Why Do You Need Bowling Shoes? [2022 Update]

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world. With the advent of time, bowling has successfully gained popularity. Various prestigious sporting events include bowling as a part of the competition. At personal parties, you can also find the presence of this sporting event. It is immensely popular among young people. Many people take bowling casually, as they think bowling does not require physical strength and skills. However, this is not true. For bowling, you need to learn the right technique for throwing the ball.

For bowling, you need to perform short runs. Hence, you need a proper shoe for maintaining your balance during running. Investing in best bowling shoes is important. Choosing the right bowling shoes will help you to improve your bowling performance. 

Why do you need bowling shoes? In the following section of this article, you can find the answer.

Bowling Shoe and Your Movement during Bowling

Bowling is not complicated, but one needs sheer hard work and practice to master the art of bowling. The movement of a person is important for bowling. If you learn the right technique for running before throwing the ball, you will become a master-class bowler. For keeping the body movement perfect, it is crucial to invest money in bowling shoes. Having top-quality bowling shoes will help you to master the technique to throw a ball.

balling shoes

Regular shoes are not perfect for bowling. They may have strong grips on the floor. Hence, you get stuck at the time of throwing the bowling ball. This leads to a loss of control over the bowling posture. As a result, your bowling performance will get hampered.

Bowling shoes are made to give you the right amount of grip on the floor. They do not stick easily on the floor. Nevertheless, they are not too slippery. They help you to maintain the right balance and posture during bowling.

You need bowling shoes that give you stability at the time of throwing the ball. You can find many bowling shoes that are crafted with artificial leather, silk, and rubber. However, artificial leather does not give durability and a better grip than the original leather. 

You can also choose slick bowling shoes that help the bowlers to slide conveniently at the time of bowling. You can attain a smoother motion with a pair of slick shoes. 

Right Bowling Shoes Prevent Injuries

Choosing the right bowling shoes will help you to protect yourself from deadly injuries. In every sport, there are chances of injuries. Since our body has not been designed to perform certain postures regularly, athletes tend to become injured. Sportspersons have to deal with injuries carefully. Sometimes, injuries can end a bright career of a sportsperson.

Bowling is not a complicated sport. Hence, the chance of injury is low. However, it does not mean that one should not remain careful. For bowling, people have to run and maintain an unusual posture. As a result, the chance of injury is there during the running process.

why do you need bowling shoes

Choosing the right bowling shoes helps in preventing injuries. Bowling shoes have been designed to give the perfect balance and support to the bowlers. When you use bowling shoes for performing bowling, you can minimize the chance of injuries. In most cases, it is found that bowlers are vulnerable to leg muscle injuries, groin injuries, knee injuries, ankle pain, etc.

With the use of the right bowling shoe, you can avoid such injuries. Injury management is an important thing for a player. Proper injury management can help a person to play for a long time without any worries. Injuries also lead to poor performance from a sportsperson. If you want to enhance your bowling performance and accuracy, you need to avoid injuries. For staying prevented from injuries, you must invest money in purchasing top-quality bowling shoes.

Protect the Lanes with Bowling Shoes

Using bowling shoes also helps you to protect the lanes. Your bowling lanes will stay pristine and seamless with the use of bowling shoes. Bowling lanes are typically made with polished woods. The lanes are super-shiny and ultra-slick. If you wear a pair of regular shoes, the bowling lane will get damaged. Regular shoes come with dirt and dust. You need to use the right bowling shoes for keeping the bowling lanes free of such dirt and dust.

If you have a personal bowling court, you must not allow people to bowl with their regular shoes. They should wear proper bowling shoes for maintaining proper hygiene for the bowling area.

Some shoes come with spikes or heavy heels, which can also cause immense damage to the bowling courts. Running with such shoes on the bowling lanes will reduce the slickness and shine of the lanes. The floor will become rusty, and you need to spend a lot of money to renovate your bowling court. Hence, this is another reason why one should use proper shoes for bowling.

Using the right bowling shoes will keep the bowling floors and lanes well-polished for a long time. Apart from regular cleaning, you do not have to make high expenses for renovating the bowling courts.

