You can’t go wrong with wearing a t-shirt and shorts in plain, white color. It is a chill and fun look, and you can play easily with this clothing.

Light-blue top and blue jeans

Wearing a blue pair of jeans offers a casual yet not-so-casual vibe that could be ideal for you, especially if you don’t like wearing shiny or the right clothes.

Neon green shirt with white pants

This is the type of outfit you should always go for. A neon green t-shirt will easily shine in the darkness, not to mention the white pants will make you look highlighted and stand out in the crowd of people.

Final Thoughts

Are you searching for some bowling fun? Do you love loud music and disco lights? If your answer to these questions is yes, then a cosmic bowling experience may be suitable for you. But wait! Loud heart-pounding music and black lights are not the only part of the cosmic bowling experience. Other alleys even have runway lights too.

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