Why You Need to Clean Your Bowling Balls

If you are a regular bowler you need to know why you need to clean your bowling balls! Are you one of those thinking about what cleaning a bowling bowl will do and if it is a great idea to get it done regularly?

If you’re a professional bowler, then you know that researchers have found the bowling ball’s surface finishes to be a major factor of how the bowling ball reacts when it goes down the alley.

Would you like to give your best performance in every bowling game? Then it will help if you always keep your bowling ball tuned and cleaned.

Cleaning your bowling ball will not be a tough task if you have access to the proper cleaners and chemicals. However, tuning might need a bit more effort.

What does cleaning a bowling ball do? (Why You Need to Clean Your Bowling Balls)

Every bowling ball comes with a certain factory finish, also referred to as the “box finish.” A lower grit number produces a more aggressive finish on the bowling ball, producing more traction.

Dull sanded bowling balls are more likely to become glossy when the peaks wear down. Meanwhile, if the ball is highly polished, it becomes prone to scratches in the track area. That could result in problems after you roll the bowling ball down the alley.

Using a bowling ball cleaner won’t be enough to keep your amazing performance. It’s also important that you treat these balls with extra care and love, especially if you like them to come through for you.

That’s where polishing comes in. The best polish will also restore the bowling ball to its best condition so you can have a hassle-free experience.

When is the best time to clean and polish your bowling ball?

When a ball arrives at your home polished and new from the factory, it wears down according to the amount of usage. In reality, the factory polish can wear off if you play six to twelve games, depending on the bowling alley’s surface.

Thus, the ball may start to hook earlier and lesser in the backend of the landing. You can hit the pocket with a lower entry angle, making it more difficult to strike. You’ll leave more corner spins, which will ruin your pro game.

As the polish begins vanishing, you’ll notice that the track area has become duller. Also, it will roll up early on the line, meaning you’ll lose substantial ball reaction towards the back end. The bowling ball won’t skid down the lane. That makes the ball’s hook less destructive.

When the ball slips through the lane’s front part, it will retain more energy for the final hook. Therefore, regularly polishing your ball means you can keep it looking brand new. What’s more, its reaction will be consistent, and you won’t find any unnecessary surprises.

You can polish your bowling ball with various ball polishes and compounds. Compounds often have a moderate impact. Using a ball polish with a slip agent will provide you with the least hook and maximum length.

There you have it! That’s the importance of cleaning your bowling bowls. If you are searching for the best bowl cleaners, consider checking out our content for the best bowling bowl cleaners!

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