Choosing the Right Bowling Shoes

If you are passionate about bowling, you need to find the right shoes for participating in this sport. The necessity of choosing the proper bowling shoes has been discussed above. Now, it is important to know about bowling shoes. How can you choose the right bowling shoes? What are the attributes to be checked for choosing perfect bowling shoes? 

Choosing the right bowling shoes depends on a few crucial parameters. Following are some of the important parameters while choosing a top-quality bowling shoe of your choice: 

Know the Types of Bowling Shoes

There are different kinds of bowling shoes available in the marketplace. You need to know about them to find the most suitable bowling shoe. The performance of every shoe is different from the others. For example, some bowling shoes are designed to give better sliding. On the other hand, some bowling shoes are designed to provide excellent braking. Basically, choosing a pair of bowling shoes depends on your bowling floor. If the floor is super-slick and sliding, you need bowling shoes that offer top-notch braking.

Some bowling shoes feature different performances among a pair of shoes. For example, the right shoe gives you a sliding function. On the other hand, the left shoe gives you the sliding function. Investing in such bowling shoes is important for those who want to build a career as professional bowlers. If you are a right-handed person, you need to choose such shoes. The right shoe should offer a sliding function for left-handed persons, while the left shoe must provide a braking function.

The Sole of the Shoes

The sole is the soul of the bowling shoes. Forget bowling shoes; we even inspect the sole while purchasing regular shoes. Every athlete must check the sole properly for choosing their shoes. Different shoes are designed to serve different purposes. Running shoes come with thick cushioning and a sole. Bowling shoes must come with soles that help in sliding easily.

In the braking bowling shoes, the sole gives traction. For crafting such soles, friction materials have been used. In most cases, rubber is used as the sole of the braking shoes. On the other hand, sliding bowling shoes should come with a thin sole. Special rubber materials have been used for designing such soles. The soles must be interchangeable in bowling shoes. It helps you to change the soles as per your requirements.

Perfect Fitting

For bowling shoes, you should now undermine the importance of perfect fitting. If the shoes do not fit properly, your bowling performance will become poor. With the advent of time, you will find that your bowling accuracy is getting deteriorated. You may be doing all the right things, but the poor fitting of the shoes is doing damage to your bowling skills.

Hence, you need to check fitting while buying bowling shoes. Make sure that the shoes fit you well. Otherwise, it can also lead to injuries to the knee, ankles, and leg muscles.

Good Padding

Good padding is essential for bowling shoes. Thick padding is good, but it should not be too soft. If padding is too soft, it may lead to improper balancing. When your balance is not right while throwing a bowling ball, you will fail to maintain the right posture. As a result, you will find a problem with bowling performance. Hence, you need to choose bowling shoes that give you stability while running. The thickness should be proper and perfectly match the bowling criteria.

Renting Bowling Shoes vs. Purchasing Bowling Shoes

If you are passionate about bowling, you need to invest money in purchasing the right bowling shoes. There are many types of bowling shoes. However, bowling shoes are mostly costly. If you want to avoid the cost, you can rent bowling shoes. 

Renting bowling shoes has some pros and cons. In the following section, you can find a comparison between renting and purchasing original bowling shoes.


When it comes to renting bowling shoes, you will get many options. Hence, you can pick a pair of shoes as per your comfort. For purchasing bowling shoes, you can easily pick the most suitable product for you. However, higher comfort may come with higher expenses.


Renting bowling shoes is suitable for those who perform bowling occasionally. If you want to pursue a bright and serious sporting career in bowling, you need to invest money in purchasing bowling shoes. Renting is a money-saving option for the occasional bowlers.

Injury Issues 

If you have ankle injury issues, purchasing bowling shoes is better than renting them. When it comes to renting, you will get different shoes on different occasions. Hence, your feet will not get habituated with the shoes. Purchasing shoes will give you comfort that can lead to injury prevention.

However, you can opt for any of the options of renting or buying bowling ball shoes. But, if you are serious about making a successful career in bowling, then it is better to buy a high-quality bowling shoe to enhance your comfort and performance.

Final Thoughts

Every sport has its own requirements. For perfect bowling, you must have a separate pair of bowling shoes. Buying bowling shoes is important for enhancing your bowling performance. Good bowling shoes help athletes to control their posture during bowling. Besides, it gives you top-notch comfort while performing bowling and also help you to get protection against injuries. 

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